Declutter The Garage — (Tips for Cleaning and Organizing!)

Declutter the Garage and How to Clean out Organize Your Garage

If you look at the inside of the majority of garages, you will most likely be greeted with clutter and chaos. Funny enough, while garages were designed to hold cars, they become so cluttered cars end up on the street!

We’ve found that decluttering the garage can be impossible because some people don’t know where to begin. 

But; imagine having an organized garage so you could easily find things and, most importantly, store your car. By using tips from this article, you can go to a clean, clutter-free garage in no time.

Declutter the Garage and How to Clean out Organize Your Garage

How To Clean Out And Organize Your Garage

The five steps to organizing a garage are:

  1. Have a plan or vision
  2. Clear and clean the floor
  3. Sort items
  4. Create garage zones 
  5. Maintain garage organization long-term

We will go through each step in this article and also give additional organization tips.

Before you begin the process of decluttering, make sure to have a clear head space and a plan for how you want to use your garage after it’s decluttered, cleaned, and being put into the process of organizing. 

For example, journal about your dream garage, and then list everything you want to accomplish. This could be creating easy access to pet or sports gear or maxing out the storage space in your garage.

You could even sketch out a rough layout of your ideas to give you a visual image as you start the process. Once you have a layout of your dream garage, this will help you know what types of things should be removed from the space, what should be kept, and how much room you’ve got for storage or other tasks.

Other tasks include having a tool or workshop area, parking the cars in the garage, etc. When garages are organized, they are a wonderful multi-use type space, and you will see this as you journey through the decluttering process. Once you are armed with the layout and vision of your dream garage, the decluttering process becomes significantly easier.

How To Get Rid Of Garage Clutter

The first step to an organized and decluttered garage is to separate and get rid of garage clutter. We suggest finding a free weekend in your calendar and coming in with a positive mindset.

First, remove everything from the garage and place it in your driveway or on old towels in your front or side yard. 

Then sweep or vacuum the floors and watch out for any nails or other small items that might have gotten lost in the clutter. Then mop the floors to get any oil or chemical stains that could have spilled over the years. Once the floor is clear, you will be ready to start sorting the clutter outside. 

Create Zones

Research has shown that getting rid of garage clutter is most accessible by using zones to help you take inventory. You can think of this as a grocery store zone, like the produce and freezer section. This can be by grouping like items with like items or using categories such as sports equipment, tools, winter clothes, car supplies, etc. You should also toss out anything you know is trash or recycle, and have a zone for donating/selling. 

As you go through the clutter, we encourage you to be realistic and mindful of what you keep. You want to keep items you have used in the past year and no duplicate items. If you’ve been hanging onto things you might one day use, think of how you could better use the space they’re taking up. If you are struggling to get rid of sentimental things, enlist the help of a friend who can take an objective look at the items and help with garage decluttering.

It can also be helpful to host a yard sale to get rid of any items you no longer need or want. You can also invite your neighbors and make it a neighborhood sale to get the community together. You can donate anything that doesn’t sell to your local salvation army or thrift store.

Plan Garage Space

Once you have everything sorted, go back to your plan for your organized garage storage and start assessing the space. You can begin labeling zones and have a clear picture of where everything will go for your entire garage.

Then you can start placing items in their proper zones.

This can be similar grouping items, like automotive items such as lawnmowers and garden tools in one zone, cleaning products in another zone, etc. This is where it can be handy to install shelving to max out your vertical space.

Additional Organization Tips

We can offer some tips if you are struggling with creating more space in your garage. First, utilize vertical space to store large items such as bikes. Bicycles and garden tools (shovels, rakes) can hang on a wall. Tuck away rarely used items such as holiday decorations on high shelves and keep frequently used items within easy reach. 

The important thing is to designate a space for every item you’ve decided to keep and to maximize your open floor space. Also, we encourage you to use what you have first, but if you need more time, purchase the right organizational tools and products to help your space. Last, make sure dangerous items like chemicals and tools are stored in locked cabinets and safe containers, so they don’t spill.

Remember that you should make a list of the items you plan to store in the garage before buying and using an organization system. We would encourage you to first start with basic organizers such as shelving then expand the system as you see fit. Take your time with this part of the steps so you don’t feel rushed and end up buying an organizational system that doesn’t work long-term. At the end of the day, how you organize will ultimately determine the success and fate of the garbage staying organized long-term.

Maintain Your Organizational System

Once you’ve got your garage in order, it’s important to develop strong organizational habits to keep it tidy and clutter-free long term. The last step to decluttering your garage is to maintain your organizational system over the years.

This can be done by having monthly or seasonal clean-ups and check-ins. Garages are constantly being used, and by staying on top of cleaning and organizing, the less likely the garage will become messy and cluttered again. It’s simple things like putting things back where they belong that keep the area clean and organized.

It also helps you keep track of your items, so you are not buying additional tools or duplicates of things you already own. Stay on top of your zones, regularly sweep and clean the floor and be amazed at how an organized, clean garage makes your whole life feel more at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organize my garage with too much stuff?

The best way to organize a garage with too much stuff is to create zones and an efficient layout. Think about storing items you use together, like gardening tools and equipment. Place frequently used items like bikes and coats close to the garage door. 

How do you clean a hoarder’s garage?

To clean a hoarder’s garage, you must first take everything out. While this can seem overwhelming, it’s the only logical way to start with a hoarder’s garage. Wear clothes and start with a keep, sell/donate, and trash pile to keep it simple. Once the garage is clean, and everything is sorted into the above three piles, you can create organizational zones.

How do I organize my garage for junk?

It would help if you first clear everything out when organizing the garbage in your garage. Then get rid of what you don’t need by selling or donating and throwing away damaged and broken items. After you have only the things you keep, you can start organizing your garage. We advise grouping items together, using shelving and clear containers to store items.

What are the five steps to organizing a garage?

The five steps to organizing a garage are to have a plan or vision, clear and clean the floor, sort items,  create garage zones, and maintain garage organization long-term.

Conclusion – Research by

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A clean and organized garage will be safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Everything will have a place, it will be easier to navigate, and cleanup will be a breeze.

Members of the research team at FinditHealth also found that getting rid of clutter will feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. You’ll not only get a ton of storage space back in your garage, but you’ll also gain peace of mind. This can do wonders for your life and is a great reason to start decluttering the garage today!

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