5 Best Shoes for Stress Fracture Problems: Reviewed and Compared

This is the most comprehensive guide to buying the best shoes for metatarsal stress fracture problems.

Are you looking forward to foot pain relief?

Our years of health research expertise has brought together easy to follow guidelines in order to make the most informed purchase:

  • Forefoot rocker design helps with postural stability
  • Maximalist shoes: more cushioning and width

We have an even more in-depth publication explaining which are the best shoes for hurting feet.

Next, we will give you the best shoes for foot fractures, providing the necessary research and guidelines along the way to make your purchasing decision EASY and QUICK.

The methodology of the study (Park et al., 2012) had shoe wearers walk with forefoot rocker shoes to evaluate the effects of this technology on lower extremity muscle activity including metatarsals and plantar pressure distribution. Muscle pressure was measured for the forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot, 1st metatarsal, 2-3rd metatarsal, and 4-5th metatarsal, and for each region; maximum force, contact area, peak pressure, and mean pressure were analyzed based on the muscle pressure. Electromyography was also utilized to measure muscle contraction with the IEMG (Integrated EMG) value.

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Best Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fracture Problems (Reviewed): Our Comparisons

Best Quality
best women's walking shoes for metatarsal problems and issues

The main decision to place this ASICS running shoe at the top of our review section for the best running shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture issues is based upon industry-leading science research from Clinical Biomechanics and the Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics. The research explains that to have a stable foot, you need to have a more “maximalist” shoe shape and a forefoot rocker design. The best shoes for metatarsal stress fracture patients include these guidelines for stability and comfort; specifically having more cushion around and under your injured feet, and a forefoot rocker to reduce feet muscle fatigue, improve natural gait pattern and disperse high pressure for your feet. We highly recommend these shoes on account of our in-depth research on the topic of metatarsalgia pain.

The Benefits:

Women’s metatarsal shoes need to do two things: have a maximalist design, and a forefoot rocker pattern. These walking shoes for metatarsal problems have both: According to our review team, the forefoot rocker made their foot feel comfortable throughout the walks they put this shoe through. This means that if you have a metatarsal stress fracture, you will walk-in pain-relieving technology made for you.

We have also compared the data with our review team: This ASICS running shoe beat out the Adidas running shoe that we compared it against in respect to comfort and relief from soreness.

With your metatarsal problems, you will feel like you are relieved from your pain and will be able to embark on more active behaviors like going to the gym or traveling. You will feel like you are having a fuller life, even with metatarsal stress fracture pain, as these shoes will help relieve your fractured foot pain. The only issue we could find is the size. It is advised to order a size up to your normal foot size if you don’t want to wear the shoes. If you want to simply wear in the shoe, or order a size up, you will be satisfied with the size.


  • Forefoot rocker design for your metatarsal
  • Rigid shoe for better foot stability
  • Better than the Adidas shoes we tested
  • Maximalist shoe for better foot stability/comfort


  • Sizing may require you to wear the shoes in
#2. Skechers Elite Lucid Sneaker - Skechers Metatarsal Shoes

To relieve your feet muscles and bones after your broken foot, there are guidelines you need to follow when purchasing the best shoes for metatarsal stress fracture problems. The main guideline is having a shoe with the maximum amount of cushioning and width. Our research (Colin et al., 2017) states that maximalist shoes with lots of cushion decrease the metatarsal strain, helping with comfort and pain relief.


These Skechers metatarsal shoes provide “Max Cushioning” according to Skechers, and we do recommend this product to people looking for the best shoes for broken foot recovery periods as well.

The Benefits:

If you are looking for the best shoes for metatarsalgia pain; these Skechers metatarsal shoes have great benefits. Starting at our comparisons and reviews of the product, we tested these Skechers against an Adidas running shoe. What our review team found was that the Adidas running shoe did not provide the cushioning that the Skechers metatarsal shoes had.

These Skechers have a great support system allowing you to basically walk on pillows. Stability is essential in reducing your foot pain, which means when you go about your daily life, you will feel the difference in the pain relief you will achieve with these Skechers. With more pain relief, you don’t have to worry as much about reinjuring your feet.

Without worrying, you will feel less stress and embarrassment about your injuries when you are out doing activities. Less stress means that you can enjoy every moment on these shoes and forget about your recovery as your pain fades away. One disadvantage is the style profile is maximalist. However, if you can trade the fact of the style with having great feeling feet, this purchase is well worthwhile.


  • Better than the Adidas shoes we tested
  • Maximalist cushioning for better comfort
  • Perfect metatarsalgia shoes


  • Style profile
#3. Vionic Shoes for Metatarsalgia - Orthotic Insole Arch Support

Our research guidelines include having forefoot rocker style soles on your sneakers to have the best running shoes for stress fractures. The research (Park et al., 2012) includes the explanation that postural stability was shown with forefoot rocker users because of the reduced muscle fatigue when walking, and their high-pressure dispersion and shock absorption, relieving pain from the metatarsal.

The Benefits:

The goal of metatarsal stress fracture treatment is to decrease the torsional load across the metatarsal to allow the osteoblastic bone to heal at the injury site.


This shoe allows for maximum healing time because of the forefoot rocker and design style that allows your foot to be in comfort during any situation. Our review team even mentioned in their data comparisons for these shoes that one of the personnel’s back pain even improved! Support and cushioning are always a guideline for comfortable shoes, so stability is even more of a positive benefit! When you have stable and comfortable shoes with metatarsal support; you can work for long periods of time without pain, even when healing a fractured foot.


These shoes with metatarsal pads felt great on our review team’s feet, so they fully recommend them to you. One downside is the rear wheel is very tight in the shoe. However, if you give adequate wear-in time to the pair of shoes, you will be very comfortable in them.


  • You give your osteoblastic bone time to heal when in these shoes
  • Our review team gave it a 10!
  • Fantastic arch support, and looks great


  • Tight rear heel
#4. Nike Zoom Air - Best Nike Shoes for Metatarsalgia

This pair is one of the best running shoes for stress fractures. According to our in-depth academic research (Colin et al., 2017) this study tested wearers of maximalist shoes and found that those shoes with more cushioning and width led to pain relief for test subjects with metatarsal strain.


My review team and I fully suggest these Nike shoes because of their maximalist design, which is an important guideline for buying the best running shoes for metatarsal stress fracture problems.

The Benefits:

We here at Find It Health know that the benefits are the most important thing for the buyer. To give you the best shoes after broken foot issues, we have two guidelines to show you. Maximalist design, and a forefoot rocker. These Nikes are the best shoes for stress fracture recovery because of both guidelines together. For one, the cushion is at a perfect amount for our review team.


With the maximalist design of these Nike shoes for metatarsalgia, these shoes even fit slightly loose, which is a benefit for people suffering from severe metatarsalgia pain. The fit will ensure that there are not bits rubbing on your metatarsals and previously broken foot. You will have pain relief for your feet with this Nike shoe, which will allow you to embark on more adventures: pain-free! One aspect that could be improved is the style has changed drastically, but if you are new to these exact timeline models of shoes, you will not experience any difference.


  • Heavy cushioning
  • Great for wearing with on a previously broken foot
  • Not too tight


  • The previous style was more popular
#5. Brooks Ghost 11 - Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia Pain

Our in-depth academic research from Clinical Biomechanics describes the well-known guideline of having a maximalist shoe for metatarsal strain when dealing with a possible metatarsal stress fracture. More cushioning and width for shoes are important because stiff soled shoes for stress fracture problems combined with stiff soled shoes lead to better pain relief for fractured foot issues. This Brooks shoe combines the comfort and cushioning that our review team highly recommends.

The Benefits:

Our comparison and review data team detailed in their findings that the upper of the shoe is strategically stretched and structured to fit you perfectly and relieve your 5th metatarsal pain. The supination support we’ve found with this pair of shoes is nearly unmatched. You really have to go through a lot to twist your ankle with these Brooks shoes.


A rigid shoe for metatarsal fracture issues; this shoe was tested by our comparison and review team. We found that these were some of the best shoes for 5th metatarsal pain on account of the maximalist shoe structure detailed in our introductory guidelines for the best shoes for metatarsal stress fracture problems. The only downside we found is this shoe has large arch support, so if you have flat feet, this may feel strange at first. But, if you have normal arches, you will not notice any difference from other running shoes.


  • Stiff soled shoes for stress fracture issues
  • Excellent supination support for your ankles and feet
  • Maximalist shoe structure


  • Massive arch support can be strange for flat feet

Finding the Best Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fractures: Buying Guide and Information

Which Shoe for Metatarsal Fracture Issues? – Topical Information

Which shoe for metatarsal stress fracture issues is the topic for todays article

This shoe will protect the foot from further injury. The 5th metatarsal fracture can be avoided or relieved with the linked shoe. Our research guidelines from Clinical Biomechanics and the Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics suggest buying a shoe with a forefoot rocker and a maximalist shoe style with lots of padding, and this linked shoe has both.

The Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia – Our Research

The best shoes for metatarsalgia with our research surrounding the publication and journal for you

We know that this kind of fracture happens because of wear and tear in your feet area. However, after being diagnosed, you need a shoe that will avoid worsening the condition and furthering your positive foot problem treatment. These shoes will be the best shoes for metatarsalgia on account of their forefoot rocker design; allowing for the shock of daily life to be absorbed and propel you forward, with pain relief as the main technology.

The Best Shoes for 5th Metatarsal Fracture Issues

The best shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture issues person at pool with feet out and towel

The material, fit, breathability, and arch support are good guidelines to have when it comes to buying specific shoes. A shoe for metatarsal fracture issues: these sneakers will have the best benefit to managing your stress fracture or broken foot. This linked shoe is of excellent material quality, and your shoe will last the duration of your painful feet.

Running Shoes and Metatarsal Bones – Important Facts

The best shoes for metatarsal problems with in depth comparisons and reviews

Although there are five groups of long bones in the foot, they are also analogous to the bones of the hand! So, what running shoes do is keep these bones comfortable. The best running shoes have the “comfortable factor”, while these bones are often broken by association football players, the right pair of shoes can make a difference in respect to our guidelines. Having a forefoot rocker is one of our main guidelines for having a “comfortable” shoe. We encourage you to look around to find a pair of running shoes with either a forefoot rocker design or a maximalist design.

The best shoes for metatarsal problems and stress fractures with frequently asked questions for the curious researcher

What is a stress fracture?

It is a bone fracture caused by repeated stress over time. It can accumulate from submaximal loading like jumping or running explosively. Weight-bearing bones usually have these fractures like the metatarsal and navicular bones can be very painful as a result of stress fractures.

What are the best running shoes for after metatarsal stress fracture problems?

These sneakers will have the best benefit to managing your metatarsal stress fracture. After a rapid increase in exercise, you should always be careful and manage your pain we recommend.

Which are the best shoes for metatarsal stress fracture issues?

These running shoes will have the best benefit to managing your stress fracture or broken foot. As a buyer, you should be aware of our researched guidelines; such as having a forefoot rocker and a maximalist design with plenty of cushioning for pain relief.

What shoes to wear with a stress fracture?

We recommend these running shoes in order to keep your feet comfortable when you are experiencing the pain of stress fractures. They provide supple protection and a forefoot rocker design that are in our in-depth academic guidelines in order to get you the best shoes for metatarsal stress fracture problems.

Conclusion: The Best Shoes for Metatarsal Problems: Tests and Research by findithealth.com

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We need a smarter society to keep each other welcome in this world. We take it upon ourselves to make our high-quality information shareable for our health community. If you are interested in more articles, check out our article regarding the best shoes for walking.


Colin R. Firminger, Anita Fung, Lindsay L. Loundagin, W. Brent Edwards. (2017). Effects of footwear and stride length on metatarsal strains and failure in running, Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 49, Pages 8-15, ISSN 0268-0033, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2017.08.006.

Park, I. S., Jung, J. Y., Jeon, K. H., Won, Y. G., & Kim, J. J. (2012). Effects of Forefoot Rocker Shoes with Metatarsal Bar on Lower Extremity Muscle Activity and Plantar Pressure Distribution. Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics, 22(1), 113-121. https://doi.org/10.5103/KJSB.2012.22.1.113

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