How To Limit Social Media Use - 5 Ways to Cut Back on Scrolling!

how to limit social media use with apps or timers

We can’t deny that social media and the internet are powerful and essential tools in our everyday lives. We use it for work, communication, and even learning as most schools transition to online. 

But using too much social media can negatively affect your health and life. If you are concerned with your social media usage or screen time, try some of the tips on the list by our team at FinditHealth. These tips will show you how to limit social media and internet use and the great benefits that will follow.


how to limit social media use with apps or timers

Apps To Limit Social Media Use

hobby and apps that reduce time how to limit social media use

Today, numerous apps help you get off your smartphone and computer. Some apps will let you block specific apps like Instagram and Facebook but still use internet features such as your work email. Other apps completely lock your phone for a set amount of time or hours. Even some apps block social media on your phone and computer. Regardless of which you choose, the below apps will surely help you limit your social media usage.


This app is built and set up on the theme of mindfulness. It allows you to block what distracts you most from social to even text messages. This app also makes it easier to separate work and play because you can break down what you can and can’t access for specific times of the day. Last, this app has a function that shows how much you use your phone and specific apps.


Is an app that can work for all your technology from phone to tablet to computer. It allows you to block any distracting websites, apps, and even emails by using a VPN to stop these programs from receiving new content. Since the VPN never connects to a server and floods you with notifications, your browsing information will never leave, and your data is secure and private.


Is an app-specific for macOS that allows you to block access to websites, mail accounts, and social media. You can create a block list of sites and choose a set amount of time to block. After you block and set the time, you will be unable to access what you blocked until the time is up, even if you restart your computer.


Benefits Of Limiting Social Media Use

how to limit social media use with keeping devices away and notifications off

Limiting social media use has so many excellent benefits.

First, you will have more time to focus on yourself, self-care, and other areas of your life.

You become more aware of yourself and your needs and have more time to create the life of your dreams. You can start small by simply switching up your morning routine. For the big picture, think about your career and if it is what you really want, plan a new trip; it could be anything now that you have the time and freedom. We encourage you to keep a journal and write down any ideas that come to you.

One of the worst things about social media is that it is driven by competition in that everyone is striving to be the best. Naturally, we compare ourselves to others on social media and then start questioning our own life. This questioning can lead to critiquing every little thing about yourself and leading to a negative self-image. Limiting social media can tremendously increase your self-esteem and give you peace of mind.

By limiting social media usage, you allow and enjoy the present moment. How often are we now so focused on getting a photo for Instagram then we don’t even notice the beauty around us? Or, how many days do we spend hours mindlessly scrolling on social media? It’s easy to get caught up constantly posting or seeing what others are doing, but we miss out on life.

To start enjoying life, schedule time to post and be on social media. Then put away your device and enjoy time with family, friends, or just the beautiful world around you. When you limit social media usage, you are giving yourself more time for self-care and strengthening your mindfulness practice. Self-care practice is the basics of both physical and mental health wellbeing. There are numerous things you can do to start a self-care practice or to add to an existing practice. Getting a massage will help release your muscles’ tension build-up and make you feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Taking an Epsom salt bath can also be a wonderful, luxurious form of self-care.


5 Ways to Reduce Social Media Addiction

Find a Hobby or another Activity

Next time you have the temptation to get on social media, go for a walk or try reading a book instead. When you are busy doing something else, it will be much easier to resist the urge to get on social media. In simplicity, living life is the easiest way to reduce your time on social media!

If you have been wanting to try something new you could try Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga combines movement, breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation to strengthen your body and deepen your self-awareness and consciousness. Meditation is also another wonderful practice you can do instead of scrolling on social media. As you are withdrawing from social media and releasing this energy it could also be beneficial to meditate with stones to help the energy flow throughout the chakras. The process of meditating with stones involves placing any of the energized crystals on your body chakra points while concentrating. You can also hold these stones in your hands or place them in your front where you can see and focus on them.

Set a Timer

Set a timer on your phone, computer, or tablet for as long you want to be on a social media app. We would suggest setting a timer for 5-15 minutes. After the time is up, put your device away.

Turn Notifications Off

We have all seen the icons of text messages come, which triggers an almost involuntary response to logging on. Go into your device’s app settings and turn off all notifications for your social media apps and sites. This way, no icons will show up, and no buzzing or ringing calling you to your social media apps. This can also be beneficial with emails when you are not at work. 

Use an app or browser extension

Earlier in this article, we suggested several apps that can be used to limit your social media usage. There are also browser extensions that let you block specific sites on your computer. The extensions StrictWorkFlow allows you to set a window of focused work time, which stops you from visiting whatever areas you choose.

Keep the device away from you

Put it in another room if you find yourself constantly reaching for your phone or computer. You also could take away the option entirely and go somewhere without your phone and computer. Or even leave both at home for the day if you can do so. If the device is not near, you will not check any of your social media apps.

How To Limit Social Media Use On Android

No worries, android users, several apps limit social media usage that are made for Androids. The app Flipd lets you lock your phone for a certain amount of time. Once you close the phone, there’s no way to bypass the app, and you have to wait until the time is up. The app AppBlock allows users to temporarily block distracting apps on their phones and is super simple to use.

Frequently Asked Questions on Self Control

Is there a way to limit social media use?

Yes, there are numerous ways to limit social media use. You can set time limits, use apps, or even choose to leave your phone or laptop at home the next time you leave to go out.

How do I set time limits on social media?

One of the easiest ways to set time limits for social media is to use the alarm on your phone or tablet. Every time you want to use social media, set the alarm for how long you spend on the app. We recommend setting an alarm for 5-15 minutes. When the alarm goes off, log out of the app and put your phone away.

How do you stop using social media without deleting it?

If you are not yet ready to delete your social media apps, you can make an easy change. Simply change your phone’s layout, so none of your social media apps are on the home screen. Keep just utility and essential apps on the home screen. Take it a step further and turn off all notifications for all your social media apps. By taking these steps, your mind will start prioritizing the more functional apps by constantly seeing them first and not receiving notifications from the social media apps.

Conclusion – Research by

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There are many ways you can limit your social media usage if you don’t want to delete the apps entirely. Research by our team at FinditHealth has found that you will have a more productive schedule and free time, and ultimately more time in the present moment by limiting your social media usage.


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