Intimacy Meditation for Couples

intimacy meditation in order to have exercises and scripts to help with our research

Remember the first time or first date you met your partner? That experience of both of your eyes meeting and time just standing still. It’s that magical honeymoon phase we all experience at the beginning of a relationship and see all the possibilities. Still, over time this magic mellows down into a feeling of comfort.

Our team at FinditHealth found from research that from a meditation perspective, it is not your relationship that has changed but your mind. Using intimacy meditation techniques can help bring that sparkle back when your relationship has gone on autopilot and create a deeper level of intimacy.

intimacy meditation in order to have exercises and scripts to help with our research

Meditation For Couples Intimacy

intimacy meditation to focus on your breath with eye gazing

Meditation practice for couples’ intimacy is about disengaging your faulty autopilot and taking back control of your life.

It can also promote greater intimacy and pleasure, especially if you find that your mind wanders in bed. 

A mindfulness practice slowly develops your capacity to appreciate each moment as completely new. It allows you to directly perceive things without a filter instead of reacting to your mind’s assumptions about a partner. It’s rekindling that magic using self-compassion and builds your capacity for deeper intimacy. Mindfulness meditation can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Couples Meditation Script

intimacy meditation for focus on touch and try a mantra to help you with the benefits

When it comes to a meditation script, the space between the two of you is the most significant. Your mind is kept from jumping into an autopilot mood by paying attention to this space. It’s that magnetic pull to get closer to one another and deepens the desire for intimacy. You can follow the below steps to explore this tendency and add a bit of flexibility to your mind.

  • Sit comfortably together and pick an object in front of you. It can be a piece of furniture, artwork on the wall, or even something outside.
  • Now each of you sends your awareness towards this object. Pause and keep your attention on the space between the object and yourself. Practice this for five minutes.
  • Now you will do this to your partner. Send your awareness to each other and focus on the space between you and your partner.
  • To intensify the experience, you can lean in for a kiss while both of your attention is on the space between.

Couple Meditation Exercises

There are several meditations exercises you can do as a couple. Below are the most popular ways to start.

Focus on your breath

An easy way to return to the present moment and strengthen intimacy with your partner is to focus on your breath. This can be done by sitting, lying down, or even walking together. There are even numerous breathing techniques and variations you can choose from to do a couple. We advise you to start by simply taking deep inhales and exhales and syncing these with your partner.

Eye Gazing

Eye gazing is a powerful practice that can help you become closer to another person. It’s the practice of looking into someone’s eyes for an extended period of time. Start by sitting in a comfortable position and face your partner while holding hands. Gaze into your partner’s eyes and breathe deeply, allowing the eyes to blink. Do this for three to five minutes, and you can set a timer if needed. Afterwards, you could sit together and journal about the experience.

Focus on touch

Another meditation exercise is to focus on mindful touch. Noticing sensation as it arises may help you get out of your head and back into your body. You can do an exercise with your partner to play with this mindful touch using your palms.

Sit facing each other and hold hands. Close your eyes and let your mind be free. Start to become aware of sensations in your hands, like do they feel warm or cold. Start to become aware of their pulse and sense the space around and in between each finger. You should start to feel an increased sensitivity between the two of you. Your hands will almost feel like they are buzzing. Practice this for ten to fifteen minutes. For added benefits and a deeper experience, you could try meditating with stones.

Try a mantra

A mantra can be anything that resonates with you. Just keep it short and sweet. It can be something like “I see you” or “I am at ease.” You can repeat it aloud to each other to start as you sit comfortably together. Then sit in silence and repeat the mantra in your head. We recommend doing this for 10 to 15 minutes. If you enjoy mantra practice, kundalini yoga could also be a great activity to try with your partner.

Couple Meditation Benefits

Having a regular couple meditation practice can help strengthen your relationship. It’s a powerful way to relax and become in sync with one another. By meditating and breathing together, you foster a deeper connection with your partner. By tuning in, you open yourself up to more understanding and empathy. This leads to a stronger bond of trust and love, ultimately the backbone of any relationship.

Another benefit of couples meditation is that your partner becomes more aligned to your emotional state and thoughts in the present moment. Likewise, you can become more aligned with your partner’s emotional and energetic state through the couple’s meditation. There is generally less fighting and more love in the relationship by being in harmony. Being this in sync allows the both of you to be together mindfully and lovingly. It also allows each of you to foster a deeper self-care practice.

Meditation is a practice, and it is essential to prioritize doing it consistently. Becoming accountable to your partner encourages support which also fosters deeper intimacy. We advise setting a specific part of the day to practice together. Remember this can be small, just five or ten minutes a day. This could be a great addition to your morning routine.

Over time it will become a habit like a date night and something you look forward to doing together. It’s a positive shared activity that strengthens your relationship, clears your mind, and opens your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions – Your Partner

How can I connect with my partner through meditation?

The easiest way to connect with your partner through meditation is to focus on the breath. Sit cross-legged, facing each other and holding hands, and allow yourself to breathe together. Don’t force anything and let yourself be in the present moment of Mindfulness. Often, you will find your breaths start to sync naturally as your minds attune to one another.

What is Tantra meditation?

Tantric meditation is most associated with tantric abilities, a form of slow, mindful love. Its goal is to move loving energy throughout the body for enlightenment and transformation. Tantric love prioritizes slowing down and enjoying the journey and physical sensations instead of rushing to orgasm.

Tantra meditation combines breath and touch to deeply connect with your partner and assist the chakras within us to open. By opening these chakras, you are allowing energy to flow more freely. This helps deepen intimacy by increasing awareness and insight and connecting more with yourself and others around you.

Does tantric meditation help you last longer in bed?

Yes, tantric meditation helps you last longer in bed because it is about accessing a deeper connection between you and your partner. The goal of tantric meditation is to feel more pleasure for extended periods. Like tantric love, it’s about prolonging desire, so ultimately, when you reach the finish point, it’s significantly more intense.

How do couples meditate together?

There are numerous ways couples can meditate together to build intimacy. You can focus on your breath, practice eye gazing, think of mantras, and focus on physical touch.

Conclusion – Research by

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When you practice meditation for intimacy, you’ll find that magical sense of timeless connection yet again.

Researchers at FinditHealth found that Mindfulness and intimacy share an intimate connection that may help to build self-awareness—practicing Mindfulness regularly can teach you how to access more pleasure and presence.

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