How Long Does It Take To Become A Reiki Master?

how long does it take to become a reiki master from find it health experts and a high level of attunement

With people looking to be healthier and live longer, alternative health practices like Reiki are thriving. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that harnesses universal energy through a certified Reiki practitioner’s hands and was created by Mikao Usui. They guide this healing energy to places in the body to promote healing.

Researchers at FinditHealth found that the growing demand for holistic health and complementary therapies has resulted in more training programs for Reiki. If you are already an alternative medicine or holistic health professional interested in becoming a Reiki master, keep reading to learn more.

how long does it take to become a reiki master from find it health experts and a high level of attunement

How Long to Truly Become A Master of Reiki?

how long does it take to become a reiki master and the master average salary

The energy-flowing practice we know as Reiki has been a large inspiration for people to be at peace.

This gets people to train for being a master of Reiki .

Energy flows is a central part of Reiki. The flow of bio magnetic energy is stimulated via reiki, helping you feel the sacred practice in your mind and muscles.

Physical symptoms can also be healed when practicing this healing path.

Trauma and other harmful injuries can be healed with Reiki according to our sources. Anatomy and other energy topics are some of the various studies that come with becoming a Reiki master. Here students learn about being one with their chakras and intuition while finding the energy zones that are related to other parts of the body.

The organization of Reiki is loose, and most schools have a beginning, intermediate, and Reiki master level. Usually the lowest level lasts for just two days costing $250, while the Reiki master programs usually are completed in 2 years and cost around $1,800.

High Level of Attunement

Reiki Master doesn’t mean you are a master of Reiki but more like a designation like a master’s degree. It indicates that you’ve received training and a high level of attunement to perform Reiki on others. You have a deep understanding of the energy flow and energy transfer that occurs through a session of Reiki. Mastering Reiki is not the goal here as much as becoming a role model and understanding your relationship with Reiki energy.

We also recommend that before going on to the master’s level, the students are very familiar with how they feel and work with Reiki energy. You want them to have experience with the basics of Reiki level two, which includes hands-on and distance healing, a regular self-healing practice, and insights gained while working with Reiki.

Reiki can also help with your reactive and reflective behavioral skills. Have you ever reacted quickly in a situation or chosen to do something that you later regretted? Still, the effect of this choice leads to different outcomes than you originally desired. We all make choices every day, with some of these choices being easy, like what to wear, but others can be more challenging, like planning a vacation. Reiki allows you to access your intuition and your deep emotions, so you truly understand your desires and how you want to handle a situation.

Can Anyone Become A Reiki Master?

Yes, anyone can become a reiki master if they are willing to show dedication to the universal life force and practice meditation daily. Meditation is essential to adapt and focus reiki energy to provide true healing to the physical body parts that need it.

Meditation also will allow you to surrender to the universal life force and continue on your journey of personal growth.

This is why Reiki is such a great form of self-care as it allows you to turn inward and truly focus on yourself.

Reiki Master Teacher to Study Under

With the master training, you do need to find a teacher who you will spend time with and help you practice the attunement process. This teacher will also support you as you go through the process of becoming a Reiki Master. We encourage you to seek out a teacher that you personally relate to and feel comfortable with their teaching process.

Ask them how much time is spent practicing attunements and how much support they will give you as you practice and study to become a Reiki Master. You will find a teacher that openly supports you in achieving your goals. This teacher will help build your self-confidence as you grow and become successful in your Reiki practice.

What Does A Reiki Master Do?

A Reiki practitioner can practice energy healing on clients by only learning and getting attunements from the first two levels of Reiki. A Reiki master has completed the three levels of Reiki with all the attunements, including the Usui master symbol. They also have practiced Reiki personally for a couple of years, so they have a deeper understanding of Reiki. 

They are also more experienced in practicing energy healing. When you become a reiki master, you get tremendous respect and reverence towards the universal life force. This knowledge allows a Reiki master to perform recovery on themselves or a client in less time than a Reiki practitioner. The most significant difference between reiki practitioners and reiki masters is that only reiki masters can teach Reiki to students.

For each healing session, the reiki master will unblock energy passageways (chakras) and emotional blockages by channeling energy from the universal life force using hand placements and reiki symbols. The experience gained by a reiki master also allows them to teach reiki energy healing to students who want to become reiki masters. As you receive this energy healing, you will find the benefits throughout all aspects of your life. It could even help you decide the next color you want to dye your hair and influence you to switch up your image.

Reiki Master Average Salary

Many holistic health practitioners combine Reiki with other disciplines such as Pilates, massage therapy, and acupuncture. So, it depends on what you offer or combine Reiki with for the actual price amount. The key factors that influence how much you make are your Reiki experience and training, the demand for Reiki treatment in your area, and your general location.

You will need to check in your area. Still, the fee for Reiki sessions is usually between $50.00 to $150.00 for an hour session, depending on the location of the country in which you practice. As you give more sessions, you will gain more experience and feel more confident in charging more money. Having more self-confidence opens you open to more possibilities and opportunities for life in general. The average Reiki Practitioner in the US makes $50,000 to $60,000 a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does it take to become a Reiki master?

It takes a minimum of two years to become a Reiki master. Even though there are courses that last two days to get all the information, you need six months to understand and grasp the teachings of level 1 reiki. It takes another six months as well for level 2 reiki. Then it takes one year to practice and finish reiki master level 3.

What do you need to be a Reiki master?

To become a Reiki master, you train with a Reiki master and practice a series of attunements or initiations. These attune or connect you to energy, so you can receive it and pass it on to others. Some Reiki master teachers do require a minimum of one year between the first and second-level Reiki classes. This is because practicing for an additional year allows you to have more experience before pursuing the path to Reiki master level training.

Conclusion – Research by

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With the emerging field of energy medicine, Reiki is enjoying increasing popularity as a form of treatment, and a lot of people want to become practitioners. Researchers at FinditHealth found many opportunities for people wanting a career in Reiki.

As the wellness industry continues to grow, there is more demand for alternative healing practices such as Reiki. Reiki promotes well-being, influences joy, and provides stress relief in your everyday life. Getting your Reiki Master certification will influence your personal life and give you more opportunities for work.

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