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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Under the Cochrane Library; medical research is summarized and clarified, with results of health and medicine studies being at the center of the library’s subscription-based service. The Cochrane researchers use protocols for systematic reviews that include how the authors manage the review process. They look for the appropriate study design, as well as the outlines for assessing and summarizing studies. The most referenced health-related journal on internet encyclopedias just outranks the next journal in authority:

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New England Journal of Medicine

With a global readership of 600,000 per week, this general medicine focused journal is published by the Massachusetts medical society with a tenure of 200 years. The statistical review processes for evaluating early manuscripts sent in for publication are detailed on their website. A rigorous peer-review process and official editorial board analyze studies and manuscripts, with physicians and academics offering key information regarding clinical practice.

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Journal of Aging and Health

The (JAH) dives particularly into the gerontology sector, or the scientific study of old age, the process of aging while including psychology, social policy, and public health. This journal deals with social and behavioral factors related to aging and health, with original research findings preferred. We find active life expectancy, ethics in healthcare, and longevity with morality to be our preferred research methods at (JAH).

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The Lancet Journal

This is one of our main choices for health research, as The Lancet Journal is internationally recognized as a general medical journal published by Elsevier; accepting clinical trials and research papers bolstered by their extensive editorial and review process. We know every single paper published by The Lancet journal is peer-reviewed to the highest extent available, and the information is fully trusted by the authors here at

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Journal of the American Medical Association

With a readership close to 300,000, the (JAMA) is a highly reputable peer-reviewed journal specializing in medical research. Structured abstracts make searching through the database a breeze for our authors here at Find It Health, while the research is highly respected by the national health research community.

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Nature Medicine

This general medicine journal is a monthly peer-reviewed publication including human biology, artificial intelligence in health care, clinical trials of various health products, and health expert reviews. Here at we pride ourselves in having cited multiple instances of important health products from Nature Medicine’s health expert considerations.

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British Medical Journal

Boasting a monthly viewer count of almost three million; the BMJ focuses on oncology, with a world-renowned editorial board that looks over strict submission guidelines so that only the most trustworthy manuscripts are considered.

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International Journal of Epidemiology

The Internationally Journal of Epidemiology is a bi-monthly publication that publicizes in-depth research specifically in the field of epidemiology. Preventative and social medicine, along with the accompanying statistical data in the field is published. This is a highly trusted source for our authors at Find It Health.

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American Journal of Preventive Medicine

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine is used by our authors heavily, as with research of products that include chronic issues, this journal is important for getting good information. Public health issues are also something that concerns our authors quite a bit, as we know that a significant portion of our daily readers is seniors; we here at look for the best health research available to us in the current year. Nutrition, injury, and behavioral health are just some of the topics that we look for at the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. With an impact factor of 4.435 according to this journal ranks very high in respect to quality, quantity, and comprehensive peer-reviewed research articles. At Find It Health, it is important we give the reader the most all-encompassing explanations of certain issues and products and details that are written about in the most sought-after health research journals. The aging research is especially important to the ACPM, with the latest research published explaining the adverse childhood experiences and decreased renal function, especially on all-cause mortality in adults living in the United States. A fascinating read, and a journal that is cited frequently here at

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Bulletin of the World Health Organization

The bulletin is the leading public and environmental journals concerning health worldwide. The finest part about the bulletin’s journal is that it has an “open-access policy”, making its contents completely open and free to whoever wants to pour over noteworthy health research archives. The mission statement of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization is to publish scientifically rigorous health information of international significance for legislators, researchers, and practitioners. If It’s good enough for the world’s health experts, it is excellent for our team’s experts.

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American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

As an important part of the world’s medical systems being hospice care, our seniors take priority in Find It Health’s research. This journal is a critical read for members of hospice care teams and communities that include seniors.  The most important research cited in the journal studies with palliative treatment, hospice administration, and specialty care. This is a monthly peer-reviewed journal that also publishes opinions and commentaries along with editorials and review articles.

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The Journal of Clinical Investigation

This journal provides important articles spanning the latest discoveries in clinical medicine, to biomedical science. While our site does not delve too deep into areas that need a lab-coat, our authors always appreciate thorough research. Advancing the practice of medicine is very impressive, as this journal has taught our team many things encroaching into the experimental science area. Immunology and autoimmunity are things that are readily admitted into The Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) and are things that our site would like to expand upon in the future.

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The Medical Journal of Australia

As Australia’s leading peer-reviewed general medical journal, The Medical Journal of Australia or (MJA) has been around for more than one hundred years. The research covered by the MJA includes vital studies of centralized healthcare and state clinical research. The evidence-based reviews and clinical practice updates are a must-read for people interested in Australian healthcare professional research.

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Health Services Research

Our authors examine the research from this research journal frequently, starting around the time the international pandemic started in 2019 right up until the current day. The Health Services Research is ranked consistently on top of health journals in its field, and its mission statement is to improve the health of international communities. We at Find It Health are interested in the legislators, providers, and health services researchers over at The Health Services Research, as they are prolific and award winning; publishing six times a year plus two special publications, winning five consecutive Emerald Golden Page Awards for research studies.

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