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In this article, I’ll attempt to answer all your questions concerning the two forms of cupping: flash cupping and sliding cupping.

Flash Cupping

Flash cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy (though its exact origin is unknown) that uses cups to stimulate blood circulation. It is compatible with modern medical procedures. In this flash cupping technique, cups are swiftly and frequently placed over a particular body area.

Unlike wet cupping therapy (also known as bleeding cupping), flash cupping falls under dry cupping therapy. When practicing wet cupping therapy, therapists make skin incisions.

Some people have confused wet cupping with a type of “medicinal bleeding”. Which can be dangerous.

The practitioner uses light or medium negative pressure for a short-term (1-3 minutes). Negative pressure decompresses the skin and sucks it into the glass cups.

Like the other forms of cupping, flash cupping can treat various conditions. Toxin elimination eases typical bone and muscular diseases while providing pain relief. Furthermore, it promotes blood flow.

Blood that is lighter aids in maintaining optimal blood pressure in the body. An increase in blood flow will raise your muscle temperature, which leads to an increase in elasticity.

However, the application of cupping therapy is not recommended for people with internal organ disorders.


Flash Cupping Benefits

Your body will experience a wide variety of therapeutic effects after cupping treatment.

Below, we highlight the benefits of cupping therapy.

Pain reduction

Cupping therapy’s effects include a reduction in knee pain, headaches, myofascial pain, cervical spondylosis, migraines, muscle discomfort, and joint pain.

Active movement is challenging when suffering from such pain.

In cases of extreme pain, you can combine flash cupping and other types of moxibustion. You can learn more about how to use Moxa sticks for more effective treatment.

An interesting fact that most people might not know is that moxibustion for fertility has long been used as a natural treatment option for infertility. So if medical conditions hinder you from becoming pregnant, you might want to consider it.

Improved blood circulation

Improved blood circulation makes the repair of connective tissue, such as cell repair, possible. Therapists advocate for flash cupping for soft tissue mobilization.

An increase in the flow of blood improves soft tissue elasticity resulting in pain relief. The application of cups provides localized suction.

The movement of cups can lead to improved circulation.

Not Costly

The cost of flash cupping is cheaper and more effective than the cost of treating most pains. We recommend twice a week maximum if you’re wondering how often you can do cupping.

Relaxed muscles

Muscle tension can be excruciating for you. As a result of deeper tissue massage following flash cupping, muscular tension will decrease, and muscles will become more flexible. Due to stress and anxiety, it’s possible to develop tight muscles.

Removal of toxins

Your body gets a boost and releases accumulated toxins. The toxins are flushed out through the lymphatic system. With no more toxins in your body, the blood vessels can easily carry out their functions.


What Is Sliding Cupping?

Sliding cupping is another type of cupping that helps to treat congested muscular tissue. After the massage oil is applied to the skin, the therapist places a cup and slides it over the treatment area.

It is a deep-tissue massage that can also complement modern medicine. Sliding cupping is also known as moving or dynamic cupping.

The abdomen, chest, legs, face, buttocks, and back are just a few cupping therapy points and locations. The soft tissue elasticity of scar tissue injuries heals faster when therapists use sliding cupping.

Increasing the elasticity of tissues decreases pain and tension and improves the range of movement.

If you run for sports or exercise, slide cupping is an excellent therapy for your posterior calf muscle. Michael Phelps (a famous swimmer) has been spotted with some cupping marks.

Numbness and tingling due to carpal tunnel syndrome can also be cured by sliding cupping.

If you have a problem with constipation, you can ask your therapist about acupuncture for constipation as a complementary therapy.

Before making a decision, find out how often you should have acupuncture. It’s essential to keep in mind that acupuncture may make you feel worse. However, symptoms worsen for a while because of the increased healing rate following acupuncture.

How Is Slide Cupping Therapy Done?

The procedure for slide cupping is not complicated but is best done by a certified practitioner.

Here is the procedure for slide cupping therapy:

  1. The therapist applies massage oil to the skin parts needing treatment and places a single cup.
  2. The treated person will then move that part of their body.
  3. The therapist may also move the cup up and down to soothe the painful body area.


Find It Health Frequently Asked Question

What Is Flash Cupping?

Flash cupping is one of the cupping methods where therapists attach and quickly remove the cup. They do this several times until the skin flushes.

What Are The Benefits Of Flash Cupping?

Modern lifestyle has seen the rising of various stresses in life. However, flash cupping is one way to eliminate stress and anxiety. Along with flash cupping, there are acupuncture points for anxiety that you can read more about.

Acupuncture is another form of oriental medicine. We at Find It Health.com recommend trying more stress-management techniques and other alternative therapies.

It’s time to attempt natural stress management techniques. If you believe drugs aren’t helping you, this Chinese stress relief technique is another alternative medicine you can try.

Besides its beneficial therapeutic effects, flash cupping stimulates soft tissue injury healing and boosts your immune function. Your therapist can also clear out lymph nodes buried deep in body tissue. Excess fluid in swollen lymph nodes moves to the ones working well.

Are There Side Effects To Flash Cupping?

The treatment effects of various forms of cupping therapy can either be bad or good, depending on the effects of suction.

You might notice some marks immediately after the cupping session. Cupping marks most likely last a few hours to two weeks. Not to worry, though; there are several things you can do after cupping.

You might also notice that the skin around the cup’s rim has circular marks and suffers from irritation also. The marks have no long-term effects.


Flash and slide cupping are both used in traditional cupping therapy. During flash cupping, the therapist does not move the cup. In contrast, slide cupping involves the therapist moving the cup after administering oil. You can try out any of them for a great healing experience.


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