How to Use a Sciatica Cushion to Actually Relieve Your Pain

Looking for a guide on how to use a sciatica cushion?

In this article, we detail how to use a sciatica cushion the right way and provide scientific evidence with our research.

The first step is to buy a good sciatica pillow from our recommended list of the best sciatica pillows.

  1. Most Importantly: use the sciatica chair cushion as much as you can (home, work, car) to benefit your sciatica pain.
  2. Find a chair with a back to improve your sitting posture; eliminating extra pressure on your spinal column when you are sitting on the pillow to help sciatica.
  3. Position the pillow for sciatic nerve pain directly onto the seat. The cushion will not provide the recommended tailbone pain relief if there are extra or additional pillows/cushions under your cushion.
  4. Point the open tailbone side (the hole) away from your body so your tailbone can fit in the hole
  5. Keep the cushion clean. If your sciatica pain relief cushion has a removable cover, machine wash it when it looks or feels unsanitary. Washing the cover of your cushion will keep your pillow clean and ready for continuous use.
How to use a sciatica cushion the right way with a woman thinking and sitting

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Sciatica Pillow for Sitting with Good Posture

Sciatica pillow for sitting with good posture information for how to use a sciatica cushion

Sciatica chair cushion products make it easier for your body to keep better posture while you are sitting. Your balance will improve while sitting, as the sciatica pain will be lessened as the seat cushion protects you. Your joints and nerves remain in alignment with your spine and hips, increasing the defense against the bad posture that creates sciatica nerve pain.

Cushions for sciatica relief can benefit your aches and pains. The sciatic pain relief according to our research (Moutvic, 2021) comes from a comfortable chair cushion. If you want a complete purchasing guide and list of the best sciatica pillow products we have a separate article just for you.

Yes, if you use the pillow correctly.

Using the sciatica cushion as much as you can is our research’s main point; in addition to cold and hot packs as recommended by your doctor can relieve your sciatica pain quickly after a surgery or other pain-inducing trauma.

Maintaining alignment is also beneficial to your helping your sciatica pain. When your spinal column and hips are facing forward with good posture on top of one another, your buttocks will make better contact with the sciatic pain relief pillow. When your body makes better contact with the pillow for sciatica pain, your pain will ease, and your balance will increase.

Non-slip bases and secure straps, which aid in security. You benefit when the cushion doesn’t move underneath you, because your balance will stay the same, keeping you firmly planted on the sciatica pillow with good alignment (relieving pain).

Lumbar back support packages are a combo of the sciatica pillow and lumbar support back rest. This means that you can benefit from having a sturdy pillow underneath you, and a lumbar support rest for your back that can firmly keep your spine upright. If your spine is upright, that means that your posture is allowing your hips to rest evenly with the rest of your body, keeping you comfortable while spending hours at your desk. And most importantly; free of sciatica pain.

Sciatica Pillow for Driving

Sciatica pillow for driving with a couple driving off and asking themselves thinking

Portable sciatica driving pillow units can be of use to you. If you are suffering from sciatic pain, having a portable seat cushion can make driving easier on your joints and tailbone.

When driving for long periods of time, you need to have your cushion secured to your seat. This may mean that in order to get the maximum pain relief from sciatica while driving, you should get a larger cushion so that it is wedged snugly on your driving seat. You should also pay attention to the dimensions given by the seller, so you can correlate the size of your driving seat to your sciatica pillow.

How to Sleep with Sciatic Nerve Pain

How to sleep with sciatic nerve pain and how to use a sciatica pillow with a waking up woman

Having an excellent sciatica pillow for sleeping is good for pain relief. We recommend a firm surface for your mattress, with a strategically positioned set of pillows. Your thickest pillows should be underneath your shoulders and upper spine. You can prop up your knees or calves with a flatter pillow if that feels comfortable for you.

Having side pillows will minimize side rolling. Rolling to one side may trigger nerve-related pain that can wake you up in the middle of the night. To avoid this; placing pillows on either side of your sleeping area can prevent you from unwanted side rolling. We recommend reading another publication by our team regarding another common sciatica pain help question.

Conclusion: Tests and Research by

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Most importantly, it is crucial that you consider the possible risks associated with using sciatica pillows. If you have heated seat cushions or flimsy plastic material that can introduce toxins to your skin, you may want to consult a physician before you make a quick purchase.

We aid in your research for relieving sciatica pain with pillows. For instance, we have written an article specifically answering the question: can a pillow help sciatica? The research we provide to you might surprise you!

In total, we must think positively about our health as we have a massive community of people who are interested in health products. Our intention is to spread this information so that as many people can be benefited from our research as possible. Here at we make it a top priority to find relevant health research which will make a positive impact on people’s lifestyles. If you enjoy our research-based and data-driven writing style, you will love our article talking about the Best Back Massager for Chair Sitting.


Margaret Moutvic, M.D. (2021). Tailbone pain: How can I relieve it?

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