Do Piercings Affect Your Chakras? — (Are They Bad?)

do piercings affect your chakras and the energy meridians described

Body piercings are a great way to show off your creativity and express yourself, but they can be a lot to consider. Piercings can have spiritual consequences, and everyone’s bodies are different.

Researchers from FinditHealth found that there can be wrong places in the body to get a piercing, which can block your energy flow. In this article, you will learn the answer to all these questions and become more informed about how piercing affects your chakras and spirituality.


do piercings affect your chakras and the energy meridians described

Are Piercings Bad for Your Energy?

are piercings bad for your energy and do they affect your chakras

Maybe, the location of your piercing in your body and the material can directly or indirectly impact your chakras and overall energy.

Piercings have been around for thousands of years and have been done culturally for many reasons.

For example, the stretched lobe commonly seen on Buddha is thought to expand the third eye and spiritual consciousness spiritually. 


Suppose your piercing is done over the location of any of your seven chakras. In that case, the affected chakra will directly disrupt energy. But suppose your piercing is done over the area of your meridians. In that case, your chakras will have an indirect disruption in power. If you are ever unsure of which chakra is stuck a chakra quiz can be especially beneficial.

For example, if you get a piercing in the middle of your chest, you disrupt the energy in your heart chakra. At the same time, a nose piercing will encourage energy flow as a pathway to becoming more substantial and more fulfilled energetically. It’s why you see many nose piercings in Eastern societies where the belief and practices of healing your energetic body originated.

These piercings are not done for aesthetic reasons but because of the idea that they have a positive impact on your chakras and overall energy flow. Before getting any piercing, we recommend looking into how its placement can affect your energy. You can also try wearing a chakra bracelet after your piercing to maintain and align all seven chakras if energy is disrupted.


Piercings and Energy Meridians

When acupuncturists insert an acupuncture needle into our bodies they are stimulating the flow of chi so stagnant energy begins to flow.

This disruption of our chi can help set our energy flowing on the right path, but permanently placing a piercing there can cause disruptions in the flow.

Many piercings are located along with the meridian system.

Especially those in the face, such as the lip, nose, eyebrow, and tongue. It is essential to understand which meridian point your potential piercing is located on and what long-term effects can have both physically and mentally.

According to online reviews, many people with tongue rings or lip piercings have reported digestive issues, which is not surprising as our mouths sit directly on one of the central meridians. People with eyebrow piercings can also suffer adverse effects but are usually associated with blocked intuition or attracting negative energy.

Meridian Lines

Meridian Lines are taught in TCM that everything in the body is connected, and energy in the body can move through these pathways. The pathways correspond to significant organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs. You disrupt the body’s natural energy flow when you get piercings along these meridian lines. This affects the specific body parts associated with that meridian line. For example, many tongue piercings can cause stomach and digestive issues along the stomach meridian line.


It may seem obvious, but choosing high-quality metal piercing is essential, so you are less likely to react. Metals conduct electricity, and being in our bodies can attract or dispel energies. Certain metals have been valued for centuries for their healing or therapeutic properties.

We highlight the best metals for piercing below:


Wearing gold is thought to stimulate the crown chakra and attract divine consciousness. Gold symbolizes purity and spiritual development and is more tonifying and supportive. Gold is also non-reactive and a good choice for people with metal sensitivities.


True, pure silver is hypoallergenic but is hard to find. Many jewelry pieces that claim to be sterling silver have small amounts of other metals mixed in, which can cause issues for fresh piercings. However, after your piercing is healed, silver is a good choice, as it promotes patience and clarity of intuition. It is also more sedative and releases blocked energy.

Ear Seeds or Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses pins or needles placed in specific spots along the body to alleviate physical and emotional ailments, from strained muscles to anxiety, and be an excellent form of self-care. The focal points used in acupuncture align with the chakras and meridians of your body to remove all blockages in your energy system and allow your energy to flow freely to bring balance to your internal systems. So, it stands to reason that placing a needle into the chakra or meridian energy flow for an hour during acupuncture makes an impact. Placing a piercing permanently will also affect the chakra and its energy flow. Acupuncture in general is a form of alternative medicine that can be a great way of channeling meridians of energy.

Health Issues

Some piercers have been permanently piercing acupuncture points for stress relief, digestion, insomnia, and more.

They’ve made it a niche part of their practice to use the different acupuncture points to stimulate the areas constantly. But it’s essential not to forget that results will vary depending on your body type and who you are. It’s also important to remember to state a mantra or an intention before you begin the piercing process for the ultimate healing journey.

For patients with weaker immune systems, autoimmune issues, digestive issues and chronic pain stimulation to any area for too long can be draining and weaken energy. We would advise you to work with ear seeds or acupuncture.

If you already have your ears pierced and are doing fine, enjoy its aesthetics. However, if you’re dealing with complications from an autoimmune disorder, or anything compromising your health, remove the piercings and see how you feel.

Ear Seeds

Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), ear seeds are a form of auriculotherapy, which uses acupressure points in the ear to stimulate other body parts.

Ear seeds are small latex stickers the size of a fingernail that contains a ripe seed from the Vaccaria plant. Your acupuncturist places each ear seed carefully on your ear in specific acupressure points that correspond with the conditions you’re experiencing and are seeking treatment for in the session.

Our ears reflect our internal organs’ condition, so physical problems will appear in the ears. Specific points on the ear change in color, become tender, or exhibit changes in size or shape. Acupuncturists use those signs to figure out where to put the seeds to help the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do piercings affect your energy?

Piercings can interrupt energy flow, especially along the central meridian, where the navel is located. A piercing in one of the energy lines can weaken an entire organ or system.

Do earrings block energy?

Yes, earrings can block energy because they are on a meridian, and the piercing can weaken the ear. Using gold and silver as an earring can preserve your energy, and crystals can help calm the point in the area.

Sometimes using crystals, like amethyst with gold or rose quartz, can also help calm the energy in the area. One common point popular to pierce is the Daith ear piercing, said to help treat migraines.

Do piercings affect pressure points?

Yes, several piercings affect pressure points. One is the rock piercing, which targets the pressure point to reduce migraines and stress relief.

Can ear piercings cause vertigo?

Piercings do not cause vertigo, but you may experience dizziness or lightheadedness after initially getting a piercing.

Conclusion – Research by

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With piercings, as with anything we do to or put inside our bodies, it’s essential to prioritize the intention of health, healing, and cultivating good energy. We encourage you to research and seek our piercings that bring positive energy into your life.

Our team at FinditHealth found that piercings affect your chakras and the placement of the piercing is the most critical factor when considering the effect it will have on your energy flow. When done correctly, your piercing can significantly improve the flow of energy in your body.


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