Interesting Spring Facts — (Fun + Scientific Facts!)

interesting spring facts including scientific facts and some for kids as well from our health experts

Spring is a magical time of the year and is often viewed as a rebirth after the cold, dark winter. It’s that time of year when sunlight and the colorful fresh blooming flowers are the views outside our window.

The time of year when everyone starts getting back outside into nature and almost like they are coming out of hibernation. Also that time of year we celebrate the vernal or otherwise known as Spring Equinox.

We at FinditHealth found the most exciting spring facts that you should probably know. We’ve sorted our lists by scientific, fun, best facts for kids, and even the best spring flowers. Keep reading to learn more exciting spring facts.

interesting spring facts including scientific facts and some for kids as well from our health experts

Scientific Facts About Spring

The facts below are most commonly taught in school growing up, but you might still learn a thing or two. Or you might even be more excited now about the start of Spring!

Spring Is Celebrated At Different Times Around The World

You probably already know that the Earth rotates on its axis, which is an imaginary pole that goes through the planet’s middle. This rotation is the reason why we have day and night on planet Earth.

It’s the day when Earth is facing the sun and when Earth is turned away from the sun, it’s night. 

This axis also explains why we have four seasons and even opposite seasons in the Southern and Northern hemispheres. The Earth is tilted on its axis, so different parts of the planet get more direct sunlight than others at different times of the year. This equates to warmer, longer days and stronger sunshine which we know as the season of Spring or springtime. The Northern Hemisphere receives Spring beginning in March because the northern half of the Earth is tilting toward the sun. The Southern Hemisphere springs in August when the southern half of the planet is tilted toward the sun.

More Rain & Thunderstorms

We have probably all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Spring is known for having a large amount of rain and storms. While it isn’t the rainiest month per se, research shows that it usually rains more often in most areas during April than during any other month of the year. 

With all the rain, this can be a great time of year to start a new project or routine especially if you will be stuck inside a lot. It’s also a great time of year to clean as many of us are probably familiar with doing “spring cleaning” every year growing up. 

The Date of Spring Changes Every Year

The first day of Spring doesn’t always happen the same every year. That’s because Spring begins on the date between winter and summer when the day and the night are almost the same length. This day happens between March 19 and March 21 and is called the Spring equinox. But not everyone marks the beginning of Spring by the spring equinox, and it’s essential to know the history and reasoning behind both approaches.

Meteorologists believe in measuring the seasons differently.

They use an approach that divides the year into four equal seasons that start on the first day of every third month. With this approach, meteorologists say Spring begins on March 1 in the Northern Hemisphere and lasts until May 31, regardless of when the spring equinox happens.

Also, it is a common myth that Spring doesn’t start because warmer weather arises. We think this myth started because people got so excited about sunlight from the long months of darkness from winter they would associate general sunlight with Spring!

Fun Facts About Spring Flowers

One of the first things that come to mind with the spring season is all the fresh, blooming flowers. They are a great way to boost our spirit and excite us for this fresh, new renewal of a season.

While Spring brings many beautiful flowers, we’ve listed the most popular ones below.


Originally imported from Turkey, Tulips first reached Europe in the 1600s. They became popular during the Dutch Golden Age as a status symbol among the wealthy. This was because it was considered a luxury to plant flowers in your garden during this time. After all, people needed the garden for edible foods and plants. This surge in popularity made the price soar but also helped it gain traction and spread across the world. Specifically, it had a massive influence in Holland, and to this day, Holland still holds an annual tulip festival.


Hyacinths grow in various colors and are most widely recognized for their distinctly fragrant scent. They are commonly used as a symbol of rebirth, making them an excellent addition to the Spring season. They are traditionally placed on the tables of Persian New Year celebrations on the Spring Equinox.


Daffodils are famous because of their color and beauty. They are rumored to be named after the Greek God Narcissus. When a daffodil is entirely in bloom, a bright corona surrounds its bell. Daffodils have become a symbol of Easter in many cultures around the world.

Spring Facts For Kids

  • Spring is not only an excellent time for kids to get back outside and play, but the season also brings a lot of facts for them to learn. If you need spring facts that kids will find exciting, keep reading below.
  • Research has shown that babies born in the Spring are more likely to be night owls than babies born during other times of the year. Research also indicates that Spring babies are more likely to be optimistic. 
  • The reason why we have four seasons (Spring, summer, fall, and winter) is because of the Earth’s tilt. If the Earth were perpendicular to the sun, there would be no change in seasons or hours of daylight.
  • Easter changes dates every year because of the spring equinox. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox.According to tradition, if a groundhog does not see his shadow after emerging from his burrow on Groundhog Day (February 2), Spring will come early; if he sees his shadow, winter will last for six more weeks. Speaking of animals, Spring is the season when a ton of animals will emerge and come out from hibernation. So kids can get excited and plan on seeing more animals come alive and be outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a spring fact for kids?

When it is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

What’s a remarkable fun fact about Spring?

A fun fact about Spring is it’s the season when the world revives and seems to come alive after the winter months. Plants are growing again, hibernating animals are coming out, and more sunshine and positivity in general. Spring helps sparks a renewal feeling in the air and encourages everyone to get outside.

What is the first day of Spring called?

Typically, the first day of Spring will be marked by the Spring Equinox and is called the Vernal Equinox. This will fall on March 19, 20, or 21st every year.

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We hope you enjoy reading this article and learning a new fact. Spring is a beautiful time of year, and members of our research team at FinditHealh hoped this article inspired you to get out and enjoy this season more. 

Whether it’s getting outside for self-care, or to see all the pretty flowers and fresh air we hope you enjoy this time and don’t forget to grab an umbrella!

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