When To Gua Sha In Your Skincare Routine

When To Gua Sha In Your Skincare Routine

As the main health and wellness specialist at FindItHealth, I’m here to clarify how to employ all-natural treatments like Gua Sha.

A traditional Chinese medicine called gua sha has been increasingly well-known in recent years due to its various benefits. It entails scraping the skin with a tool having a smooth edge to increase blood flow and accelerate healing.

Gua Sha is also very good at restoring the appearance and beauty of the skin. However, it is essential to adhere to a proper gua sha skin care program to ensure positive results. Please read on to find out more. 

When Should You Gua Sha In Your Skincare Routine?

Here are a few suggestions for when to include gua sha in your skincare routine:

  • Cleansing: Clean skin is crucial especially for facial gua sha. This allows for a clean, fresh canvas for the gua sha facial tool to glide smoothly across the skin. Apply oil or serum before using gua sha to provide a barrier against pulling or tugging of the skin during treatment.
  • Before applying skincare products: Another choice is to apply gua sha before using skincare products. The absorption of serums, moisturizers, and other skincare products can be improved via gua sha. The motion of scraping might temporarily boost blood flow and widen pores, facilitating better product penetration.
  • As a part of facial massage: Gua Sha can be used in a spa or at home as part of a face massage. Use a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer to prepare your face. Gua Sha can ease tension in the facial muscles, increase blood flow, and make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Anytime during the day: Gua Sha can be used at any point during your skincare routine. You can practice it on your own whenever you feel like you need a quick pick-me-up or to relax your facial or neck muscles. Before utilizing the instrument, just make sure your skin is clean and well-lubricated


Should I Use Gua Sha Before Or After Skincare?

Here are considerations for using gua sha in both options:

  • Before skincare: Scraping the skin’s surface can improve blood flow and widen pores, allowing skincare products to absorb more fully. Gua Sha creates a clean surface for better skincare product application and absorption when used before skincare.
  • After skincare: For some individuals using gua sha after skincare is ideal. This approach allows the gua sha tool like a jade roller to glide more smoothly over the skin, aided by the moisturizing or lubricating properties of your skincare products. It can also help in further distributing the products and maximizing their benefits.


Gua Sha Routine Timing

Here are some ideas for situations in which you could work gua sha into your schedule:

  • Morning routine: Gua Sha is frequently incorporated into morning skincare routines because of its many positive effects. To begin the day looking fresh and renewed, it can awaken the face, decrease puffiness, and improve dark circles. After washing your face and before using skincare products like serums and moisturizers, you can use gua sha.
  • Evening routine: You can include a gua sha massage in your nightly skincare routine. It can help you unwind and relax before bed, which can improve your sleep and help you release tension.
  • Midday pick-me-up: If you feel tired or your face feels tense throughout the day, you can use gua sha for a quick boost. Gua Sha on your face and neck for a few minutes assists in increasing circulation and leaves you with radiant skin


Using Gua Sha Before Or After Moisturizer

Here are considerations for using gua sha either before or after applying a moisturizer:

  • Before moisturizer: Using gua sha before applying moisturizer allows the tool to glide smoothly over the skin. By using it before moisturizing, you create a clean canvas for your skincare products to be applied and absorbed. This can potentially enhance the effectiveness of your moisturizer by aiding in its penetration.
  • After moisturizer: Some people favor using gua sha after using moisturizer. With this approach, the lubricating or moisturizing qualities of your moisturizer let the tool slide over the skin easily. It can encourage relaxation, aid in the further distribution of the moisturizer, and hydrate the skin even more


Using Gua Sha Before Or After Cleanser

As previously noted, gua sha is often done following facial cleansing and before using skincare products.

A deeper cleanse makes sure that the skin is clear of grime, oil, and makeup and is prepared for the gua sha tool to glide smoothly over it.


Using Gua Sha Before Or After Serums

Your personal preference and the results you want to achieve will determine whether to use a serum before or after gua sha: 

  • Before serums: For the serum to be absorbed more deeply, a gua sha treatment should be performed before serum administration. The highly absorbable serum can better exert its benefits by penetrating the deeper skin layers when the skin is scraped with a gua sha tool.
  • After serums: After applying a serum, gua sha can aid in better serum distribution, encourage relaxation, and benefit the skin in other ways.

However, experts advise administering the serum first, then using the gua sha instrument. Additionally, before enjoying a gua sha facial massage session, be sure to follow a skincare routine for the greatest effects. 


Should I use my Gua Sha before or after a face mask?

Your choice of whether to receive Gua Sha treatment before or following the use of a face mask will depend on the intended results:

  • Before a face mask: Gua Sha before applying a face mask can promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which can enhance the effectiveness of the face mask. By scraping the skin first, you create a clean and well-prepared surface for the mask to work its magic.
  • After a face mask: This strategy can improve the way the components in the face mask are absorbed and provide the skin with more relaxation and renewal.

However, experts advise removing the facial sheet mask first before massaging the skin with a rose quartz or jade gua sha instrument. This makes sure that all of the extra sebum is absorbed into your skin, giving you a facial that is genuinely soothing and spa-like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put moisturizer on after using Gua Sha?

Skin experts recommend a gua sha massage after applying a moisturizer. In addition to exercising the skin, the scraping process improves the skin’s absorption of the product’s nutrients.

What should I apply after using Gua Sha?

To maximize the benefits of a gua sha treatment, you can apply the following:

  • Facial oil or serum: After utilizing gua sha, the face may benefit from additional hydration and nourishment by using a facial oil or serum. Find products that are appropriate for your skin type and deal with particular issues like hydration, brightening, or anti-aging.
  • Moisturizer: An effective moisturizer helps the skin retain moisture, stay hydrated, and get vital nutrients. Whether it’s a light lotion, a cream, or a gel, pick a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type.
  • Eye cream: If you use an eye cream as part of your skincare routine, apply it after gua sha. Use your ring finger to gently dab a small bit of eye cream about the eye area without exerting too much pressure.
  • Sunscreen: It’s crucial to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays if you’re applying gua sha during the day. After receiving the gua sha apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with the recommended SPF before applying makeup. 

What should you apply before using a Gua Sha?

A lightweight oil is often used with gua sha to allow for the optimum glide of the tool onto the skin.

Besides lubricating the skin, oils like jojoba have nourishing vitamins and antioxidants that increase the therapeutic benefits of a gua sha treatment.


Research done by the FindItHealth team shows that Gua Sha has great potential to de-puff, elevate, and boost skin luminosity.

The steady light pressure of gua sha helps to relieve physical tension, support lymphatic drainage, remove toxins, and flow Qi energy.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of gua sha can vary from person to person, and individual results may differ. It’s recommended to be consistent in your gua sha practice and listen to your skin’s response

Additionally, if you have specific skin conditions or concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a skincare professional or licensed aesthetician for personalized guidance on incorporating gua sha into your skincare and facial treatment.

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Luz Chacon is a Health Educator, Wellness Coach, and EFT Tapping Practitioner with 30+ years in health advocacy. Specializing in stress management, wellbeing, and holistic health, she created a 40% stress reduction employee program. Luz is dedicated to helping busy individuals prioritize self-care, break patterns, and reach goals. She offers programs for organizations and individuals. Luz is passionate about sharing her health research and guiding informed choices!

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