Reiki Vs. Tantra — (The Principles and Differences)

reiki vs tantra meditation and practice with universal life energy at find it health

Are you curious about the best way to connect with higher consciousness and raise your vibration? Many spiritual practices worldwide can help you obtain these, and Reiki and Tantra are the most common spiritual healing practices.

Findings by our team at FinditHealth found that Reiki and Tantra, while similar, are very different in helping you reach enlightenment. In this article, we will explore the differences between Reiki and Tantra for you to figure out which path will most effectively connect you with higher consciousness and set you on your spiritual path.

reiki vs tantra meditation and practice with universal life energy at find it health

Reiki Meditation vs. Tantra Practice

Reiki means universal life energy and is a form of energy healing that can heal your mind, body, and spirit by restoring energetic balance in your body. It was discovered in the late 1800s by a Buddhist called Mikao Usui. In Reiki, a Reiki practitioner will access universal life force energy and channel that energy into the client by laying their hands to heal the client’s injuries. When this universal life force energy enters your body, it unblocks all your chakras as it releases your energy centers.

This allows energy to flow freely throughout the body, so you stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself.

On the other hand, Tantra is a method of healing that means expansion and liberation. While it is commonly referred to as sex, it is a spiritual science that expands your consciousness to attain freedom. In Tantra, all living beings have a consciousness, and you go on a slow journey to merge with infinite consciousness.

The goal of Tantra is to become one and have a deeper connection with the source.Both alternative healing practices are amazing at helping you deepen your spiritual connection with yourself. Because of this they are both considered to be great forms of self-care. These are both accessible practices that almost everyone in the world has access to and can receive.

Tantric Reiki

Tantra is a spiritual practice in which all aspects of earthly life, including sex, can be a path to spiritual realization. The essence of the practice is going into everything as wholly, totally, and as consciously as possible. Reiki is often used as an emotional, physical, or spiritual cleansing and healing treatment.

A Reiki treatment connects your body to the divine, with this healing helping you release and let go of these blockages. Another great way to extend this healing is to wear a chakra bracelet to help you stay aligned as you move throughout your day.

Tantric Reiki offers a way to embrace the body and joy and help dissolve shame and guilt, especially around sexuality.

By practicing tantric Reiki, you will develop more self-love and greater self-esteem and help heal emotional and physical trauma.

Tantric Healing Session 

A tantric healing session’s intention is to integrate deep healing and bring wholeness to our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. With the client’s consent, techniques and rituals like touch, breath, sound, and movement are used to help them feel and become more deeply aware of their body as you move through the healing process. As you go through a session, you will experience a range of feelings from grief, sadness, and anger. This is due to blocked emotions that have not been fully felt and released from the body.

Different Principles

Reiki aligns living in harmony with life itself and channeling this harmony into universal life force energy. We can then use this stable energy flow to help us self-heal and soothe, and even for spiritual awakenings. Tantra goes beyond living in harmony with universal life force energy.

It teaches us to go beyond the world as we know our existence.

The Purpose of Each 

The purpose of Reiki is to bring balance to your energetic body and, in turn, provide healing energy to the body, mind, and spirit as a whole. Reiki also uses a lot of mantras and they can be a wonderful tool for self-growth and self-development. Learning to practice Reiki can be straightforward, and it can take two years to master this healing technique. You need to go through three levels of Reiki training to learn how to access and channel the universal life force energy into someone. There is even a practice of Reiki called Quantum Reiki that you can study after undergoing your initial Reiki training.

Tantra is a long spiritual journey with the purpose of becoming one with infinite consciousness or source. It’s a life goal and is seen in a lot of religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. This journey comes with a lot of struggle and obstacles because it is the process of expanding your consciousness. In a way, moving along the path of Tantra becomes your life purpose. It’s allowing our conscious mind to expand and deepen an authentic connection with yourself and a higher power.

Healing Principles

Reiki is all about healing your body, mind, and spirit through challenging universal life force energy. It is well known for its ability to reduce pain and promote healing because it unblocks your chakras and stagnant negative energy.

On the other hand, Tantra does not focus on healing the body the same way Reiki does with energy healing, but it embraces the body thoroughly. Tantra encourages you to take a moment and truly feel every part of yourself. To get to know yourself and deeply love and feel comfortable in your skin. It’s the practice of appreciating and accepting your body as it is in the present moment.

How to Practice

To practice Reiki, you will either perform an attunement or receive a Reiki session to open up your chakras to stimulate healing. A Reiki practitioner can perform three forms of Reiki healing sessions as Self-Reiki sessions, where you channel universal life force energy within yourself; regular Reiki sessions, where you conduct universal life force energy into a recipient. Lastly, they can perform distance Reiki sessions, where you send distance healing to someone else across space and time. With Reiki sessions, you can work with traditional Reiki teachers or seek out a Master Reiki teacher if you are wanting a deeper experience.

Tantra is a bit different in that you will perform a ritual of worship to a deity as a part of your daily routine. A deity can be any object that you identify with and form a solid personal connection. By worshiping this deity, you are worshiping the source directly. If you do this every day, you will slowly expand your consciousness because you will spend time thinking and connecting with infinite consciousness. It’s a practice with elevated consciousness over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a tantric healing session?

A tantric healing session seeks to bring wholeness to the emotional, spiritual and physical body. Its intention is to merge deep healing with the client who was challenged or traumatized and needs love, acceptance, attention, and acknowledgment. With the client’s consent, techniques and rituals like touch, breath, sound, and movement are used to help them become more deeply aware of their body. The client will experience a range of emotions from grief, anger, sadness, rage, and even fear. This results from blocked emotions that have not been fully felt and released from their body.

What is Tantra and Tantric healing?

Tantra is a spiritual journey that takes a person to higher infinite consciousness. A journey that takes you from stuck to freedom and thinking to feel as if you become one with the source. Tantric healing is a practice that helps dissolve shame and guilt around sexuality. It teaches you to embrace your body and its natural ways of feeling pleasure and joy.

Conclusion – Research by

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Our team at FinditHealth found that Reiki and Tantra, while different, are two spiritual practices that are very beneficial for your health. If you want to reach higher enlightenment and permanently raise your vibration to the same frequency as the source, then Tantra is the right path for you.

However, Reiki can raise your vibration faster with each attunement process and create a direct momentary connection with the source every time you perform a healing session. We hope you found this article helpful and wish you positivity and abundance with your spiritual practice.

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