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To ease your purchase of the best pill cutter for small pills; our review and comparison team has gone through the relevant research publications. We provide the benefits of each pill cutter one by one starting from #1 – #5.

According to the methodology of the research (CSN Drugs, 2012) pill cutters lower the average cost per prescription of medicine by 50%. Health organizations and now many people are using pill cutters to reduce dosage costs and save money.

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Best Pill Cutter Reviews

Best Quality
#1. The Equadose Pill Splitter – Best Pill Cutter for Small Pills

Our number one ranked pill cutter for small pills is based upon prior research finding medical evaluations (CSN Drugs, 2012) stating that pill cutters like these save you money on average cost per dose of medicine by half. Saving money is great, but our research backs up the statement that pill splitters like the one linked are great for your small pills.

The Benefits:

The best pill cutter comes with some excellent benefits. Our review team found in our comparisons with similarly-priced products, that this Equadose pill splitter came out ahead. The review team leader told me that it felt sturdy in her hands. Even putting it up against the ezy dose pill cutter, this Equadose cutter did a better job of cutting tiny tablets and pills.

While the ezy dose pill cutter failed on the smaller end of pills and crushed some tablets instead of cutting them cleanly, the Equadose’s sturdy frame had clean cuts for the day our review team spent comparing the two. The only thing we found about this pill splitter was that it is not designed for uncompressed powder capsules. However, most people never want to cut or split capsules with uncompressed powder inside of them, so that shouldn’t be an issue. We highly recommend this Equadose pill splitter for you.


  • Better than the ezy dose pill cutter we tested it against
  • Sturdy frame
  • The best pill cutter for small round pills
  • Cuts very cleanly


  • Not for uncompressed powder capsules
#2. Multiple Pill Splitter – Professional Pill Cutter

According to our research on the best pill cutter for small pills (CSN Drugs, 2012) health organizations and now many consumers are using pill splitting products to reduce prescription costs. This means that having a pill splitter like this one will save you money, as you don’t have to waste as much medicine dosage.

The Benefits:

This is a multiple pill splitter through and through. Our review team felt that this pill cutter was much faster to cut pills with when compared to the apex deluxe pill splitter we tested it against. This means that you don’t have to spend as much time splitting or cutting your small pills. You can use this free time to better organize your medicine and make sure that you are taking the correct amount of dosage in order to keep you safe with this 4 way pill cutter.

We care about recommending companies that are USA-based, and this is one of the reasons we rated this pill cutter so high on our list. Reports we’ve found say routinely that its construction has lasted multiple years.

This means that you can be cutting pills every day, and the speed of the small pill splitting will be as fast as it was the first day you purchased it. You can have the peace of mind to quickly and safely measure your dosage; keeping you safe and on time. One downside is it will work slightly less with smaller tolerances. But, if you work with normal tolerances, we recommend this product for purchase.


  • USA Company
  • Very fast to use
  • Sturdy construction


  • Doesn’t work the best with smaller tolerances
#3.Equadose Pill Cutter v2 – Automatic Pill Splitter

The Equadose Pill Cutter 20 (version 2.0) is on our list because of a few reasons. Our research (CSN Drugs, 2012) gives us the fact that pill splitters reduce the average cost per dose of medicine by half due to the ability of health care providers or buyers like yourself to correctly dose out medicine for themselves. This particular pill splitter even has a few benefits that make it a solid purchase according to our research.

The Benefits:

Even non-scored tablets are automatically centered with this automatic pill splitter. This means that all you have to do is place the pills into the pill cutter, and the rest is done by the centering mechanism made by Equadose. This is one of the best 1/3 pill cutter products on the market, as it cuts very cleanly, allowing you to carefully choose where you can automatically split the pill.

This means that it is a very accurate pill cutter, allowing you to cut pills into 1/3 or quarters. One disadvantage my review team found was that there is a blade exposed underneath the top part. If you are usually careful when handling medical equipment, then you will enjoy this product on the list of the best pill splitter for small pills.


  • Automatic pill splitter
  • Almost the best pill splitter
  • Excellent 1/3 pill cutter


  • Exposed blade under the top part
#4. EqualSplit Pill Splitter – Metal Pill Splitter

According to our research (CSN Drugs, 2012) health organizations and many shoppers are starting to use pill splitting to reduce prescription costs. Full medicine pills are often too much in respect to the dosage amount, so people waste pills, and therefore money. Pill splitters allow you to reduce the cost of your medicine according to our research.

The Benefits:

This metal pill splitter cuts pills very cleanly.

This means that you won’t have any issues with pills being accidentally crushed. The review team made sure that most of the cuts they had with small pills would end up being precise, and that is a major benefit for you. Precise cuts mean that you will have a faster time getting the correct dosage to you or a contractor. Another benefit is the ease of cutting.

That cuts down on the stress you would have of screwing up a cut!

Our pill splitters reviews go in-depth through our research because our review team only needed to position the tiny pill and squeeze the side and the whole process is done. Unfortunately, there is a lack of guidelines to get the pill centered instantly. However, if your pills have score grooves in the middle, this should not be much of an issue.


  • Cuts easily
  • Accurate pill cutter
  • Study metal frame


  • Lack of guidelines
#5.JohnBee Pill Splitter – Better than the Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter

We found that through our research (CSN Drugs, 2012) pill cutters reduce the standard cost-per-dose of medicine (pills) by 50%. Saving money is a fantastic benefit, but we found even more benefits for you.

The Benefits:

Our review team compared this JohnBee pill splitter with the Apex deluxe splitter. Our review team found that this JohnBee cutter was better for splitting little pills. The blade was sharper, so the little pills were cut with ease. Having a sharp blade means that it will be easy and clean cuts for your pills in the future, so you don’t have to keep buying these pill cutters.

The pill splitter holds the little pills securely so that there is no breaking or crushing of the small pills according to our review team. The other Apex deluxe splitter did not work as well, and the blade was clearly duller than this JohnBee pill splitter we’ve reviewed. A downside is that large pills don’t have a perfect cut. But, if you are only dealing with smaller-sized pills, then we highly recommend this pill cutter for small pills, as it can help for stress relief.


  • Better than the Apex deluxe sprinter we tested
  • Sharp blade for better cuts
  • Holds little pills securely


  • Not for very large pills

Professional Pill Cutter Buying Guide: Research and Information

Best Pill Splitter for Small Pills

Best pill cutter for small pills featured in depth comparisons and findings with reviews

Through our research findings, our review team recommends this pill splitter because it outranks all other pill cutters we’ve reviewed, especially for small pills. The practice of splitting a tablet or pill in order to lower the dose of the medicinal ingredient has become more prevalent according to our research (CSN Drugs, 2012), and even save you quite a bit of money.

We found that this pill cutter was the best pill cutter for small pills on account of the many benefits that it affords you if you purchase it. It has a sturdy frame, it cuts cleanly, and it beat out every other pill splitter according to our review team. Next, we will describe the best purchase if you want to cut a tablet into quarters with care.

Best Pill Cutter for Quarters

Best pill cutter for small pills and quarters the equadose pill splitter

To do the pill cutter quarter technique, we recommend this pill cutter for quarters. A 4 way pill cutter like the one linked will have many benefits to you, including being fast to use and having a sturdy construction. Quartering little pills will be very easy for you with the linked pill splitter, and according to our research (CSN Drugs, 2012) this product will save you quite a bit of cash.

Instead of using an old knife or razor blade, just use this pill cutter; which is safer and works with the correct dosage.

Best pill cutter for quarters and the best pill cutter for small pills

What is the best pill cutter for small pills?

Our in-house review team recommends this pill splitter after their many tests comparing many different brands of pill cutters for little pills. The benefits of this specific pill splitter include its even and clean cuts and sturdy frame that keeps the smaller pills from moving around, in order for you to get a cleaner cut.

Can a pill cutter go on a plane?

Yes, a pill cutter can go on a plane either in your carry on bags or checked bags (United States Transportation Security Administration).

How to use pill cutter?

  1. Place a small pill inside the grooved edges of the pill splitter.
  2. Press down firmly on the pill splitter till the lid closes 100% to the other side of the pill cutter.
  3. Remove the two halves of the little pill from the pill cutter and take it according to your physician’s instructions.

Do pill splitters work?

Yes, if you purchase one of our recommended pill splitters. In this article, we recommend tested and compared medical products.

We can’t recommend any other pill splitter products or brands that aren’t on this article because our review team has not compared them against our best pill cutter reviews.

Conclusion: The Best Pill Cutter for Small Pills: Tests and Findings by

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CSN Drugs. (2012). Potential Savings from Splitting Newer Antidepressant Medications.

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