How To Open The Heart Chakra In Minutes (Our Research)

how to open the heart chakra with the symptoms of a blocked chakra

Various ways of opening the heart chakra are burning of incense or essential oils, yoga practices, declaring positive affirmations, stone visualizations, etc. The heart chakra (Sanskrit: Anahata chakra meaning unhurt or unstruck) is the fourth chakra among the energy centers. It controls our ability to love and experience love, show compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. The body position of this chakra point is the center of the chest. Find It Health, therefore, explains in detail how to open the heart chakra through specific physical and spiritual exercises.

Of the seven chakras, the heart chakra serves as the connector. It links the three upper chakras to the three lower chakras. Hence, it is very important to keep this fourth seat of energy open.

how to open the heart chakra with the symptoms of a blocked chakra

How To Open the Heart Chakra In Minutes

how to open the heart chakra in minutes for affirmations and breathing

Some powerful ways to open, heal, or balance the heart chakra includes:

·      Practicing Aromatherapy

This practice involves the burning of incense, candles, or essential oils. Choose a fragrance of lavender, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, or orange. Sit in a still position and let the fragrance fill the space as you gently absorb the flow of positive energy. Anahata aromatherapy awakens the capacity to love yourself and others.

·      Engaging in Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Practicing heart-opening yoga poses such as cobra stretch, camel pose, upward facing dog, and bridge pose helps in the heart chakra healing. For a simple cobra stretch exercise, lie on the ground facing down. With your palms flat under the shoulder, lift your upper body, pushing your chest up and out. Maintain this posture for about 1 minute while taking deep breaths.

You may also engage in the chakra-opening kundalini yoga practice to restore balance to your heart chakra.

·      Reciting Love Affirmations

In a silent state, say aloud positive affirmations about unconditional love.

Some great affirmations include “I love myself and everyone around me”, “my heart space is open to love”, “I forgive myself and others”. These will help you break old patterns that no longer serve you. As a result, you can embrace new beginnings for healing and growth.

·      Meditating with Crystals Emitting Love Energy

Certain crystals such as Jade, Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Green Calcite, and Green Aventurine possess life force energies that help to unblock the heart chakra. Meditating or carrying around these gemstones will help you tune into the heart chakra frequency. The color green is the corresponding color of the heart chakra. This is why most of the healing stones come in green colors.

Here is a beginner’s guide on how to meditate with stones or crystals by Find It Health.

·      Chanting Heart-balancing Mantras

“YAM” is a spiritual seed mantra that helps to increase the flow of love energy. It is a compassion mantra that can help in balancing the heart center. To practice, get yourself in a comfortable and calm state, take deep breaths to achieve presence, then, repeat the mantra. You may observe regular time gaps or call your mind back to the mantra each time you notice it wandering. The “YAM” mantra corresponds to the heart chakra and can be said out loud or silently.

·      Taking Foods and Beverages that Influence the Heart Chakra

Important heart chakra foods for healing include Green foods such as Green bell peppers, limes, green apples, spinach, and kale. Using these ingredients can help to open your heart chakra. Other effective foods include foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries, etc., and warm soups. You can combine these foods to bring healing to your fourth chakra while improving your general well-being.

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Symptoms of a Blocked Heart Chakra

how to open the heart chakra for activating my heart and un blocking the chakras

Blocked heart chakra negatively affects both our physical and mental wellbeing. Physically, a blocked fourth chakra can lead to problems of the heart, chest, lungs, and arms. Meanwhile, the mental signs of a blocked heart chakra show as poor response to emotional triggers.

Physical signs of a blocked 4th chakra

(Bear in mind that the following health conditions may result equally as pure biological responses.)

·       Increased or reduced blood pressure

·       Poor blood circulation

·       Infection of the lungs, bronchitis, etc.

·       Circulatory problems

·       Insomnia

·       Reduced immune system function

Journaling at night is a powerful healing tool! Use these night journaling prompts to restore peace and stability.

Mental signs of a blocked 4th chakra

These are negative reactions resulting from unbalanced emotions.

·       Excessive self-isolation

·       Codependency

·       The feeling of being unwanted

·       Lack of trust in yourself and others

·       Holding unnecessary grudges against others

·       Lack of empathy

·       Finding it difficult to forgive yourself and others

·       Increased feeling of restlessness

A blockage of the heart chakra can be severe or minor. Either way, you will feel off both physically and emotionally. This is because the heart chakra connects your other energy centers.

The causes of a blocked heart chakra include unhealthy, imbalanced, and toxic relationships. Therefore, when dealing with ended relationships of such nature, there is the need to perform a heart chakra healing exercise.

Also, struggling to accept a truth about yourself can throw your heart chakra off-balance. So, try to engage in your fourth chakra balancing exercise when struggling.

Heart Chakra Meditation for Healing

Heart chakra healing meditation is all about shifting your attention from things that hurt to those that bring happiness. A powerful type of meditation that can help in balancing your heart chakra is loving-kindness meditation.

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Loving Kindness Meditation

Here is how to practice the loving-kindness meditation:

First, find a quiet place free of any distractions. Then, adjust yourself to a comfortable meditative posture. Take a few deep breaths to establish a presence. You can now focus your attention on sending love and kindness to your loved ones through your imagination. Expand this visualization by equally sending gratitude to those you have any kind of hatred for. Then, send compassion and warmth to those with who you have issues. Finally, extend your gratitude to the rest of the world.

During this meditation, you may repeat heart-healing affirmations such as “I am loving”, “I am kind”, “I am compassionate”. Or, say your favorite positive fourth chakra affirmation.

Mindfulness Breathing

This is a mindfulness exercise where you consciously observe the flow of air as you breathe in and out. To practice, sit upright on the floor with your chest out and crossing your legs. Make sure you are comfortable in the position. Slowly breathe in observing the flow of air through your nose to the lungs, up to the center of your chest. Hold it in for about 3 seconds, then slowly breathe out still being mindful of the airflow. Repeat the process for 2 to 3 minutes. This mindfulness exercise helps you to tune into a balanced 4th chakra.

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Heart Chakra Affirmations to Help with Balancing

Whenever you notice any sign of disconnection from the fourth chakra, take a deep breath, and repeat some positive affirmations. This is because the heart chakra responds to certain words and phrases that make up affirmations.

Here are 20 powerful affirmations for your heart chakra healing:

·       “I deserve the truest form of love”

·       “Pure joy, love, and compassion is my choice”

·       “I am open to loving and being loved”

·       “I free my heart of all past injuries”

·       “It is safe for me to express love”

·       “I forgive myself, and I forgive others”

·       “I spread compassion, and it makes me happy”

·       “My heart desires to be loving and kind”

·       “I breathe in love and breathe out hate”

·       “I radiate green light from my heart”

·       “All I give is unconditional love”

·       “I am filled with gratitude because I love”

·       “I am peaceful, calm, and patient”

·       “My heart is aligned with the highest love frequency”

·       “I choose generosity, kindness, and compassion”

·       “I accept my imperfect nature with self-love”

·       “My heart is the center of love and peace”

·       “I am open to living in harmony with others”

·       “The past can no longer control me”

·       “I let love and light inside my heart”

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Frequently Asked Questions on Blockage

How do I activate my heart chakra?

You can activate your heart chakra by reciting positive affirmations, burning Anahata incense, candles, and essential oils, chanting mantras, and practicing heart-opening meditation. Also, eating green foods can help to greatly influence the heart chakra, facilitating the healing process. These practices nourish the energy centers, opening up any blocked chakra space. This fills your heart with feelings of love, peace, compassion, and gratitude which are signs of a balanced heart chakra.

What blocks the heart chakra?

Your heart chakra will tend to block when you go through difficult relationships. This includes toxic relationships where the energy you give is not reciprocated. Also, recovering from a failed relationship or from losing a loved one can lead to an imbalanced heart chakra. This means that failure is a common determining factor of a blocked chakra. Another crucial factor that can lead to heart chakra blockage is failure to accept the truth about yourself. When you find yourself in any of these conditions, practice heart chakra healing to restore balance immediately.

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How do you know if your heart chakra is blocked?

When your heart chakra experiences blockage, it manifests mentally as uncompassionate, restlessness, unforgiving, lack of sympathy, and other emotional issues. It can also manifest physically as heart and lung ailments. You may start your healing process by saying positive affirmations to ignite self-love.

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A blocked fourth chakra destabilizes your energy flows, making you feel low and unworthy. This page will help you identify a blocked heart chakra system and engage in the healing process. When your heart chakra is open, you experience true love and a feeling of abundant joy. Therefore, Find It Health sees it as necessary to break down the methods of balancing heart chakra for beginners.

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