Best HOKA Shoes for Walking All Day

Welcome to our well-researched guide on buying the best HOKA shoes for walking.

We will provide you with the best 5 HOKA shoes in terms of material quality, fit, and impact loading mechanics for walking.

Our research and review team has years of health product and academic research experience, meaning that we are working together to bring you relevant walking shoe research studies. We do the research for you so the only thing you need to do is make the purchase.

If you are interested we have another article talking about the best shoes for hurting feet.

We also talk about the best choices between wheelchair cushions here.

But in this article; will recommend the best HOKA shoes for walking to you. All you need to do is find which of the following 5 pairs of shoes is right for you.

The methodology of this running shoe cushioning study examining impact loading and spring mechanics (Kulmala et al., 2019) started with two training speeds. It was explained that highly cushioned shoes alter spring-like running mechanics and amplify impact loading. The faster the walking speed, the ground reaction impact peak had a loading rate of 10-12% greater. The Hoka shoes for walking were used as the maximalist shoe in this academic study.

Find it health trusted research that includes looking at calendars and data for findings and comparisons in my product review roundup

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Best HOKA Shoes for Walking: Our Comparisons and Research

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 which are the Best Walking Shoes for Women

Our in-depth research (Kulmala et al., 2019) took us to a publication in the journal Scientific Reports, which showed us through data that HOKA shoes increase your spring-like walking mechanics. This is beneficial for the natural walking motion, as this means that there is less energy spent when walking.

The Benefits:

These are the best walking shoes for women due to our in-depth comparisons with other running shoes. This shoe compared to Nikes of the same price were more comfortable. Our team liked that the cushioning for the HOKA One One Bondi was more supportive, making it easier to walk for longer periods of time. The Nikes had less cushioning than the HOKA One One Bondi, making it simple for us to recommend to you.

The supportive cushioning in the heel of these HOKA women’s shoes are great for walking. If you need arch support, these shoes are excellent. Joint pain can be relieved with better support for your arches, meaning you can be on your feet or walking for longer periods of time in comfort. The only design change we would recommend is to remove the small hump in the back padding of the shoe. It is not noticeable for people that don’t follow the HOKA brand, but it is a preference for people with larger custom insoles.


  • Better than the Nikes we tested
  • Excellent cushioning for the heel
  • Great for relieving joint pain
  • Can walk for long periods of time in comfort


  • Small hump in the rear heel padding can make removing your foot from the shoe difficult

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HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7 White Option

Our team simply had to add HOKA Clifton 7 Men’s shoes to our rankings. We studied a peer-reviewed medical article (Arthur, 2015) that explains how HOKA shoes promote a healthy heel strike. A healthy heel strike is good for the movement of the legs and feet; keeping your joints aligned with your spine and increasing relative comfort.

We’ve found that the laces on the HOKA Clifton 7 men’s shoe have a more snug quality, so they are a breeze to tighten to your feet’s exact width. The tab on the heel is softer so that it doesn’t add harsh friction to the back of your heel. This all means that with this purchase you can have a shoe that conforms to your exact foot width. After having these shoes for a while, our review team reported back with their findings of good durability and the ability to alleviate bad joint pain in the heel, which is a huge plus for us. The one bad thing about this shoe is that the insole is very thin. This can be avoided by buying a separate insole that has more padding according to your preferences.


  • Good durability
  • Soft heel tab
  • Insole padding is of good quality


  • Stock shoe insole is thin

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We’ve successfully found a medical research article (Kulmala et al., 2019) covering the kinetic variables of the HOKA walking shoes. According to this study, spring-like walking systems in humans are helped by a sufficient shoe that moves kinetic energy as cleanly as possible. The HOKA walking shoes are supportive of your kinetic energy movement, meaning that these shoes are scientifically designed for humans walking for long periods of time.

Our team compared the New Balance walking shoes for men, and the HOKA One One Gaviota walking shoes are much better. Our review team claims that these shoes are corrective, meaning that they are very kind to your joints, relieving pain when you are walking for long periods of time. The team also said after their experience walking with these shoes that they have zero break-in period. What zero break-in period means is that you can immediately wear these shoes out to go walk or run with no warming up required for the materials or frame of the shoe. These are the best cushioned walking shoes on this list according to our review team. The only downside that we could find is the price is very high for the design. If you are loyal to the HOKA walking shoe brand you should not have a problem, as the HOKA brand is well established for being accountable in the industry of walking shoe brands.


  • Excellent material quality
  • No break-in needed
  • Great for joint pain


  • Price is high

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HOKA ONE ONE Rincon are the best HOKA Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The HOKA Rincon walking shoes are our choice for the HOKA walking shoes for plantar fasciitis of record. The research (Arthur, 2015) showed us that HOKA shoes create a more natural heel strike which when measured for these types of walking shoes, means that you can walk at a more vigorous pace by design.

During our HOKA Rincon Review, we’ve found that these shoes are lightweight and have generous but firm cushioning and sufficient arch support for protecting your feet if you have plantar fasciitis. These are true shock absorbers for your feet, giving you relief from plantar fasciitis pain when you are out on walks. Without this pain you can go out and exercise for longer periods of time, achieving your short-term goal for walking or running.

The light weight of these shoes is also great for plantar fasciitis because you have less weight swinging on your legs, decreasing joint movement on your feet. Less joint movement means less joint pain, so you can have a more natural heel strike when walking according to our science journal publication.

One problem with this shoe is there are some reports of quality degradation after only a few months of consistent running. If you are an avid runner, you should not run into any issues during normal use though. We are comfortable recommending these shoes to you.


  • Excellent for plantar fasciitis pain
  • Great for relieving joint stress
  • Good for absorbing shock to your knees and feet


  • Quality of the shoes has been reported to wear down quickly

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Nurses, restaurant staff, cleaners and people who are on their feet all day need a shoe brand for them. According to our in-depth research (Kulmala et al., 2019) there is correlation between HOKA shoes and changing impact loading to make your steps more efficient and comfortable for long distances and time periods.

The best shoes for walking and standing all day have many benefits. If you want a pair of shoes that can handle daily workouts and long days on your feet, this HOKA Challenger will keep your feet and knees cushioned and relaxed. We always recommend a walking shoe with a mesh top, and therefore more cool air and room to move around on the very top of the shoes for comfort.

These are shoes recommended by orthopedic doctors due to their popularity among orthopedic clinics. Our review team swears by the HOKA brand, and one of our workers even bought a second pair for her partner as a gift! These women’s walking shoes with arch support get the job done, and our review team recommends these to you if you are interested in the best HOKA shoe for walking all day.


  • Great for walking all-day
  • Recommended by orthopedic doctors
  • Mesh technology for good comfort


  •  Reportedly very wide shoes

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Finding the Best HOKA Shoes for Walking – Our Buying and Information Guide

HOKA Women’s Shoes

HOKA women's shoes for the best HOKA shoes for walking all day on your feet which is interesting to the reader

The best walking shoes for women we’ve found is this HOKA shoe. But what makes it so good? Our guidelines for you to follow when buying HOKA shoes for walking are:

  • Arch Support
  • Material Quality

For arch support, you are looking for shock absorption qualities that can be firm or soft depending on your use case or orthopedics’ recommendation. Women’s walking shoes with arch support are common in the HOKA shoe brand line, but the above link should get you started in your search for HOKA walking shoes.

For material quality, you need a mesh construction for a lightweight feel and better natural impact loading while you are walking and exercising.

Best Walking Shoes for Men

Best walking shoes for men with a man walking by the beach looking for the best HOKA walking shoes for men

We comfortably recommend these HOKA shoes as the most energy-efficient walking shoes by HOKA. The Gaviota HOKA shoes gave our review team a lot to cover. From the quality materials to the well-made upper and sole, you can’t go wrong with the HOKA Gaviota shoes.

Our research says that if you have foot pain, you should look at these Gaviota shoes because they are known for helping people’s foot pain while walking.

HOKA Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

HOKA walking shoes for plantar fasciitis with a woman walking and smiling on a beautiful trail for walking with HOKAS

These HOKA shoes are our pick for relieving Plantar Fasciitis pain.

The sharp arch pain associated with plantar fasciitis is replaced by a normal walking experience with this pair of HOKA shoes. This maximalist style of HOKA shoes is max-cushion shoes for people with pain; giving them the ability to feel like a professional runner and athlete again.

We recommend HOKA shoes with lots of cushions that are firm. The opposite: soft cushion, can aggravate the movement of joints in the foot during the main gait of terrestrial locomotion among humans.

Best Cushioned Walking Shoes

Best cushioned walking shoes that include the best hoka shoes for walking all day on your feet in total comfort

The inverted pendulum gait or “walking” is actually a complicated motion to study for orthopedic doctors. But the consensus is that having excellently cushioned walking shoes is the best way to go for feeling your best while exercising.

For the best HOKA ONE ONE for walking, we recommend these heavily cushioned HOKA shoes that have lots of firm cushions for all your walking needs. Unsupportive, uncushioned shoes can cause repetitive stress injuries, so we recommend using the above-linked HOKA shoes because of their excellent cushioning material quality.

Find It Health – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ For find it health that includes frequently asked questions for HOKA walking shoes that has a woman in hoka walking shoes on the beach smiling

Which HOKA Shoes are the Best?

These HOKA shoes are the best for walking due to their firm and technologically and anatomically accurate arch support and good material quality.

We recommend the linked HOKA shoe because of the reported comfort and durability according to our review team. The healthy heel strike technology is well made for people that walk and run every day.

What HOKA Shoes are Good for Flat Feet?

We’ve found this type of HOKA shoe that is well made for people with a lower arch (flat feet). This shoe will have more shock absorption for flat feet, allowing you to run longer under less stress.

With less stress you will be able to walk for longer periods of time, allowing you to exercise more efficiently for your time schedule.

What is the Best HOKA Shoe for Walking?

The best HOKA Shoe for walking is the type of cushion that is firm and shock absorbing. The trick with walking shoes from this brand is that this type of shoe has a max approach to cushioning.

HOKA shoes are known for cushioning your feet and knees allowing for longer walking periods with less stress on your joints and feet. The HOKA Bondi is the most cushioned shoe in the brand, so you will benefit from the extra padding for your long walks.

What is the Best HOKA Shoe for Standing all Day?

Our pick for the best HOKA shoe for standing all day is this pair. If you are on your feet for extended periods of time, you will benefit from having the extra cushion that the above shoes provide. If you are in a line of work that requires you to be on your feet constantly throughout the day, I suggest you try these out, as we recommend them to you fully.

What is the Best HOKA Shoe for High Arches?

If you have high arches, we recommend this HOKA shoe pair. Our review team noted that no matter how old or young the wearer was, there seemed to be no difference in comfort. The high arched support is excellent with this pair of shoes according to our review team.

Conclusion: The Best HOKA Shoes for Walking: Tests and Research by

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Let’s wrap it up by being truthful.

We know that walking shoes need to be comfortable and safe for all who purchase them. That is why we go through the comparisons and tests necessary to guarantee that HOKA is the right brand of walking shoes for you. We look for the benefits alongside our research and review team and relay them to you, the curious buyer.

Our high-quality information is made to be shareable with our readers. We put in the research and test-work for each review published so that we have a healthier community, benefiting all of us.  If you would like to read more informational review comparisons and content, we wrote an article containing a physical therapist recommended tens unit.

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