Are Chakra Bracelets Dangerous? — (Safety and Concerns)

are chakra bracelets dangerous and why chakra bracelets are safe for you

We have probably all heard the term chakra, as this is one of the most popular terms in the spiritual world. This popularity has led to various ways to channel and balance your chakras by wearing bracelets and necklaces.

While these items are often marketed as being all-natural, research by FinditHealth found that it is essential to know whether these products could be dangerous for you. This article will explore myths about the chakra bracelet, how it affects your well-being, and if it is truly dangerous.


are chakra bracelets dangerous and why chakra bracelets are safe for you

Why Chakra Bracelets Are Safe for You

are chakra bracelets concerns about chakra bracelets

A Chakra bracelet is an accessory mainly used as a powerful tool that serves to balance chakras. It balances chakras through a natural vibration from the seven natural stones that complete the bracelet.

The human body is crossed by seven chakras, or energetic points where our vital energy flows.

They are located from the bottom of the pelvis and go up to the top of the head, and each has a specific color. Each chakra point influences an aspect of your life, such as financial matters, thoughts, emotions, and sexual intimacy. A chakra bracelet has seven stones of different colors that correlate with each human body’s chakra. The seven chakras in the human body are the crown chakra, throat chakra, root chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, third eye chakra, and sacral chakra.

A chakra bracelet helps you keep your chakras balanced and, therefore, your life balanced. Freeing blocked chakras, aka negative stagnant energy, brings us to harmony within ourselves and our environment because we eliminate the negative energy. Typically, the most common chakras that are blocked are your heart and sacral chakra and this prevents you from living your life to the fullest. If you are unsure what chakra is blocked, and are curious, you can always try a quiz to help determine it.

Concerns about Chakra Bracelets

Most people wear them to maintain their energy flow or as an accessory that can be easily removed. However, some people believe that wearing these bracelets could also have negative consequences. This is because wearing a chakra bracelet can deprive you of your natural ability to feel your intuitive senses. Also, it even blocks your access to spiritual energies, which leads to further imbalances in life.

Another concern about wearing chakra bracelets is if they come with negative energy, which can throw your chakras out of unalignment. This is why it’s super important to set intentions with chakra bracelets. Hence, you remove negative energy and see positive intentions for wearing the bracelet.


7 Chakra Bracelet Benefits

There are numerous benefits to wearing a chakra bracelet, and we will highlight our top seven benefits below.

Release Negative Energy

Wearing a chakra bracelet instantly puts you in a good mood. When we are in a good mood, we feel uplifted, happy, and at peace with our external and internal environments. It releases blocked chakras, so energy is positive and flowing throughout the body. When chakras are released, they release negative emotions such as fear, stress, and anxiety and allow you to feel more at peace within yourself.

By releasing negative energy, you are giving yourself emotional relief and promoting mental calmness.

More Physical Energy

Another benefit of including a chakra bracelet in your daily routine is that your energy increases. Your chakras are balanced, increasing your physical power since all your organs are now functioning correctly. A chakra bracelet combats blockages of different energetic points and allows our vital energy to flow balanced.

Deeper Intuition

By wearing a chakra bracelet, you also improve your mental and spiritual enlightenment. Over time, this bracelet will allow you to make better decisions and become more intuitive. It does this because it unblocks each of your seven chakras, making you better in every aspect of life and increasing your mental insight. When you are filled with positive energy, you can keep limiting beliefs from your mind and instead tap into the extraordinary potential you already have within you.


Strengthens Relationships

When wearing a chakra bracelet, you eliminate negativity from your life and make more room for peace and harmony. This allows you to build positive relationships that make you grow as an individual. These relationships also support and nurture you as you evolve on your life journey. Because you are being harmonized within by balancing the chakras, this also helps you manage your ego wisely.

Positive Energy Field

Everything we touch, anyone we meet, or anywhere we go carries positive and negative frequencies. Wearing a chakra bracelet creates an energy field that protects you and your inner peace. This energy field will prevent any negative energy from coming within and protect you from any unharmed. You could even practice saying a mantra with your chakra bracelet to further strengthen the energy field.

Helps with Addiction

The bracelet helps people deal with drugs, alcohol, and emotional troubles. The stones stimulate specific vibrations that bring the wearer’s attention to the chakras and eventually develop healthy habits. A healthy habit that is great for helping with addiction is also the practice of meditation. Wearing a chakra bracelet as you meditate can further the healing benefits.

Works Great with Alternative Healing Practices

Chakra bracelets have been used in meditation, yoga, and reiki. These stones clear roadblocks and open you up to the world of possibilities. This release ultimately results in a better meditation, yoga, or reiki session. It’s also a great reminder to include self-care activities in your life. Wearing a chakra bracelet and attending a yoga class can do wonders for your mental and physical health.


Lava Chakra Bracelet Meaning

When it comes to healing stones, lava rock bracelets are most famous for emotional support and stress relief. Even though it has a special connection with a male energy, black lava beaded bracelets are unisex. Anyone can benefit from their incredibly grounding, soothing, and healing properties.

Lava stone, or basalt, is an igneous volcanic rock that has solidified from molten lava. It’s one of the oldest stones on the planet and has a special connection to Mother Earth. Because it’s made of the earth’s core, it’s considered one of the most powerful grounding stones available.

This grounding quality is primarily connected and essential for the root chakra, the first energy center on the chakra chart. The root chakra is the color red and is the chakra known for its grounding abilities and connecting us to Mother Earth.


What Stones Are in A Chakra Bracelet?

Each stone in a chakra bracelet has a characteristic color that defines the purpose of the corresponding chakra. They can relieve stress, encourage purpose in life, and balance the physical and emotional body. These stones allow us to access the energy inside us and give us the strength to tap and use this flow of energy. We will outline the authentic stone that is typically found in a chakra bracelet below.

Red Jasper: This stone is responsible for sparking passion and vitality in your life.

Carnelian: Carnelian is known to increase physical stamina and enhance creativity.

Calcite: This is a stone that helps regulate and balance hormones.

Aventurine: This stone heals vital organs and stimulates metabolism.

Turquoise: This is known to boost intelligence and promote self-awareness and self-forgiveness

Lapis Lazuli: This stone is known for its psychic abilities mainly for its ability to increase psychic energy. It also helps with spiritual enlightenment and promotes an abundance of energy flowing. 

Amethyst: Amethyst helps to find the cause of mental and physical imbalance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chakras bracelets religious?

Chakra bracelets are not a religious symbol but are associated with Hinduism and Buddhism.

What are chakra bracelets made out of?

Chakra bracelets can be made from an array of materials such as stones, crystals, and beads. The more important thing about the bracelet is the color because you want a color that corresponds to each chakra in your body.

Is it reasonable to wear a chakra necklace?

A chakra necklace can be a great way to maintain your overall health. It has no risks and even comes in a beautiful design.

Conclusion – Research by

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Chakra bracelets release vibrational frequency that can clear negative blocks and pave the way for positive energy. They can allow you to feel the healing process physically, mentally, and emotionally. Researchers at FinditHealth even found that by wearing chakra bracelets, you are driven to take your life’s responsibilities and attract positive energy every day.

 We encourage you to try wearing a chakra bracelet and see positive energy transform your life. Don’t forget to set the right intentions while wearing your chakra bracelet!


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