How to Meditate with Stones and Crystals (Where to Place Them)

The process of meditating with stones involves placing any of the energized crystals on your body chakra points while concentrating. You can also hold these stones in your hands or place them in your front where you can see and focus on them. 

When you meditate with stones, you are simply trying to connect to the healing energy these gemstones possess. The Find It Health meditation experts discuss on this page the steps of meditating with different crystals that coincide with your intentions.

It is important to choose the right stone for your intended meditation outcome. This is where most beginners get confused. So, define your intentions first, let us help you select stones.

How to Meditate with Chakra Stones

Placing quartz crystals on the chakra areas of your body is one of the most effective ways to meditate with stones.

Here are the steps to familiarize yourself with the process of using 5 different quartz crystals on your energy centers:

Step 1 – Lie Facing Up

Do this preferably on a meditation mat. Where not available, you may use a bed or any other convenient flat surface.

Step 2 – Place a Smoky Quartz Crystal on Your Root Chakra

Your root chakra is the lower abdomen. Placing a smoky quartz crystal on this chakra point will ground your meditation experience into reality.

Feel free to also test your abdominal strength in a more physical and stability testing exercise.

Step 3 – Place the Citrine Crystal on Your Sacral Chakra

The second quartz crystal to use is the citrine for purification and relaxation. Place it at the navel which is your core chakra, the origin of your personal power.

Step 4 – Place the Rose Quartz on the Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is the healing center. So, a rose crystal over your heart will let the negative emotions flow out and the positive emotions flow in.

Step 5 – Place an Amethyst Quartz on Your Third Eye Chakra

The amethyst quartz crystal placed on the brow which is your third eye chakra will help quieten the mind. It will clear any confusion in the mind, helping you see things better.

Step 6 – Place a Clear Quartz on Your Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is the top of the head being your body’s highest energy point. Placing a clear quartz crystal at this point will open up your higher consciousness.

After placing the crystals, start picturing the flow of energies from the crystals. Do this with your eyes closed while taking deep breaths, continue the process one stone at a time.

How to Use Crystals for Self-care Meditation

To use crystals for your meditation practice, you should first get the right stone for your intentions. For example, if your meditation intention is to calm your mind, then you may have to go for selenite. This healing stone will cleanse your body’s negative energy and give you clarity of the mind.

Once you select the right crystal, you will need to cleanse it before use. The several methods of cleansing crystals include leaving it under the sun for about 6 hours, passing through the smoke of sage, burying under the soil or salt, placing on other crystals with cleansing qualities e.g. quartz, etc.

During your meditation session, place the crystal in your palm where you can feel it. Speak your intention out loud 3 times, then focus on the flow of energy from the crystal into you.

Note: You can find several stones suitable for your given intention, simply go for the one that draws you in.

Amethyst Meditation Roles

Amethyst is a crown chakra crystal used during meditation to help clear the mind, build focus and intuition. This healing gem will also help you connect with the divine, stimulating your crown chakra.

Meditating with amethyst will help you align with your feelings and make you have a deeper understanding of yourself.

The powerful amethyst meditation is all about visualizing energy and light from the crystal spreading through your body and radiating into your meditation space.

Hold the amethyst in your left hand when in a meditative state, picture the energy flow while focusing on your intentions.

Rose Quartz Meditation Roles

Rose quartz is the crystal of upliftment. If your intention is to promote self-love and compassion by using crystals during meditation, then rose quartz is your go-to.

This stone will lift your heart and make you feel the warmth of your love. When meditating, make your affirmations and concentrate on the flow of energy from the stone into your body.

Meditation Stones and Their Meanings

The following are meditations stones (and their meanings) that will help you create a crystal grid for your meditation practice:

·      Selenite

Selenite is an important meditation stone to clear the mind and cause the body to be in a restive state. It helps to secure your energy field letting go of all negativity. Visualization with Selenite promotes the flow of positive energies lifting your mood and causing high vibrations.

·      Black Tourmaline

This is a powerful protective crystal that can shield you from harmful negative vibes emerging from you or your environment. The Black Tourmaline also has grounding qualities.

·      Smoky Quartz

Very effective in proving grounding effects. Smoky quartz will stabilize the root chakra when placed under the feet in a crystal grid. This stone is also popular for its cleansing properties.

·      Labradorite

Labradorite helps you connect with your higher self by stimulating your consciousness and deepening your meditation. Meditating with labradorite will lead you to self-discovery and figuring out your life’s true purpose.

·      Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli crystal helps to promote insight leading to self-awareness. This healing gemstone also enhances true consciousness and deepens your meditation.

·      Palm Stones

This crystal sits comfortably in your palms during meditation while letting in stillness and relieving the body’s tension. Palm stones will help you achieve relaxation of the mind as well.

·      Celestite

A very popular healing stone known to help in attaining a calm state of consciousness. Meditating with Celestite will guide your meditation and inspire spirituality. There is also a belief that this crystal can ignite psychic abilities and enhance intuition.

·      Rainbow Obsidian

The Rainbow Obsidian crystal will bring love and light to you. Meditating with it will help you let go of your past negativity and embrace the light. The different color bands give this stone unique healing properties that you can tap into.

·      Azurite

Meditating with Azurite will help you reach your inner wisdom, clear and expand the mind to concentrate on significant things. When it becomes difficult to focus due to chattering in the mind, work with this crystal to bring peace and general well-being.

·      Lepidolite

Naturally, lepidolite is known to effectively relieve anxiety, restoring peace in the mind. Using this stone in your meditation practices when feeling anxious, stressed, worried, or disturbed will bring back calmness. 

·      Blue Apatite

If you need inspiration or renew your passion for a project you are working on, then meditate with Blue Apatite. This deep blue color crystal carries soothing vibes that will help you to relax. It also inspires creativity, helping you advance in your projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Crystals

What rocks are good for meditation?

These are among the best crystals for your meditation practices:

·       Clear Quartz

·       Smoky Quartz

·       Rose Quartz

·       Selenite

·       Amethyst

·       Citrine

·       Tourmaline

·       Aquamarine

·       Labradorite

·       Obsidian, etc.

There are many stones to create a physical experience in your meditation, however, these are basic stones for any level of meditation.

How do you charge your crystals?

The commonest way to charge your crystals is by exposing them to the sun or moon for long hours. Leaving them under the sunlight or moonlight for up to 24 hours will produce the best results. However, it is not compulsory to stay that long, so you could just leave them for about 6 hours.

Other methods of charging your crystals are by burying in the earth, salt, or rice. You can also place them on other crystals such as selenite or quartz with cleansing properties. Additionally, passing your crystals through the smoke of sage or frankincense will charge and energize them.

You can as well combine cleansing methods if you wish. For example, you may bury in a bowl of salt first and then expose to sunlight or moonshine.

What crystals should you start with?

Selenite, Clear Quartz, and Palm Stones are ideal for beginners. An energy tool that works well with these stones is an incense which comes in different scents that can improve meditation.

It is advisable to start with at least two crystals, selenite and quartz crystals. These will give you a solid starting in your meditation practices.

How do you use rose quartz in meditation?

Rose quartz meditation involves keeping a rose quartz crystal around you and focusing on it. You can hold it in your hand and draw from the gemstone’s energy or keep it in your front.

This healing crystal is most suitable when your meditation intention is to promote self-love and compassion. Imagine someone you love or a pet you love and focus on the feeling of peace spreading through your heart.

Rose quartz can form a powerful part of the crystal grid during a chakra meditation session. Place this stone over the heart to let in happiness and love in your center of healing. If you ever find yourself stuck with a non-functional remote, see this page on resetting a universal remote.

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Some stones naturally possess life force energies that can help improve our spirituality. Therefore, Find It Health on this page provided a comprehensive guide on how to meditate with stones of such properties.

Most importantly, we provided answers for beginners on how to start with crystal meditation even for guided meditation practices.

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