Reiki And Mantra Infused Meaning And Benefits

reiki and mantra infused meaning and benefits for find it health in household items

Reiki and Mantras are an excellent way to bring healing, guidance, and balance into your life. They aren’t just a healing treatment for your physical body and instead correlate with energy spiritual practice. Reiki and Mantras enhance and rebalance energy and can be performed on all things.

Researchers at FinditHealth found that performing Reiki or reciting mantras to your favorite objects can create a more peaceful, fulfilled, and soothing environment. Balancing this energy will resonate more closely with your energy and give you a sense of peace. Please keep reading to find out precisely what Reiki and mantra infused means and its benefits.


reiki and mantra infused meaning and benefits for find it health in household items

What Are Reiki Infused Items?

reiki and mantra infused meaning and benefits at find it health with mikao usui in japan development

Reiki is an energy healing modality developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. The philosophy behind this Japanese Technique is that universal life-force energy surrounds all living beings in the universe. It shows we can channel this energy in a person. 

Hence, it promotes healing in the body leading to more balance in life overall. Reiki is performed by a certified practitioner who sets a specific intention of healing and then channels the universal life force energy. 

They channel this healing energy through their hands.

This opens up all the energy pathways known as chakras, which stimulate energy around the body. This constant energy flow then stimulates the body to heal itself and rejuvenate. So, in general, Reiki can also be thought of as a great form of self-care. It is encouraged to do a Reiki session before a meditation so you can be more open and receive downloads you receive during the meditation.

Reiki infused items have been blessed with Reiki energy by a practitioner for spiritual balance. Items are infused according to the intention set by the Reiki practitioner, and common intentions are protection, healing, and love. Many things can be infused with Reiki, but you will find the most common ones below:

Household Items

You can Reiki any furniture to make it cozier and more comfortable. This also removes any negative energies from other people who have used it prior, so this negative energy will not affect you. By infusing your bed with Reiki, you set yourself up for a better night’s sleep and natural healing. You can even Reiki your computer and TV, so you don’t get stressed out if they run slowly or have a work project or task irritating you.


Jewelry is another popular option for an item that can be infused with Reiki. This can be jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anything that contains crystals. Crystal jewelry makes for the most popular, and best item, to infuse Reiki into. Crystal healing has become popular in the last few years and crystals that are great for this practice are Powers of Quartz Crystals, and Blue Lace Agate Crystals. These are often infused with intentions of protection or self-love to serve you as you move throughout your day. The popular jewelry also used is chakra jewelry because these stones have such a high vibration. They easily store and secure energy which makes their healing capabilities much stronger.

You can infuse any item with Reiki to make it healthier and more soothing in your environment. By infusing your items with Reiki, you are giving yourself a better and more balanced life. These items can lead to more positive reactions, and spiritual healing and are a great form of alternative medicine.


What Is: Mantra Infused Items

Mantra infused items work the same way as Reiki infused items with the unique distinction of having the things blessed with a specific mantra by an energy healer instead of Reiki energy from a Reiki practitioner.

This divine energy is typically channeled in a ceremony and then displayed as a positive energy transfer.

A mantra is a pure sound or chant that brings immense significance by its sound. So, it’s very different from Reiki in that it focuses on the sound, not the meaning. The sound of a mantra has a specific, positive vibration. This vibration of the Mantra will be felt differently by everyone. This vibration can increase your frequency, bring balance to your body, and help you calm your mind. It can also inspire creative energies and even promote psychic abilities.

Different mantras can be used for various purposes and connect to other energies. They are commonly used in yoga practice and meditation to connect with a higher frequency. Many items can be infused with a mantra, but some of the most accessible things are below.


Candles are already big producers of energy themselves as they turn heat energy into chemical energy and then release light energy back into the air. When you infuse candles with mantras, you are increasing the energy ability of the candle and promoting more positive energy every time the candle is lit. This positive energy will then travel around the room, and you are providing calmness and healing and removing negative energy from the room. If you do not have candles, sage can also be a wonderful item to bless with a mantra.


Plants are living beings that already contain powerful life force energy. By blessing plants with mantras, you are increasing their vibration, so they last longer as plants thrive on energy. They will make your home and garden environment radiate positive energy and provide constant healing to your mind, body, and spirit.


Benefits of Infused Mantra and Reiki Objects

If you are familiar with energy healing, you already know the amazing positive effects that the universal life force energy can provide. But there are three key benefits of infused Mantra and Reiki objects.

Promote Steady Healing

Items that are blessed store universal life force energy that is constantly healing your body and the environment it is in. This steady healing will promote and help you maintain balance in your body. It’s also very healing because these items will absorb and release any negative energy from your body. This negative energy affects your physical and mental health, which distracts your body away from healing. This negative energy can manifest as tight muscles or negative thoughts.


Items infused with Reiki and Mantras also protect you from harmful, negative energy that you encounter in your daily life. This could be negative comments told to you from someone else, a stressful day, or even a draining toxic environment. Having items infused with Reiki and mantras can protect you from anything that causes negativity in your life. Even better, they help you react positively to negativity, which is a great bonus.

Increases Your Spiritual Frequency

In general, having universal life force energy flowing throughout your body makes you turn into a higher frequency. So, it, without a doubt, also increases your spiritual frequency. By increasing your spiritual frequency, you attract more positive things into your life and that frequency.

This could be things such as good luck, positive thoughts, and a deeper connection with oneself and intuition. Increasing your spiritual frequency also opens your chakras and allows you to access them on a deeper, more innate level. Often, we have chakras that are blocked and while Reiki helps remove them, having objects infused with Reiki and a Mantra can heighten the experience. Increasing your vibration also boosts your immune system and helps you avoid getting sick from a common cold.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Reiki-infused crystals?

Crystals are perhaps the ideal items to be Reiki infused. Crystals absorb and generate energy, which is highly beneficial for Reiki Healing. You find a crystal that you connect with and set your intention for the energy needed for the day. Reiki will program the crystal to deliver this intention.

What are Mantra infused crystals?

Mantra-infused crystals are crystals that a specific mantra has blessed. A practitioner will recite a powerful mantra as they give your item to infuse it with powerful energies.

What Items Can Be Infused with Reiki and Mantras?

The six most popular items infused with Reiki and mantras are jewelry, candles, blankets, food, plants, and spiritual objects.

Conclusion – Research by

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Incorporating Reiki and mantras can be very encouraging and healthy for your life. By infusing Reiki and Mantra into essential everyday items, you invite more positivity and balance into your life. Our team at FinditHealth found that you will feel calmer and more connected to your intuition by using Reiki and Mantra-infused things.

We encourage you to have fun and seek out items that already bring you joy and are items that you use every day. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from the energy that doesn’t serve you, and don’t be scared to find the right point you need to surround yourself with.


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