Red Energy Meaning: Aura Color and Characteristics

red energy meaning aura color and what does red energy mean

Every living thing on Earth has a distinct colored energy that surrounds its body known as an aura. Auras come in many different colors and forms and affect your relationships, personality traits, and approach to life. An aura is like a magnet that draws in emotions and energies from things around you. It lightens with positive energy; similarly, it darkens when it pulls in negative energy.

Our team at FinditHealth researched the red aura and discovered what it says about you and what it means for the essential things in your life. Keep reading to learn more about the red aura color.


red energy meaning aura color and what does red energy mean

What Does Red Energy Mean?

red energy meaning aura color different shades of red

When you first think of the color red, the words passion and power come to mind, and these are the best words to describe this energy. People with red energy are passionate about everything in their lives and have a strong sense of self.

This stamina, energy, and appeal make them stand out.

Red energy is a powerful presence and showcases a high level of physical strength.

Red energy is also a sign that a person will be grounded and like living in the moment. Red is the most grounded color, so they are the most deeply connected to physical earth. Red energy makes you more competitive, interested in sports and active activity, goal-oriented and determined.


Red Aura Meaning

red energy meaning aura color and the red aura meaning

Auras are intangible energy fields that surround every living being. While they are invisible to the naked eye, colors are used to help understand them. Just as your mood shifts throughout the day, your aura will also shift based on your environment and stress levels.

Red aura has long been associated with the color of passion and strength.

Red is the most physical energy of the auras, and people with a red aura value physicality, whether through exercise or passionate, intimate relationships. Because of their passionate, sensitive nature, people with a red aura make for great partners because they value and nurture intimate connections.

Because of these physically grounded aspects, reds also possess an almost primal nature. They respond best to things they can see, touch, and hear. A person with a red aura will give their all in everything they do. They inspire and excel at physical strength and emotional, mental, and spiritual as well.

To thoroughly understand the meaning of your red aura, it’s also essential to understand the significance of the other aura colors and shades.

They aren’t the only spiritual form that comes in different colors. Each color of the rainbow correlates with an aura color meaning and a different chakra as well. Red is the color of the first chakra, which is known as the root chakra. The root chakra is known for its grounding abilities and manifesting emotional and physical strength. The root chakra is how we connect with our security and stability; when it’s unbalanced, you may feel jealous or angry. If you feel unbalanced in other areas it could be wise to do a chakra quiz to find out which one is unbalanced.

Different Shades of Red

As with the other auras, there can be a variety of colors that symbolize the positive and negative aspects of that energy.

A bright red aura means passion, competitiveness, sensuality, and desire. It reflects more positive and lighter energy. People with a bright red aura are typically more affectionate, sensitive, and intuitive.

A murky red aura starts to signal that there is more negative energy than positive. The term murky refers to the amount of gray or dark hues within this energy field of the color. If you have a murky red aura, this could signify that you are storing pent-up anger or even suffering from trauma. A dark red aura can typically mean two things.

A deep, muddy red is associated with anger and violence. In contrast, a dark, dirty pink is associated with anxiety or dishonesty.

If you have a dark red aura, it is recommended to focus on grounding work to root your base chakra. It can also be beneficial to do a meditation to ground and realign every chakra in your body like your heart and sacral chakra to finish the process.

Characteristics of Red Aura

People with a red aura are action-oriented and in favor of practical experiences rather than ideas and theory. When this energy is channeled in the right direction, people with a red aura can succeed in whatever they perceive.

They beam with courage, are highly ambitious, and will grow and excel in anything they do. Because of this drive and ambition, people with a red aura will excel as leaders since they are highly independent.

With having a red aura, it’s essential to find healthy outlets to channel all this excess energy. Good outlets engage in sports and any physically strenuous activity that allows them to get this energy out. It’s also important to channel this extra energy because excess red energy can cause a lot of anger. A person with a red aura fully commits to whatever is in front of them and will have higher bouts of temper and rage when something isn’t working. It can also be helpful to engage in self-care activities to help balance the extra energy of a red aura.

While red is also a color of passion, it’s also important to remember this passion can manifest as love or hate. This, in turn, can create a healthy ego or cause a disillusionment of self. If this is happening it can be best to tune inwards for higher self communication or to start techniques to increase your spiritual abundance. There is always a fine line between a healthy ego and then your ego is not your amigo.

 Suppose you are someone with a red aura. In that case, it’s best to have daily meditation practices and ground, so this powerful energy isn’t overtaking your life or filling it with negative attributes. This is also important because you approach the world from a rational point of view when you have a red aura. Meditation can help expand your mind and imagination and allow you to witness and be open to several viewpoints.

When a red aura is balanced, you are deeply connected to yourself, live in the moment, and feel emotions intensely while balancing them. You enjoy adventure and thrive in having new experiences.

Is My Aura Color Red?

So you might be wondering if your own aura color is red. You can find your aura color by taking online quizzes or, as we recommend, working with an aura advisor or having an aura reading to find your authentic aura.

In conclusion, a red aura connects to the physical body and indicates a physically active individual. If you are very physically active, connected to the Earth, and strong-willed, you could have a red aura!

What Challenges Face Me With A Red Aura?

Reds have a devilish attitude that often lands them in trouble because they constantly crave an adventure and adrenaline rush. They don’t believe in a safe and secure life and love taking risks and playing with danger. They may quickly get bored with the routine and run behind everything that excites them.

Another challenge is that people with a red aura are honest and direct individuals. Still, sometimes, their honesty can be misconstrued as bluntness. Their upfront attitude and openness may be too hot to handle for some people. Typically, these are people that are very hot-headed, stubborn, and make snap decisions.

Is Red Aura Bad?

Having a dark red aura can be harmful to experience as this signals negative energy. It could be this person is repressing anger issues or is experiencing violence, aggression and overall displease in life. 

It is super important if you have a dark red aura to prioritize meditation and grounding exercises. This will allow you to address the root cause of these frustrations and bring you back to balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors mean energy?

Red and violet are two colors that boost and stimulate your energy.

 What does it mean by aura color?

Your aura is known as the blueprint to your soul. While it is invisible, colors are used to attach specific meaning to it that relates to your emotions, thoughts, health, and dreams.

What does it mean when your aura is red?

If you have a red aura, this symbolizes excellent physical and mental strength. You lead a very active lifestyle and are a natural-born leader.

Conclusion – Research by

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While red energy has many positive attributes, FinditHealth found that this energy can often be misdirected. It’s important to channel this red energy in the correct settings and learn how to manage it.

It’s also important to remind yourself of your real nature, meditate often, and ground yourself from time to time to balance this fiery energy. When a red aura is balanced, the world is limitless, and you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind towards!


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