How To Find Your Chakra - Fast Chakra Quiz

how to find your chakra and a fast chakra quiz at find it health

Chakra is a Sanskrit word representing the seven energy points flowing through the central body channel. These different chakras correspond to different personalities and strengths. Therefore, your favorite color, scent, best food, and other choices are determined by your strongest chakra. To help you find your strongest chakra, Find It Health created a fast chakra quiz in this article to serve as a guide.

The first chakra (root chakra) resides at the base of the spine while the last chakra (crown chakra) is at the crown of the head. In between these two chakra systems are five other energy points and all work together to influence personality traits and strength. If you find out your dominant chakra, you will have better control over your life.

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how to find your chakra and a fast chakra quiz at find it health

Fast Chakra Quiz – What Is Your Chakra Color?

how to find your chakra with a chakra quiz

Take this quick quiz to find out your chakra.

It is best to get a piece of paper and pen to write down the options that you choose. Try to be as honest as possible with your feelings for the best result.

1.    Which of these colors comforts you the most?

a.     Red

b.     Orange

c.     Yellow

d.     Green

e.     Blue

f.      Indigo

g.     Violet

2.    Which of these elements do you have the strongest connection to?

a.     Earth

b.     Water

c.     Fire

d.     Air

e.     Ether

f.      Light

g.     Metal

3.    Which of the following is your strongest sense?

a.     Smell

b.     Taste

c.     Sight

d.     Touch

e.     Hearing

f.      Intuition

g.     Joy

4.    Which of these scents is your favorite?

a.     Hibiscus

b.     Tiger Lily

c.     Honeysuckle

d.     Rose

e.     Hyacinth

f.      Lavender

g.     Jasmine

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5.    Which of the following are you passionate about?

a.     Empowering others through community service.

b.     Seeking total independence.

c.     Sharing joy.

d.     Showing compassion to others and helping those in need in the smallest possible means.

e.     Expressing yourself clearly and being true to yourself.

f.      Connecting to others spiritually for better understanding.

g.     Encouraging others to live their dreams and follow peace.

6.    Which of these personalities best describes you?

a.     You are the man who believes in the well-being of mankind and upholds it.

b.     Nothing hinders you from enjoying life’s abundance.

c.     You deeply understand who you are and what you stand for.

d.     You feel that those around you deserve better and you are willing to help in any way.

e.     No matter the condition, you can stand up for yourself and speak your truth.

f.      You are a believer of higher spiritual forces and it reflects in the way you live and treat others.

g.     You are aware of your connection to every other thing, hence, you live with the feeling of abundance and satisfaction.

7.    Which of the following words sounds the most important to you?

a.     Understanding

b.     Independence

c.     Confidence

d.     Acceptance

e.     Honesty

f.      Insight

g.     Happiness

Your Results!

Let us now find out which is your dominant chakra:

·       If your answer is mostly “A”, then your dominant chakra is the “Root Chakra”.

·       If your answer is mostly “B”, then your dominant chakra is the “Sacral Chakra”.

·       If your answer is mostly “C”, then your dominant chakra is the “Solar Plexus Chakra”.

·       If your answer is mostly “D”, then your dominant chakra is the “Heart Chakra”.

·       If your answer is mostly “E”, then your dominant chakra is the “Throat Chakra”.

·       If your answer is mostly “F”, then your dominant chakra is the “Third Eye Chakra”.

·       If your answer is mostly “G”, then your dominant chakra is the “Crown Chakra”.

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What Is My Chakra Color?

how to find your chakra in order to take a fast chakra quiz for energy colors

Your chakra color is the color that corresponds to your dominant chakra. The 7 chakras have different colors associated with each.

Here are the seven chakras and their corresponding colors:

·       Root Chakra – Color Red

·       Sacral Chakra – Color Orange

·       Solar Plexus Chakra – Color Yellow

·       Heart Chakra – Color Green

·       Throat Chakra – Turquoise or Sky Blue

·       Third Eye Chakra – Deep Blue or Purple

·       Crown Chakra – Violet or White

If the heart chakra is your dominant chakra, then the color green is your chakra color. You can use the list above to check for other chakras.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Your Spirit

How do I find my chakras?

A quick way to find your chakra is to take a chakra quiz or test.  This test makes you choose among the different elements of the seven chakras.  Your chakra is then the one you chose most of its elements.

Another way to find your chakra is by learning about the 7 chakras and their characteristics. You can then perform an introspection to find out which chakra you feel most connected to.

Here are the 7 chakras and how they manifest. The one that most relates to you is likely your dominant chakra.

·       The Root Chakra (Muladhara) – 1st Chakra

If the root chakra is your strongest chakra and is open, you will notice stability in whatever you do. That is, you will feel secure and stand your ground in life’s journey. However, when this chakra is dominant in you and imbalanced, you will experience high-level emotional volatility and low self-esteem. This is because the root chakra keeps you grounded by connecting you to the earth’s life force energy.

·       The Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana) – 2nd Chakra

When you see yourself accepting your sexuality and experiencing pleasure without guilt, then the sacral chakra is your dominant chakra. It also manifests as creating healthy boundaries while still accepting yourself and others. On the other hand, if you experience guilt, have poor boundaries, or notice addictive traits, then, the sacral chakra is dominant and blocked.

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·       The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) – 3rd Chakra

A dominant and balanced solar plexus chakra will manifest in you as fun-loving and self-confident. Other people will also tend to draw toward your personality. When this chakra is dominant and blocked, you will experience shame, struggle to control things, and stubbornness. This is because the sacral chakra is at your core and drives you forward.

·       The Heart Chakra (Anahata) – 4th Chakra

The heart chakra is dominant and open when you show and experience unconditional love. You will see yourself being compassionate and living a balanced daily life. If there is however a blockage in this chakra, you will find yourself with jealousy traits, grief, and inability to love unconditionally or accept love.

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·       The Throat Chakra (Vishuddi) – 5th Chakra

When the throat chakra is dominant and balanced, you will see yourself as outspoken and able to express yourself clearly. However, when blocked, you will see yourself as unable to stand for yourself or describe your mind as it is. The throat chakra controls your voice, self-expression, and ability to communicate freely.

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·       The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) – 6th Chakra

You will feel connected to your intuition and creativity when the third eye chakra is the strongest and open. When there is a blockage, however, you will feel disconnected and live in a state of illusion. You may tend to experience confusing events.

·       The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) – 7th Chakra

A dominant and open crown chakra opens your mind, connecting you to your higher self. It influences the other energy centers to work together, aligning your thoughts and actions toward your true life purpose. When this energy center is blocked, you may start living in your head. As a result, you will experience difficulty discerning what is real or imagined. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head. 

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How do you know if a chakra is open?

A chakra is open when you can easily express the qualities specifically associated with that chakra. The different chakras manifest in different ways. Therefore, let’s find out how to know that each chakra is open:

Root Chakra

This chakra is open when you:

·       feel confident in yourself,

·       are able to withstand challenges,

·       experience stability, and

·       do not easily feel threatened by anything.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is open when you:

·       can relate with emotions,

·       accept your sexuality,

·       feel creative,

·       create healthy boundaries,

·       do not feel ashamed of experiencing pleasure, and

·       feel abundant

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Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra which is your third chakra is open when you:

·       are in control of your life,

·       feel confident of who you are,

·       freely express your true self,

·       are fun-loving, and

·       notice others drifting toward you.

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is open when you:

·       are able to love yourself and others,

·       open up to receiving love from others,

·       show compassion,

·       express kindness freely, and

·       live a fulfilled life.

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Throat Chakra

When this chakra is open, you:

·       can communicate openly and clearly,

·       speak up for yourself without fear,

·       truly say your mind, and

·       stand up for yourself.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is open when you:

·       feel connected to your intuition,

·       are able to see the bigger life picture,

·       can see things beyond the surface, and

·       feel more creative.

Crown Chakra

This chakra is open when you:

·       have access to higher consciousness,

·       understand your true purpose in life and work toward it, and

·       become in charge of your spirituality.

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What is your strongest chakra?

Your strongest chakra is the chakra that the specific qualities are dominant in your personality. Depending on whether this chakra is balanced or imbalanced, you will tend to experience the positive qualities or the negative effects. For instance, if the first chakra (root chakra) is your strongest chakra and balanced, you will experience grounding effects and feel stable all round. However, if your strongest chakra and imbalanced, you will feel threatened easily, experience instability and high emotional volatility.

How do I activate 7 chakras?

To activate your 7 chakras, you need to align your mind and physical body by practicing yoga poses, breathing exercises, chanting mantras, and meditating. The yoga postures will help to improve your chakras’ energy. Each of the seven chakras has specific yoga poses that work for them. Breathing exercise increases the flow of energy through the chakras, while meditation leads to clarity of the mind.

It is also important to understand mindfulness and its 7 attitudes, and how they work together to give you peace.

What is my weakest chakra?

Your weakest chakra is the chakra that its qualities have the least effect on your personality. This means that whether the chakra is open or blocked, the positive and negative effects are rarely noticed. For example, if your second chakra (sacral chakra) is the weakest, then, your sexuality, boundaries, and sense of pleasure won’t mean that much to you.

Conclusion – Research by

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Finding your chakra will help you understand your personality more and be in control of your daily life. This article by Find It Health aims to provide a guide for beginners who wish to find their dominant chakra. It also contains a fast self-assessment chakra test to help you quickly determine your chakra and more.

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