The Best Caffeine Gum Reviews: Our Team's Findings and Comparisons

Looking for some extra energy?

The review team and I have found the best caffeine gum; ranked them #1 – #5 and listed our research down on the easy-to-understand article below.

In order to make the best purchase, we have gone through the relevant research studies in order to write down the benefits of each energy gum product.

The methodology of the research (, 2020) included randomized trials in a crossover design with doses of caffeine administered 15 minutes prior to each chewing gum trial. Runners produced a sample following each trial tested for caffeine and its metabolites.

Best caffeine gum with alert energy gum

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Guide to Caffeinated Gum

Best Quality
#1.REV Energy Alert Caffeine Gum – Best Caffeine Gum

The main decision to put this caffeine gum on top of our rankings is based on health research (, 2020) that describes caffeinated products as being easier to metabolize by our bodies when chewed in the mouth prior to exercise in the test findings. This means that caffeine chewing gum is the preferred method of energy due to scientific research.

The Benefits:

This REV energy gum is the best caffeine gum because it works so quickly. Within five minutes, the review team noticed more alertness after starting to chew. With such a fast-working caffeine gum, you can get fast and efficient energy absorbed through your mouth tissues, getting you to work faster and harder.

When you increase your productivity, you can be more important to your employer or family, keeping you reliable and steadfast. One issue we found was that our review team reported that the taste was a “love it or hate it” type of flavor. However, we highly recommend this gum; especially for the taste. The peppermint was our review team’s favorite.


  • Works fast
  • Sugar free
  • Great for mornings


  • “love it or hate it” type of flavor
#2. Vivarin Caffeine Gum – Energy Aid

Our review team ranks the Vivarin caffeine gum number 2 on our rankings of best caffeine gum from our research that defines caffeine gum or tablets as being the most effective way for caffeine to enter your body’s cells, giving you the energy you need. Vivarin is a heavily sought-after product that is relevant to our reviews due to the tremendous popularity of people that shop for caffeine gum in the United States.

The Benefits:

Our review team thought that the Vivarin caffeine gum was easy to use, as you just pop them in your mouth and get right to work. While this exact product is technically tablets, this belongs on our list due to its high popularity. The taste is acquired, some of our review team thought it was passable, while one review team member did not like the flavor. We recommend this product to you because of its high popularity and fast-acting caffeine delivery.


  • Easy
  • Very popular
  • Fast working


  • Passable taste
#3. ZENERGY Caffeine Gum Sugar Free – Caffeinated Gum

Zenergy caffeinated chewing gum according to our research (, 2020) has the most effective distribution method of caffeine to you. This research found that caffeinated products are better metabolized in your blood stream when chewed in the mouth prior to exertion during the study. This means that caffeine gum works, and works well for you no matter what you use the gum for.

The Benefits:

This is very light packaging. This means that you can go on long walks with your gum without feeling extra packaging weight. If you are a climber or active person, having a lighter bag to carry means a lot to you the further you walk or run. When you get far enough, the lack of packaging will have you smiling, knowing you made an excellent choice with a lighter packaged caffeine gum.

Our review team thought the taste was very good, with nobody saying that it was less than great. One issue is that it contains sucralose. But, if you tolerate artificial sugars well, we recommend this caffeine gum to you completely.


  • Light packaging
  • Good taste
  • Good kick


  • Contains artificial sugars
#4. MEG Energy Gum – Energy Chewing Gum

To give you the best caffeine gum, we did research (, 2020) stating that the most useful way for caffeine to enter your body is through caffeine gum. This means that chewing caffeinated gum is faster to use and will give you your fix more efficiently. This MEG energy gum is no different.

The Benefits:

Our review team recommends trying the variety pack before buying a large pack of a single flavor. The tastes of the different MEG energy gum flavors are very different, but that is a plus for our team here. According to our research from, the caffeine absorbed through your mouth hits your system faster than drinking caffeine liquids.

Best of all, it’s inexpensive. This means you are saving quite a bit of money by buying caffeine gum instead of expensive Starbucks coffee drinks every day. The only problem we found was the stickiness was severe if you have very close together teeth. If you don’t have crowns, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.


  • Unique taste
  • Superior absorption
  • Inexpensive


  • Sticky
#5. Jolt Mint Caffeinated Gum – Gum with Caffeine

The primary function of energy chewing gum is to give you a kick start. The research we found (, 2020) caffeinated products are better processed through your body when chewed in the mouth prior to exertion or your normal schedule of life.

The Benefits:

When compared to the rarer Alert caffeine gum, our review team’s findings and data showed that this Jolt gum with caffeine was ahead in most categories. This gum according to our review team reported that this caffeine gum was pleasant tasting, lasted long during the day, and delivered energy quickly upon taking the gum.

If you are drowsy at work, this gum will keep you alert throughout the day, and gives your mind that quick boost. With a more alert mind, you can accomplish tasks more effectively and faster than if you were drowsy. One issue we found was that artificial sweetener aspartame is included. But, if your body digests artificial sweeteners well, we recommend this caffeinated gum to you.


  • Tested better than the alert caffeine gum
  • Pleasant tasting
  • Lasts long


  • Artificial sweeteners

Best Caffeinated Gum: Buying Guide and Information

How Do You Buy The Best Caffeinated Gum?

For gum with caffeine with energy in mouth

The review team here on took down the brand value and benefit notes, along with product quality and reliability in order to make this list of the best caffeine gum products for you. The best caffeinated gum is this gum. When flavor, caffeine, and price come together in the perfect combo, you have the right purchase that will wake you up.

If you are looking for a guide looking at all the comparisons between caffeine and sugar, we have the ultimate article about which is better: Caffeine vs Sugar is one of our best articles, enjoy!

The Best Selling Brand

Mint with best caffeine gum to be caffeine gum reviews

This MEG Energy Gum was the best-selling brand according to our website reports. The central nervous system stimulant works well with the MEG energy gum, reversibly blocking the action of adenosine on its receptors and ends drowsiness created by the natural adenosine chemical in our bodies. Caffeine is bitter, however, so the MEG energy gum’s unique and sugary flavor masks the white crystalline purine taste well.

Chewing Gum Brands

Caffeine gum reviews for the vivarin alert caffeine chewing gum

Alert caffeine gum is an energy caffeine gum produced by the Wrigley’s company. Alert caffeine gum was discontinued in May 2013.

Vivarin caffeine gum is a brand that is famous for fast working caffeine products that are tasteless but designed to be taken quickly.

MEG energy gum has since been rebranded from “Stay Alert Gum” which has an astounding 100 mg of caffeine per piece, which for the price is impressive.

REV energy gum is synonymous with high-quality and natural ingredients. It’s ranked number 1 on our list of best caffeine gum packages to purchase.

ZENERGY gum has a minty flavor that is a caffeine gum sugar free product.

Jolt mint caffeinated gum has a decent 45 grams of caffeine per piece, which is perfect for most needs. Our review team highly recommends this caffeine gum.

Best Chewing Gum

Does caffeine gum work a brand that is best selling sugar free

REV energy gum has excellent benefits. It is a convenient replacement for coffee, boosts mental concentration due to the caffeine while keeps you awake when you get drowsy, and is inexpensive. This mix of cognitive performance increasing, and good tasting caffeine gum is enough to put it on top of our list as the best chewing gum that contains caffeine.

Best caffeine gum with comparisons and reviews with findings featured image

Does caffeine gum work?

When asking the question is caffeine gum is effective, our answer is yes. The caffeine ingredient is shown to enhance strength, power, and endurance. These are characteristics that underpin performance in the gym and will keep you alert and focused during your normal day.

Where to buy caffeine gum?

You can buy caffeine gum at this link: HERE.

Is caffeine gum safe? What are the energy gum negatives?

The chemical caffeine is safe in moderate quantities. Just dose caffeine appropriately and check the labels to make sure each piece has the equal amount of sugar that you are comfortable taking in a day.

That being said, If you pound 15 cups of coffee’s worth of gum, you need to be actively measuring the caffeine per piece of the gum. As always, we recommend you consult a medical professional with questions.

Conclusion: Tests and Research by

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We at strive to give you information that is relevant to your questions. We go through the texture, flavor, and effectiveness of each caffeine gum product according to Golf Hardware. The brand relevance and product lasting a long time in your mouth is the main reason our review team is giving us the research and findings so that you can go back to your community with healthy and knowledgeable advice.

We want communities to be healthy and happy, so make sure to spread this information and share our review and buying guide in order to help people in your place for the future.

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US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. (2020). Caffeine metabolites are associated with different forms of caffeine supplementation and with perceived exertion during endurance exercise

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