Interesting Fall Facts

interesting fall facts and 12 fun facts about autumn

When the air outside starts to get crisp, and you are craving pumpkin spice, you know that it is indeed fall. It’s time to dig out winter clothes, reflect on our self-care lists, and stock up on Halloween treats. On the whole, it can be a very peaceful time of year. It’s when the weather starts to calm down and get milder from the heat of the summer months.

It’s a pleasant gap between summer and winter and is surprisingly popular as a season. But how much do you know about Fall? Here are some exciting fall facts that our research organization at FinditHealth found out.

interesting fall facts and 12 fun facts about autumn

12 Fun Facts About Autumn

scientific facts about autumn and other interesting fall facts

There are numerous things to do and associate with Fall. From camping outside, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween, we’ve compiled 12 fun facts about Autumn. You are sure to find one of these Interesting Fall Facts that suits your preferences.

“Fall” came from a phrase

It’s been called harvest and Autumn, but how exactly did Fall become a term? People started moving into cities, saying “fall of the leaf” to refer to the year’s third harvest. Because this was the time leaves would be falling from the trees. Over time, “fall of the leaf” was shortened to just Fall.

Daylight Savings

Our bodies love to “fall back,” especially those who love to sleep. Every November, daylight savings time ends, giving us an extra hour of sleep. While some of us can use that extra hour of sleep, you can also set aside that hour of time for a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is also the first step towards meditation. When combined, these practices may help reduce anxiety because they enable you to reduce worry and be aware of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment without being fearful. Mindfulness meditation is an example of an exercise to strengthen our self-awareness with a non-judgemental mind. You could even add stones to your meditation practice to enhance the spiritual healing.

In addition to starting a meditation practice you could also use that extra hour to create a morning routine. A simple morning routine includes those activities you take up every morning that create the tone for the rest of the day. It is important to begin your morning with activities that will help you achieve your goals.

Earth’s Tilt

Our distance from the sun does not cause seasons. Earth’s tilt causes them as when the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun, we get warmer, and vice versa when it tilts away, we get colder.

Fall and spring are the times of transitions the Earth moves between these two tilts.

Love is in the Air

Fall is the busiest season for dating, with most people getting in a relationship or engaged. Studies haven’t found the answer, but maybe it’s the glorious, laid-back atmosphere outside that sets the mood. Fall is also the time a lot of people relax and enjoy the present moment by living a simple life. It’s that time of year where you could consider what you are doing in life and if you really enjoy it. From career, love, even personal self-growth this is the perfect season to reflect. You can also start an evening journal practice to record your thoughts and dreams.

Fall Across the World

Within different cultures of the world, you will find different variations and terms for this season. For example, England refers to this season as Autumn, and America retains the term fall.

Pumpkin Spice has Nothing to Do with Pumpkin

Crazy enough, there isn’t even any actual pumpkin used to make pumpkin spice. Studies have shown that what we love about pumpkins is the sense of nostalgia they make us feel. Pumpkins represent farm life and tradition, a romantic idea for many Americans. We love the imagery and the tone they set for Fall.

Why Fall is associated with Harvests

Fall was called “harvest” because the “harvest moon” occurs when the full moon is closest to the autumn equinox. Before artificial lighting, this moonlight was essential to a prosperous harvest.


Celtic tradition believed ghosts roamed the Earth on Halloween, so it was encouraged to wear a disguise to hide you from these spirits.

Leaves Bring Good Luck

It’s a superstitious belief, but they say many falling leaves will lead to so many happy months to follow as can be caught in the hand.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Fall has a different tone from what we think of the season. Fall began when the underworld god, Hades, kidnaped the daughter of the goddess of nature and the harvest. Hades fell in love with her and wanted her to be the queen of the underworld. The goddess whose daughter was kidnapped was so upset she caused all the crops on Earth to die. They wouldn’t come back to life till her daughter returned, which symbolized spring.

Leaves Don’t Change Colors

All of those colors in a leaf have always been there. They are just dependent on the sun. Leaves are full of a natural chemical that makes them green, known as chlorophyll. When leaves receive a lot of sunlight, they stay green, but the green color starts to fade when they get less. This is because chlorophyll isn’t produced as much, which makes the natural colors of the leaves come out. So, leaves are naturally red, yellow, orange, and purple-green is dominant most of the year.

Bobbing for Apples was a Courting Ritual

Bobbing for apples has been a widespread (if disgusting) party game for Halloween celebrations for a long time. Still, it wasn’t always about the spooky holiday and instead started as a British courting ritual. Each man was assigned an apple, and this apple was placed in a bucket with everyone else. Females would bob for them and try to get the right apple from the man she wanted. If she successfully got the apple, it meant they were destined to be together.

Scientific Facts About Autumn

interesting fall facts and earth tilt with 12 fun facts about autumn

Now that we’ve had our fun, the autumn season has many scientific facts about it that make this season stand out. First, Fall is a critical year for migrating animals, particularly birds. For example, birds across North America will broadly travel thousands of miles searching for food. There are even birds such as the Arctic Tern, which will travel over 40,000 miles in a season to get from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Another interesting fact is that weight gain around this time of year may not only be due to comforting fall foods. A lack of vitamin D (sunshine) reduces breakdown and triggers fat storage. It is still helpful to practice moderation with that pumpkin pie, and cider just makes you get outside for a walk. After your walk, you can always wind down with an Epsom salt bath.

A beautiful sight you can see in Fall is the brightest full moon of the year.

The full moon in the Fall during the equinox is much brighter (almost orange) and rises much earlier than a typical full moon. This full moon called the Harvest Moon) occurs sometime in September or October. It was beneficial for farmers who used the moonlight to help harvest their crops.

Autumn Animal Facts

Most of us have probably seen an autumn animal because this is the season when all the birds are in the sky. Fall is when many birds flock and make their way to warmer climates. They travel in massive herds heading south to escape the chilly winter months.

Frequently Asked Questions on Autumn

Why is Fall called Fall?

It’s to do with when the leaves ‘fall’ from the trees – nice and simple!

What’s the best thing about Fall?

One of the best things about Fall is the not hot, not cold, but mild temperatures. It’s the perfect blend of crisp mornings and warm afternoons that many of us enjoy.

What do you see in the Fall?

In the Fall, you will see leaves falling from the trees and changing color. You will also feel the temperature drop and start seeing birds move across the sky, seeking warmer temperatures. It’s also the season where animals begin to prepare for hibernation, and you see pumpkin and Halloween decorations everywhere.

What are some fall scents?

The most popular fall scents are pumpkin spice, apple, vanilla, leaves, and sage.

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Fall is a festive season full of new aromas, sensations, and opportunities for seasonal experiences. Fall is full of mild, pleasant temperatures, beautiful fall foliage, and delicious, comforting food looks. It’s the perfect season to be relaxing outside with the crisp air. Our researchers at FinditHealth hope you found the above helpful article helpful and learned a few facts you may not have known about your favorite time of year.

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