How to Reset a Universal Remote: When Your Remote Control is Not Working

  1. Remove the batteries from your remote.
  2. Press multiple buttons down to discharge the remote entirely.
  3. After 120 seconds of waiting for the current to discharge, press the “Power” button to check there is no current and ALL lights are off for the remote.
  4. Insert a NEW set of batteries in the universal remote.
  5. Your universal remote is now reset. You may now program new codes into the remote.

Today in this article I will answer some of the most important asked questions from the health community regarding how to program universal remote controls. I will continue with details on how to reset remote control devices.

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How to reset a universal remote with information based on research and findings for findithealth

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Universal Remote Codes

How to reprogram a universal remote RCA and GE remotes

AT&T, Advent 550 and 660. Advent 560, ATI, Atlas, Big Button Remotes, Blackweb. Checkmate-Contec, Chunghop, Comcast, XFINITY, Contour, Polaris, QFX, RadioShack, RCA Recoton, ReplayTV, Rotel, RTI, Russound, Sharper Image, Sima, SnapStream, Sony, Starchoice, Streamzap, Tian Hao Electron, Time Warner, Titan, Cox Cable Cricket, CTA Digital, Delta Denon, DIRECTV, Dish ESPN “The Ultimate Remote” Universal Remote, Emerson, GE, Gemini, Westinghouse Electronics, X10, Xbox 360 Media Remote, Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote, Xantech, Yamaha, Zenith Allegro, Harmon Kardon, Home Logic, Jasco, Kenwood, Legrand Nuvo, Leviton, Logitech Harmony, Magnavox, Marantz, Marmitek, Medion, Millenium, Mitsubishi, One For All, Onkyo Chad, Orbyx, Panasonic, Philips, Philips Pronto, Pioneer, Pogo, UEI, Universal Remote Control, Voxx, Weemote

IF ANY OF THE ABOVE UNIVERSAL REMOTE BRANDS relate to you, navigate to our trusted source for universal remote codes:

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How to Reprogram a Universal Remote

Universal remote codes for reprograming a remote

In order to reprogram a universal remote, you must first reset the remote control. To reset the control, please remove the batteries and proceed to press the “Power” button until are ALL lights are off for the remote. Install new batteries and then you are free to reprogram your universal remotes.

First, get as close as possible to your receiving device with your universal remote.

Next, use this device code finder website that will find the codes for the remote you wish to control. Some companies will have multi-remote code lists, while other brands of remotes will have model-specific codes.

According to the online directions, you can enter the codes you would like relating to the exact instructions (there may be a setup button to press).

You will feel reduced frustration: When your universal remote stops working, it can be frustrating. Knowing how to reset it can reduce your frustration and help you with stress management.

Use Auto Code Search (SCAN/SETUP button)

The automatic code search option on your universal device, whether it be a SCAN or SETUP button will help your TV and remote cycle through all the available codes until they reach full compatibility.

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How to Reset a GE Universal Remote

How to reset a universal remote with remote codes with GE

In order to figure out how to program a universal remote, you must first reset the remote control.


  1. To reset the universal remote control, remove the batteries and press the “Power” button until are ALL lights are off for the remote control.
  2. Last, install new batteries and your remote will be reset.

How to Program Universal Remote RCA Device

  1. First, remove the battery cover and batteries.
  2. On the inner side of the battery compartment, there will be a “Revision Number” that starts with an “R” (5-6 Digits).
  3. With the Revision Number, input it in the official “Remote Code Finder” page.
  4. Lastly, if you need exact details concerning Remote Program Videos, the official RCA website has a page dedicated to Remote Program Videos here.
  5. You now know how to program remotes.

You may feel reduced anxiety if due to learning how to reset a universal remote. If you’re worried about not being able to use your entertainment system because your remote is malfunctioning, learning how to reset it can alleviate anxiety with this natural technique.

My Universal Remote Stopped Working

Having a universal remote not working is less-than-ideal. What you need to do is learn how to reset a universal remote.

  1. First, remove the batteries and hold down the “Power” button until the lights all go out on the universal remote.
  2. Then install new batteries. Your remote is not reset.

If this does not provide a solution, check to see if there are no obstructions between the universal control and the device you want to control. That means that you need to have a clear line of sight between your universal remote and your TV, or cable box. The infrared (IR) technology needs to be aimed directly at the device you want your signal to go to. If this signal is blocked, your commands will not be successful.

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