Higher Self Communication (How to Connect with Your True Nature)

higher self communication and signs your higher self is talking to you

The higher self is that part of you that controls true awareness, pure wisdom, connecting us to all that is present. It is more of a spiritual concept separate from your personality, teaching you through insight and intuition. This is your true self, the “you” that knows everything about you, all your secrets and desires. When you communicate with your higher self, you will feel connected to the material and the mystical. So to help you connect to your higher consciousness, Find It Health created this page to highlight the processes.

You can communicate with your higher self through meditation, imagination, and dreams. Certain symbols such as ritual, myth, tarot, stories, and prayer can help you connect to your higher self.

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higher self communication and signs your higher self is talking to you

What Is Your Higher Consciousness?

higher self communication and signs your higher self is talking to you from above in spirit form

Your higher consciousness is the state of self-awareness of the mind seen as the seat of wisdom, imagination, intuition, and impartial judgment. When you tap into your higher consciousness, the mind sees things beyond self-interests. Your communication will judge situations intuitively and consider the actions of other people with deep reasoning.

You will see the behavior of others against you as driven by their lower self which they are yet to figure out.

The higher consciousness comes alive when you look inwards, shutting down the noise within. In this state of calm without fear, threats, or pressure, the reality of things tends to dawn upon us. We see things for what they truly are and the goal of life drifts toward a higher purpose. It would no longer be about our selfish interests and what we can get, but about others and what we can give.

At your highest self, you become free of wants and live abundant daily lives. This is because you see yourself connected to the universe and all it has to offer. Therefore, you have everything you need because the universe itself is abundant.

It is difficult to attain a higher level of consciousness, making the lower consciousness dominant. The lower self is controlled by the primitive mind which is all about self-justification and un-introspective judgment. Hence, you see yourself blaming others, retaliating, dissociating from your environment, and upholding a flattering image of yourself. In this case, you hope to acquire all you lack to gain satisfaction and abundance. But, you instead end up in a cycle of getting this and wanting that.

Attaining a higher consciousness is all about speaking to our higher selves and listening to the voice of the higher self. This communication is through spiritual practice such as meditation.

Signs Your Higher Self Is Talking To You

higher self communication in order to connect with himi

When your higher self talks to you, it presents signs such as alignment of experiences, intense dreams, etc. manifesting regularly. You are likely to ignore these signs when you do not know them.

Therefore, here are 5 powerful signs that your higher self will present when talking to you:

·      Increased feeling to be alone or to meditate

If you see yourself constantly drawn to quiet places to think about your life experiences, chances are that your higher self is trying to communicate with you. And, through meditation, you can bridge the gap between your lower self and higher self. Meditating in a quiet space makes you see things with extra clarity, including your true self.

·      An intense feeling that something is just wrong somewhere

Sometimes your guts will keep telling you that something isn’t just right about a situation, trust it. This may be your higher self trying to tell you something. At this point, you will be so convinced that something is off regardless of how normal the events may seem.

You should have no problem with doing things differently to make things work out and following your guts.

·      Experiencing deep and clear persistent dreams

If you sleep and experience vivid dreams about your current life journey or a deceased loved one speaking to you. This is you tapping into your higher consciousness. Dreams are usually complicated to understand. You may therefore seek the help of a psychic who can interpret dreams.

·      Subconsciously noticing the alignment of the same numbers

Imagine waking up in the morning and looking at your bedside clock to see 07:07:07. It’s nothing, right? You wave it off and got ready for work. Then, on your way, you noticed a car in your front with a license plate registration serial number AAA-777. 

As you were returning in the evening, you decided to make a stop and buy things from the grocery store. Your eyes still somehow ran over the time stamp from the store showing 07:07:07pm. By now, the coincidence is already baffling you, and reality is setting in. This is a sign that your higher consciousness is reaching out.

Note that repeating numbers carry energy and don’t have to happen in a day. It can take a few days to notice the repetition. One thing is always certain, you will come to the realization that the numbers are repeating.

If you ever wonder how to relieve pain from exercises, see how Epsom salt can bring relief to sprained muscles. With these, there are activities that you can do each morning to boost your awareness for the rest of the day.

·      Hearing that little voice speak a message to you

Have you ever been thinking about whether or not to do something and a voice just whispers to you “do it”? From that point, you become strongly convinced of the decision for once. This is likely a sign that your higher self is trying to contact you. The voice could whisper “don’t do it” and you will feel safe in the end for heeding the voice.

How To Connect With Your Higher Self

Connecting with your higher self is about igniting your divine essence, rising above your normal human orientation. The result is you becoming a higher version of yourself and getting closer to the truth. This stage will make you view everything you have as a tool for service to others.

Here are the things you can do to help you connect to your higher self:

Meditation practices

This is a very powerful practice that helps you calm your inner noise and connect you to your inner wisdom. In actuality, you are not separate from your higher consciousness, you only need to find it within. Some guided meditation practices will help you look inwards, raising your vibrational frequency to align with your higher consciousness.

Understand the mind-body practice of mindfulness through its seven principles.

When you are in tune with your higher consciousness, your life will manifest gratitude and true love. You can sit in tranquility, take a few deep breaths and imagine a serene environment where you would love to be. Visualize the flow of positivity and warm, loving energy around you. Then, create space for your higher self to sit. You can also think of your higher self as a physical presence sitting beside you like a best friend.

Get tips on how to reduce anxiety with specific meditation practices by Find It Health experts.

Intuitive writing

This is a form of journaling where you have two columns for providing answers to a question you asked yourself. You should write down the answer that comes to mind immediately after asking the question in the first column. Then, take your time to go through the question and your initial response again. However, this time with a clear mind and an awareness of your physical and emotional response.

Then, try to write in the second column how you feel about the question and answer. This time, it will be clear to you if your initial answer came from your inner guidance or your ego. A forced answer that tries to please your human nature is most likely from ego. However, a much wiser response will be from your state of higher consciousness.

If your writing is in the evening, you can use these nighttime prompts to reflect on your journey.

On a more spiritual note, you can also connect with your higher self through rituals, prayers, and dreams.

Questions to Ask Your Higher Self

Once you fully establish a connection with your higher self, you should ask questions about anything to get honest answers. The higher consciousness is devoid of any judgment or criticism.

Here are important questions you should remember to ask your higher self:

·       What is the purpose of my soul?

·       Why are my heart’s desires not manifesting?

·       In what way can you best support me?

·       How can I tap into my spirituality and expand my gifts?

·       What lessons do I need to learn from here?

·       How can you help me go through life lessons with ease?

The answers to your questions can come through voices, sensations, images, or feelings. You just have to be open whatever the answer may be. Write things down also, because it may take you some time to fully understand what they mean.Living a simple life that aligns with your dreams and values will help discover the truth about the higher self easily.

Frequently Asked Questions on Spiritual Health

How can I communicate with my higher self?

You can communicate with your higher self through meditation practices and intuitive journaling. These will help you connect with the higher consciousness and then speak to it. The best way to communicate is to ask questions and in serenity expect answers. When your higher consciousness answers your questions, you can tell for sure. This is because it triggers your awareness to figure out the responses.

What is your higher self?

Your higher self is that part of yourself that is not controlled by the ego. It is the part connected to the universe and all that is. Your higher self or the “you” is abundant and does not need to acquire more things to be satisfied. This is because it is whole and self-sufficient. When you tap into the higher self vibration you notice you never lacked anything and you have a higher life purpose.

Conclusion – Research by Findithealth.com

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Communicating with your higher self frequently will help you understand more about this state of consciousness. This article by Find It Health serves as a gateway for beginners to enter into a spiritual journey of true awareness. You will learn how to connect and communicate with your higher self to live a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Read this research article on the cultivation of the higher self to learn more about higher self communication.

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