Easy Self Care Ideas (For Your Wellbeing)

self care ideas with a common strategies and ideas for find it health

Our general well-being revolves around those activities and mindsets that keep us healthy, positive, happy; making us better people. This is what self care is all about. Self care practice is the basics of both physical and mental health wellbeing. However, most people find it difficult to adopt due to busy life schedules and day-to-day challenges. To fix this, we at Find It Health explore in this page, easy-to-practice self care ideas that can fit into your busy lifestyle.

In times of stress, anxiety, or depression, active self-care practices are usually what we need to get our lives back. All of us can therefore take advantage of this life-improvement tool for a better living.

self care ideas with a common strategies and ideas for find it health

Common Self-care Strategies for Stress

self care ideas and daily habits to stay healthy

These self-care strategies are simple ways to rejuvenate you when feeling down as a result of stress:

1. Treat Yourself to Movies

In whatever way you see it, concentrating on movies can help you relax and allow you an escape from stress. At the same time, you will have enough fun picking the movies and following the actions. Just ready your snacks and beverages and get to it. Try out great streaming services such as Netflix, HBO max, etc.

2. Take a Road Trip

Taking out a day for a road trip reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, you will feel a spark of positivity, progress, and advancement. Anyone can benefit from this self-care strategy whether you are an outgoing person or not.

This is because traveling removes the negative feeling of being stuck in a place, improves mood, and restores happiness.

3. Visit a Spa for Massage and Skincare Routine

Getting a massage will help release your muscles’ tension build-up and make you feel relaxed both physically and mentally. The refreshing and soothing feeling of a skincare treatment will relieve you of stress and anxiety. Find a good spa franchise and spend your self care day there getting pampered and away from the outside world.

Do you know that massage can help neuropathy? See this research on the best foot massage techniques for patients.

4. Take a Day to Sleep

Most ambitious people who overwork need this. Lack of sleep increases stress levels and can zap your energy making you even less productive. If you ever feel that lack of sleep is part of the causes of your stress, then, this is the self-care idea that you need. Use a whole day to sleep and recharge your battery. This will restore your strength, sharpen your mind, and get you going once again.

5. Go for Shopping/Retail Therapy

When feeling burned out, shopping therapy can help you regain control and take your mind off stress and anxiety. This is because a substantial retail (shopping) therapy causes a release of dopamine in the brain improving your mood.

Strategies for Mental Health

Volunteer for Community Service and Common Strategies for Mental Health

When battling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, the following self-care strategies will help you heal:

1.    Volunteer for Community Service

Giving time to community service efforts creates a feeling of purpose and self-fulfillment. It also causes chemical reactions in the brain that improves your happiness level. Volunteering is one of the cheapest methods of self-healing and mental health improvement. It reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes recovery from depression.

2.    Register for Reiki Healing

A Reiki healing session works to correct the negative energies causing your stress, anxiety, depression, or any mental health problem. The correction will bring back your peace of mind, the feeling of comfort, and overall well-being. Reiki healing is an ideal self care strategy for critical mental health conditions.

3.    Start Meditation Practice

Meditation is a self-care strategy that brings you to self-awareness and self-compassion. It helps you to focus on yourself when it feels like things are falling apart. With meditation practices, you can declutter your mind and restore peace and calmness. Gratitude meditation will make you happier and appreciative, helping you to heal from anxiety and depression.

Check out this Find It Health research page on why you should buy a meditation journal for your practices.

4.    Create a Soul-healing Music Playlist

No doubt that music produces therapeutic effects that can help improve your state of mind. A good playlist will improve your heart rate, brain waves, reduce blood pressure, and bring about a soothing feeling. Taking out time to create and arrange your music playlist is a great self-care routine for mental health wellbeing. You can also listen to a healing podcast for similar results.

5.    Go for Yoga Classes

Yoga is an effective form of meditation to help you relax, tone your muscles and increase flexibility. This practice improves the flow of blood and overall mood, lets you focus, and brings mental clarity. Yoga methods are proven to improve mental health and have been around for some thousand years.

Emotional Self Care Activities

Emotional health plays a vital role in our relationships with others, socialization, and day-to-day activities. Often, the way we act and react is a manifestation of our emotions.

The beginning of emotional self-care is acknowledging your true state of emotions. Connect with your emotions as they are, anger, fear, feeling of rejection, unhappiness, etc., and start healing from there.

Here are easy-to-follow, best self-care activities to handle your emotions:

·       Learn to express your feelings fully without hurting anyone. For instance, if an environment saddens you, take a walk or travel for a while and return when you feel better. Do this instead of lashing out at others.

·       Go back to positive feedback you once got from people. This will boost your confidence once more, especially when you experience a feeling of rejection.

·       Note down some self-love affirmations and recite them when feeling emotionally down.

·       Visit or talk to that friend you’ve known in the past to lift your mood. Yes! There are friends who make us feel better without even trying. Just give him or her a call when distance is a barrier.

·       Revisit old memories that once made your day. This could be in the form of photos, letters, emails, or postcards from loved ones.

·       Form a habit of looking at yourself in the mirror and finding things you love about yourself. By doing so, you are increasing your self-love.

·       Understand that you are not perfect and are allowed to make mistakes. So, do not crucify yourself when you make a mistake, instead pick up and move on, after all, you did your best.

·       Watch your social media space closely and mute notifications, unfollow, or block any form of toxicity.

5 Daily Habits to Stay Healthy and Positive

Basic self-care habits should help you stay healthy and positive all the time. While we suggest that you add these important self-care habits to your daily routine, it is also not a must-complete affair. Of course, you may decide not to sleep up to 8 hours today because you have an important deadline to meet up with tomorrow.

Here are 5 easy-to-adopt daily habits to stay healthy and positive:

1.     Drink water regularly to keep your body hydrated. Regular drinking of water refreshes your body system and makes your skin shine. This habit can also make you more of a cheerful person.

2.     Eat enough delicious and nutritious food to fuel your body and soul. You will always have energy and a positive vibe in you when you eat to your satisfaction.

3.     Rest your body whenever you can. Even at work, take a nap whenever you get the chance to. This will reduce your stress level, keeping you healthy and productive.

4.     Exercise your body to maintain physical health and balance. Adding a workout habit to your morning routine improves your mood and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

5.     Meet with people and socialize. You do not have to plan for a visitation, instead, you can take a few minutes to exchange greetings with the front-desk worker you meet at your local store. Remember to see this guide by Find It Health on good health and aging well for more healthy habits.

Frequently Asked Questions on Self Care Ideas

What are some ideas for self-care?

Some common ideas for your own self-care include:

·       Calling your loved ones over the phone.

·       Taking up a new hobby.

·       Going outside to get natural, fresh air.

·       Visiting the library to read a good book.

·       Cooking a meal with a new recipe.

·       Writing a poem or story.

·       Learning to play a musical instrument.

·       Listening to inspiring audiobooks.

·       Starting up a painting work (you may purchase an adult coloring book).

·       Making new friends online.

Remember, self-care is personal. Therefore, ideas for self-care depend on your condition.

What are 5 self-care strategies?

Your self-care practices can be just to improve your overall daily living or to strengthen a part of your life. For example, you may adopt self-care tips for mental health, stress, emotions, etc.

The following are 5 self-care strategies to help you start:

1.     Basic self-care: This is where you take care of your fundamental daily activities to maintain a good living. Some basic self-care ideas include eating good food, drinking water, doing deep breathing exercises, etc.

2.     Productivity self-care: This improves your sense of organization and helps you maintain your lifestyle. Ideas for productivity self-care may include, engaging in DIY activities, keeping your to-do list manageable, going for a bike ride, etc.

3.     Emotional selfcare: This improves your thoughts and mindset, making you a better being. Emotional self-care ideas include declaring positivity into your life, being lenient to yourself, seeing failure as a part of life, etc.

4.     Relaxation self-care: This self-care strategy is most common and can be really uplifting. It helps you release tension and stress. Ideas for relaxation self-care include getting a skincare treatment with essential oils, going for a manicure, pedicure, bubble bath, etc.

5.     Socialization self-care: This strategy helps you to build better relationships with others while caring for yourself. Socialization self-care strategy ideas include joining a social community, spending time with people who lift your mood, etc.

What is practical self-care?

Practical self-care activities are those you can demonstrate physically and see the results. For example, going for a road trip, yoga class, making new friends, writing to yourself, etc. These are tangible and will give you a sense of accomplishment when you adopt them.

What is real self-care?

Real self-care is taking up activities that keep you healthy, happy, and positive, irrespective of what any other person thinks. This means you are truly taking care of yourself. Real self-care is unapologetic and doesn’t make you selfish or a bad person. After all, you can only give what you have. Yes! For you to spread positive energy, you must have accumulated some through real self-care.

Conclusion – Research by Findithealth.com

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No one should be reminding you to take care of yourself! This is because you don’t have a duplicate. But, our busy world of today can make it difficult for you to remember self-care. Even when you remember, taking out time to brainstorm ideas would become another issue.

We at Find It Health, are, therefore, using this article to remind and guide you through physical, emotional, and mental forms of self-care. For reference purposes, read the US National Institutes of Health research paper on Hypertension self-care.

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Luz Chacon is a Health Educator, Wellness Coach, and EFT Tapping Practitioner with 30+ years in health advocacy. Specializing in stress management, wellbeing, and holistic health, she created a 40% stress reduction employee program. Luz is dedicated to helping busy individuals prioritize self-care, break patterns, and reach goals. She offers programs for organizations and individuals. Luz is passionate about sharing her health research and guiding informed choices!

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