The Best Shoes for Hurting Feet and Legs: Reviewed and Compared

Are you looking for shoes that will relieve pain and provide comfort?

Well, you are in the correct place: In this article, we will give you the 5 best shoes for hurting feet.

Our review team has compiled health research to back up our shoe comparisons, just for you. This well-researched review will provide you with the knowledge to make the best shoe purchase as soon as possible.

If you want a shoe article specifically about walking, we have one about the best shoes for walking all day.

But in this article, we will give you the shoes that will relieve your hurting feet.

81 female runners were polled concerning shoe stability, with three different foot posture types being assigned separate shoe styles. Baseline testing (Ryan et al., 2011) concerned leg alignment and recorded training history which studied the prescription of shoe technology systems. The shoe technologies were used as control systems for foot pain.

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Reviews: Our Comparisons and Data-Driven Research

Best Quality
Brooks Adrenaline that are the best shoes for hurting feet and legs

Our number one ranked shoe is based upon our examination (Ryan et al., 2011). The publication explains that the best shoes for hurting feet and legs are focused on stability.

This research from the British Journal of Sports Medicine recommends shoes that are stable to maximize pain relief while walking or running. If you have pronated feet, you will have the maximum relief according to the research (Ryan et al., 2011).

The Benefits:

Our review team leader has flat feet, which means he has quite a few knees and hip problems. His joints did not worsen with these shoes. In fact, he thought they were more comfortable than his previous pair of Adidas shoes that he used to go for walks in.

These shoes have excellent stability in the arch, which means that they will provide quite a bit of comfort in your day-to-day life. When you are feeling more comfortable in your shoes, you will be able to work for longer periods of time on your feet, making these one of the best shoes for leg pain and sore feet.

Being on your feet for long periods of time is a good exercise, and even if you are sitting, our review team recommends these shoes for maximum comfort and pain relief, especially if you have flat feet! The only possible issue is that the older models were reportedly more comfortable than this current generation. However, if you are unfamiliar with this brand of shoes, you should not notice, and we would highly recommend these as the best shoes for sore feet.


  • Better than the Adidas shoes we tested
  • Great for joint pain
  • Stability in the arch of the foot
  • Pain relief and comfort


  • Older versions reported more comfortable
orthofeet sneakers lava that are the best shoes for foot pain

With our research done (Knapik et al., 2009), we know that the best shoes for foot pain have a “plantar shape” which aids in relieving plantar fasciitis. This imprint at the bottom of the feet needs to have extra material underneath it for the feeling of improved comfort and relief from plantar fasciitis. This pair of Orthofeet shoes has just that, for improved foot pain relief.

The Benefits:

Through our comparisons between this Orthofeet sneaker and an ASICS brand sneaker, we found some interesting data points. For one, our review team saw that heel-strikes when running were much more cushioned and less painful with this Orthofeet sneaker. This means that when you have pain in your foot like plantar fasciitis, you will be able to walk or run with more relief from your pain because of the studied shape of the shoe underneath your foot.

These sneakers are a lot like the Orthofeet sandals because of the pain relief according to your in-house review team, that being said we highly recommend these sneakers as being one of the best shoes for bad feet.

A downside of these shoes is our comparison team didn’t really like the colors available for this shoe. That being said; if you don’t mind the black and white color scheme, you should be fine with the color options.


  • Better than the ASICS sneaker we compared this shoe with
  • Great for running
  • Good for plantar fasciitis relief


  • Color scheme
ryka vida oxford that is the podiatrist recommended shoes for high arches

The academic publication (Ryan et al., 2011) from the British Journal of Sports Medicine recommends that if you have foot pain, you should be looking for stability-focused shoe designs. If you have pronated feet, you should purchase sneakers with wider foot options. My review team found this pair of specialty shoes from Ryka so you don’t have to have hurting feet.

The Benefits:

These specialty shoes have wider toe boxes, which are exactly what our academic guidelines suggest for relieving your hurting feet. Our recommendation for the best women’s shoes for foot pain is these Ryka designed sneakers. We have come to the conclusion that Ryka is one of the shoe brands that are good for your feet; better than quite a few of the competition brands according to our hands-on comparison tests, with hard-hitting data.

The high arch design is a benefit for these shoes for top-of-foot pain areas. If the top of your foot is having issues during walks, these are highly recommended by our review team. One downside of these sneakers is the soles of the shoes are not very durable. However, if you train at a normal pace, you shouldn’t see many durability issues.


  • Reputable shoe brand
  • High arch design
  • Good for top-of-the-foot pain areas


  • Soles aren’t very durable
new balance fuelcell rebel shoes for sensitive feet for us

With our in-depth research (Knapik et al., 2009) we found that shoes for sensitive feet should have a reported “plantar shape”. This shape which includes a cushioned heel is great for plantar fasciitis and other foot discomforts. The cause of plantar fasciitis is not entirely clear, but it can be associated with a rolling of the foot or a tightening of the Achilles tendon. Our researched academic article explains that shoe comfort is important for relieving hurting feet, and we’ve found a shoe that adheres to this guideline well: The FuelCell Rebel running shoe.

The Benefits:

One of our review staff members runs consistently, including training for marathons and various running events. She tested out these New Balance shoes, even as a mid to fore-foot striker during runs, she bought a second pair of these shoes because of the shape and comfort of the shoes. She said that these shoes are light, so they don’t affect your natural walking or running mechanics, meaning that you can walk further than you could before without worrying about your posture.

The responsiveness of the shoes is also a huge benefit to you, as our review staff member went on to say that walking and running on these shoes are comfortable with a snappiness that allows you to feel like you are in complete control when you go about your day, or on your run. A disadvantage of the shoes is that it runs small in the toe area. But, if you like tight shoes, this is not a problem for you.


  • Good for long walks
  • Light and responsive shoe design
  • Very comfortable


  • Runs small in the toe area
saucony triumph running shoe that is also the best shoes for feet

According to our analysis (Ryan et al., 2011) we’d like to explain the guidelines surrounding foot pain. The research shows that if you are looking for the best walking shoes for foot pain; you need to purchase “stability-focused” shoes. You must have stable shoes because repairing ankle pain may need specialized physicians if the condition is severe, particularly if it has been injured. Our comparisons and data point to the Saucony brand as having good shoes for bad feet.

The Benefits:

Being a large sneaker brand with a massive catalog of shoes; we’ve gotten good word from our review team here at that these are definitely focused on your stability. Our review-team leader explained to me that the joints in the foot are well cushioned, making you have good stability during your days of walking or sitting. These are shoes for feet that hurt.

The heavy, thick, and wide design of these Saucony sneakers increase stability which according to our shoe buying guidelines will help relieve your hurting feet. We’d recommend these Saucony shoes as some of the best shoes for hurting feet. One issue is that the toe areas have very thin mesh, which can break during heavy use. However, if you use these shoes without heavy usage, or for everyday activities, you will not have any durability issues.


  • Well-cushioned for maximum comfort
  • Good for painful joints
  • Wide design for good stability


  • Toe area mesh is too thin

Finding the Best Sneakers: Our Buying and Information Guide

Finding Specialty Shoes for Problem Feet Areas

Finding specialty shoes for problem feet areas for the best shoes for hurting feet and legs

We have spent a lot of effort compiling research articles and publications that find a correlation between foot pain relief and shoes for hurting feet. Specialty shoes are perfect for problem feet areas, which is explained in our research summaries above. The best shoes for foot problems we’ve found to be these shoes with high arches.

The Absolute Best Sneakers for Arch Pain

Absolute best shoes for arch pain with the most comfortable shoes with a woman planking on beach and sand

According to the research we’ve compiled, the best walking shoes with arch support are these comfortable shoes we recommend to anybody suffering from arch pain. These shoes relieve arch pain on account of the shape of the bottom of the shoe. The design is made to cushion the heel; where a large majority of arch pain starts, relieving your hurting feet.

Podiatrist Recommended Sneakers for High Arches

Podiatrist recommended shoes for high arches sitting in doctor office with high arches for sneakers

These are our podiatrist recommended shoes. We know having high arches can cause some foot pain. That’s why we’ve found reports that podiatrists recommend these specifically linked shoes to patients.

The Best Shoe Brands for Women’s Feet

The best shoe brands for women's feet with the best shoes for hurting feet in one easy to understand article
  1. Brooks
  2. Orthofeet
  3. Nike
  4. Saucony
  5. Ryka
  6. Sketchers
  7. ASICS
  8. Karhu
  9. New Balance
  10. HOKA

While we know that you are looking for the best shoes for bad feet, we thought we’d give you a list filled with the ten best shoe brands for women’s feet and pain relief for women all over North America.

Best shoes for hurting feet with in depth comparisons and reviews featured image

When we look at posture for your foot placement in shoes, it is important to find the best shoes for sensitive feet. This means that you should find wide shoes that will not be too tight on the tips of your toes. We recommend these shoes from Brooks due to their wide toe-box and upright stability during our comparisons with other shoes from Nike and Saucony. We even recommend this for tennis! These are some of the best tennis shoes for bad feet we could find! It will relieve your pain quickly and effortlessly.

A man with running or walking shoes walking a drone for an article by find it health that is the best shoes for hurting feet and legs

Can shoes cause foot pain?

Yes, if you buy cheap and poor material having shoes from unreputable sources, you may experience foot pain from bad shoes.

How to tie your shoes for foot pain?

Loosely. You should undo all your laces, and redo them so it is not cutting off any circulation. Runners especially are guilty of tying their laces way too hard. Don’t be like them. Tie your laces in your preferred method so it gives you support, but tie them loosely so there is no circulation being cut off to your feet, and you can walk around in comfort.

What are the best shoes for hurting feet and legs?

The best shoes for hurting feet and legs are these Brooks shoes. They have excellent stability and support, so they will keep your toes spread with their wider options of shoes, encompassing a great shoe that we recommend at the top of our list. The human foot is a strong and complex structure containing over twenty bones, so that means you should take care of your foot as much as possible, as there are many things that could make it hurt.

What are the best shoes for sensitive feet?

The best shoes for sensitive feet are these types of shoes. For one, they will be thick on the sole, so you will have an excellent amount of cushion around the place where people usually get their plantar fasciitis. If you have sensitive feet, we recommend these shoes that we’ve linked fully to you. They are also loaded with cushioning and arch support for hurting feet. If you need accommodation for any foot landing, this is the shoe for your sensitive feet.

What are the best shoes for bad feet and ankles?

If you need shoes for feet that hurt, specifically for your bad feet and ankles, we have just the pair of shoes for you. These are the best shoes for bad feet and ankles. My review team has made this decision because of these shoes due to the upward stability that these shoes have. Wide options for walking shoes are also great for looking for the most comfortable shoes for bad feet. This lining prevents irritation, which guarantees a perfect fit for you.


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As we finish our article; we want to tell you that we do this research for the well-being of the health community. When you have questions about the best shoes for hurting feet, we find your queries and strive to share our answers with the public so you and your community can be more informed.

We know that wearing proper fitting, comforting shoes for foot pain is essential in making people more comfortable in their shoes. The best shoes for foot pain are something we touch on, but we also want to introduce you to the article we wrote that answers the best shoe for walking question.

We compile the most relevant academic studies and publications to share with our health audience, in the hope that everybody can learn something new in our information-laden articles. Our authors try their best to give conclusive evidence supporting the leading product information concerning the best shoes for hurting feet on the internet.

Our priority is health product information; so, answering important health questions with in-depth research analysis is our goal.


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Ryan, M. B., Valiant, G. A., McDonald, K., & Taunton, J. E. (2011). The effect of three different levels of footwear stability on pain outcomes in women runners: a randomized control trial. British journal of sports medicine, 45(9), 715–721.

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