Where To Learn Tui Na Massage

Where To Learn Tui Na Massage

As the director of the wellness team here at Find it Health, I am proud to introduce you to the ancient and therapeutic art of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Tui Na massage. This type of massage has been studied for many years and has been seen to be effective for many types of ailments.

In this article, we will explore different Tui Na massage certification courses available in the market, the quality of training offered, and other crucial details.

We will also discuss the average costs of learning Tui Na massage online and recommend our top choices for those looking to master this healing art. Read on to find out more.

Best Tui Na Certification Courses

The best Tui Na certification courses offer comprehensive training, and hands-on practice and are taught by experienced instructors.

Here are some of the top Tui Na certification courses available:

Pacific College of Health and Science

This institution offers a Tui Na Certification Program as part of its Massage Therapy program.

The course covers a range of topics, such as Tui Na techniques, Chinese medical theory, anatomy, and physiology. Students receive both theoretical education and hands-on training.

New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NYCTCM)

NYCM offers a Tui Na Massage Certificate Program encompassing in-depth instruction on Tui Na techniques, Chinese medical theories, different health benefits, and hands-on practice to develop efficient Tui Na practitioners.

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) at CIIS

ACTCM’s Tui Na Massage Therapy Certificate Program imparts Tui Na techniques ideal for beginners and experienced massage therapists looking to diversify their practical skills.

International College of Holistic Studies (ICHS)

ICHS provides a Tui Na Diploma Course that covers essential Tui Na techniques, Chinese medical theory, and hands-on practice.

Students receive extensive training that prepares them for professional practice.


Udemy features Tui Na Massage courses taught by experienced instructors. While the hands-on practice may be limited, it offers an affordable and flexible option for learning Tui Na techniques and principles.

When choosing a Tui Na certification course, it’s essential to consider factors such as the quality of instruction, hands-on practice opportunities, course curriculum, and the institution’s reputation.

Additionally, ensure that the course meets your area’s licensing or certification requirements.


Types Of Tui Na Training

Various types of Tui Na training programs are available, catering to different skill levels and goals.

Some common types of Tui Na training include:

Beginner or Novice Training

This level is for Tui Na beginners or those with minimal experience. The training covers basic techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, and foundational knowledge of meridians and acupoints.

Intermediate Training

This level is designed for practitioners with some Tui Na experience, aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Intermediate training may cover advanced techniques, more in-depth knowledge of TCM, and specialized applications for specific conditions or body systems.

Advanced Training

Advanced Tui Na training is intended for experienced practitioners looking to develop their expertise further.

This level may focus on mastering complex techniques, deepening understanding of TCM basic theory, and integrating Tui Na with other modalities such as acupuncture or herbal medicine.


Average Cost To Learn Tui Na Therapy Online

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more for an online Tui Na course.

The cost of learning Tui Na therapy online can vary significantly depending on factors such as the course provider, course length, and the depth of the material covered.


Here are some recommended ways to learn Tui Na massage:

Enroll in a Professional Course

Look for accredited institutions or schools that offer Tui Na massage courses. These programs typically include both theoretical and practical classes, teaching you the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and hands-on techniques.

Attend Workshops or Seminars

Many experienced Tui Na practitioners hold workshops or seminars to teach specific Chinese massage techniques or share their knowledge. Attending these events can help you gain valuable insights and improve your skills.

Find a Mentor

If you know a skilled Tui Na practitioner, ask if they would be willing to teach you. Learning from an experienced practitioner can provide invaluable guidance and hands-on experience.

Read Books and Articles

Many books and articles are available on Tui Na massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Reading them can help you understand the underlying theories and techniques involved in this practice.

One highly recommended book is “The Tui Na Manual” authored by Maria Mercati.


As with any skill, consistent practice is essential for mastering Tui Na massage.

Practice on friends, family members, or even yourself to hone your skills and gain confidence in your abilities.

Join Tui Na Communities:

Connect with other Tui Na enthusiasts through online forums, social media groups, or local meetups. Sharing experiences and learning from others can help you improve your skills and stay motivated.


Find It Health research professionals have shown in this article where and how to learn Tui Na massage and how to get certifications.

Learning Tui Na massage can be an exciting and rewarding journey. With enough dedication, you can master the techniques and principles involved in this ancient practice.

There are many ways to learn Tui Na massage, whether you choose an online course, attend a workshop or seminar, read books and articles, or find a mentor.

Whichever path you choose, practice consistently and stay connected to the Tui Na community to ensure your journey is as fulfilling and successful as possible.

Find It Health Editor in Chief Luz Chacon Health and Wellness Coach Giving You Advice

Luz Chacon

Luz Chacon is a Health Educator, Wellness Coach, and EFT Tapping Practitioner with 30+ years in health advocacy. Specializing in stress management, wellbeing, and holistic health, she created a 40% stress reduction employee program. Luz is dedicated to helping busy individuals prioritize self-care, break patterns, and reach goals. She offers programs for organizations and individuals. Luz is passionate about sharing her health research and guiding informed choices!

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