What is Wet Cupping? — (Wellness Coach's Advice)

What Is Wet Cupping and The Benefits of Learning Different Types of Cupping and Dry Cupping

As the lead health and wellness coach at Find It Health, I’m here to inform you about wet cupping therapy.

The health coach team at Find It Health has gathered accurate and valuable information to satisfy your curiosity about wet cupping therapy and everything you should know about it.

Rest assured that every basic thing you want to know about wet cupping and other related cupping therapy methods will be explained in this article.

What Is Wet Cupping and The Benefits of Learning Different Types of Cupping and Dry Cupping

What is Wet Cupping?

Wet cupping therapy is a traditional form of Chinese medicine that can be used to naturally treat many ailments like vertigo, headaches, high blood pressure, fertility problems, and gastrointestinal problems in addition to managing stress and anxiety.

It is a form of alternative therapy that uses bell-shaped cups and rubber pumps to suction blood out of tiny incisions created in the recipient’s skin and is also referred to as Hijama.

These incisions do not leave any visible scars that might threaten the appearance of a person, but the circles from the cups after they are taken out leave marks that could take anywhere between five and ten days to fade away.

Wet cupping therapy is the only cupping therapy where cuts are made on the skin.

This allows blood, which is sometimes stagnant and contains heavy metals like arsenic and cadmium or toxins, to flow out into the cups placed on the skin as suction tubes.

The flow of blood and the pressure of the suction cups help improve blood circulation in the body, boost immunity, relieve musculoskeletal pain, and relax the muscles. Areas of the body where cupping therapy can be performed include these areas:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Face
  • Neck

Incisions are not necessarily made on the face and neck areas during wet cupping therapy because the skin around these areas is thin and does not have abundant muscles like the other areas of the body. Incisions are made after an area of the skin has been stretched, either by the practitioner or an initial suction cup.


Wet Cupping Benefits

Wet cupping therapy has a wide range of benefits that generally improve the overall health and well-being of people who have received the treatment. These benefits include:

  • Acute and chronic pain relief
  • Relaxed blood vessels (helps with Varicose veins)
  • Stress relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Improved sleep habits
  • Less Inflammation
  • Clear and healthy skin
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved digestion
  • Diabetes mellitus management
  • Improved blood flow and circulation
  • Improved immune system activation
  • Removal of toxic blood from the body
  • Removal of heavy metals in the body

A typical wet cupping session lasts somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

A practitioner will recommend two to three sessions a week if you have a medical condition that needs urgent and very effective treatment. If it takes longer for a body to respond to treatment, the sessions could stretch into months until some symptoms of the medical condition have reduced, and the potential benefits of cupping become evident in the body.


What is Dry Cupping?

Dry cupping is another type of cupping therapy where heat or pumps are used to create negative pressure (suction) in a cup that has been placed on the body.

Heat Dry Cupping

When heat is involved in dry cupping, the cups are lit on fire with something flammable, like a piece of paper or a substance dipped in alcohol. When the fire goes out, the cup is quickly turned upside down on an area of the body. This allows the cooling air to create a vacuum that pulls the skin and underlying tissue into the cup.

Pump/Vacuum Dry Cupping

When a rubber pump, whether mechanical or manual, is used in dry cupping, it creates a vacuum in the cup which when placed on the skin removes air from inside the cup, creating a suction in the process. This results in health benefits like relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow.

Dry cupping is usually recommended for people who do not like their skin cut or have blood disorders.


Wet Cupping vs. Dry Cupping

Both wet cupping and dry cupping therapy are complementary medicines that can be used to manage stress and anxiety, enhance lung function or breathing, minimize fine lines or wrinkles, promote blood flow and circulation, reduce muscle tension, boost the immune system, and manage pain.

Both methods of cupping can increase blood flow and circulation and flush out toxins, however dry cupping hardly ever removes waste and heavy metals from the body as effectively as wet cupping does.

When it comes down to which cupping type is best, it depends on an individual’s preference and health condition.

Someone who has a blood disorder would not be recommended wet cupping treatment by a trained practitioner and someone who is looking to efficiently excrete certain toxins or metals in their blood will not be recommended dry cupping treatment.

Checking in with a trained practitioner and explaining your health condition, symptoms, and needs or preference is an important step in finding out whether wet cupping or dry cupping is the best choice.


Different Types of Cupping

There are different types of cupping apart from wet cupping and dry cupping. These different types of cupping include:

Fire Cupping

In fire cupping, suction is produced inside glass cups using heat from fire wands. Fire wands are sticks that have a ball of cotton-dipped alcohol at their ends. The end of the stick is lit on fire and used to heat the glass cups to a certain temperature which when placed on the body creates suction. This is effective in treating body pain, stiff joints, muscle tension, stress, and anxiety.

Moving Cupping

Moving cupping involves squeezing silicone cups on the body to create suction. With the help of massage oils, the cups can be moved around the skin giving a satisfying massage-like effect.

Needle Cupping

Needle cupping involves inserting acupuncture needles into the skin before placing the cups. The suction created by the cups is believed to enhance the effects of acupuncture.


Fire Cupping Vs Suction Cupping

Where fire cupping involves the use of fire to create suction in cups, suction cupping can encompass any type of cupping where a vacuum is generated within the cups to create suction. They are very different in terms of their method of suctioning but can provide the same health benefits.

Fire cupping is usually intended for people who want to treat specific conditions like back pain, tense muscles, stress, and anxiety. With suction cupping, one can treat the same conditions but might not get effective results.

A cupping practitioner will recommend which one is best for you after giving you a few sessions and observing how your body reacts to which one is better.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of cupping?

Wet cupping, dry cupping, and fire cupping are the three main types of cupping methods.

Silicone and needle cupping are not quite as popular as these three and are usually brought up during other forms of alternative medicine like massage and acupuncture.

What are the different types of cupping techniques?

The different types of cupping techniques are the same as the different types of cupping. Cupping types only differ in their techniques when it comes to creating suction.

We have incisions in wet cupping that promote effective blood flow, pumps in dry cupping that promote muscle relaxation, and fire wands in fire cupping that help reduce back pain and reduce stress, and anxiety.

What is the purpose of wet cupping?

The purpose of wet cupping is to release toxins and heavy metals that might be in the body tissues or blood. When blood is sucked through the incisions, toxins, stagnant blood, and heavy metals are released.

What comes out during wet cupping?

Blood comes out during wet cupping. Blood that comes out during wet cupping may have traces of toxins and heavy metals in it.

Does wet cupping have benefits?

Yes, wet cupping has benefits. These benefits range from treating minor conditions like sciatica, tensed muscles, stress, and anxiety to treating chronic conditions like asthma, high blood pressure, and fertility or gynecological issues.

Is wet cupping safe?

Yes, wet cupping is safe. It is a natural way of treating and maintaining a healthy body and mind without relying on heavy drugs. However, it is not safe for people who have sensitive skin, blood disorders, and pregnant women. Cupping marks from wet cupping are not painful and fade away after five to ten days.


Conclusion – Research by Findithealth.com

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The information provided above is true and covers everything you need to know about wet cupping, its advantages, and other types of cupping therapy.

One of the best natural remedies for treating a variety of conditions and easing the body of tension and pain is currently recognized as wet cupping.

While some conditions may not be successfully treated with wet cupping, it can help reduce their effects and symptoms.

Scientific reports are still being gathered for this alternative form of medicine. The few that have been gathered agree that wet cupping has potential benefits that vastly improve one’s health and well-being.If you show any signs of blood disorder, have sensitive skin, or don’t like the idea of having your skin cut, please look into other cupping methods like dry cupping and fire cupping.


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