Gua Sha Certification

Gua Sha Certification

As the head of the wellness group here at Find It Health, I will explain the important details you need to know about Gua Sha certification. For starters, Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese technique that is used to gain health benefits. These benefits are now being studied through Western lenses with the emergence of new academic articles that give credibility to the practice.

Our wellness group at Find It Health works day and night to give you credible, up-to-date, and correct details and answers to all your questions about Gua Sha certification.

In this article, we will closely examine Gua Sha certification options, online training, the advantages of a Gua Sha certificate, its pricing, and whether you require a permit to do Gua Sha.

Gua Sha Certification Options

Below are the Gua Sha certification options we recommend.

  • Online Gua Sha Certification

Some different educational websites and platforms offer Gua Sha certification. The programs include video training with some instructional materials to guide you through the certification process and later assessments. Before choosing an online program, always ensure it’s from a recognized and reputable organization.

  • Chinese Schools and Programs

There are Chinese schools that offer Gua Sha training in their programs. Enrolling in these schools and institutes will give you Gua Sha therapy knowledge and authentic techniques. As a result, you’ll get a certification upon course completion.

  • Experienced Practitioners Association

Experienced Gua Sha practitioners have a professional setting that promotes Gua Sha. Their programs offer in-depth training on powerful techniques on various levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced levels), and they will give a certification after the training.


Online Training

There are several online training Gua Sha certification programs available.

This online training offers the flexibility to study from any location and at your own pace.

Guide To Getting a Credible and Trustworthy Online Training

  1. Research online training programs
  2. Check the course content and the curriculum
  3. Carefully have a look at the instructor credentials
  4. Read testimonials and reviews
  5. Check if interaction and support are available
  6. Verify their certification
  7. Check their cost
  8. Online Training Programs

Among the online training for Gua Sha certification available includes

  1. Waves Wellness Center Gua Sha Certification Course
  2. Online Gua Sha Certification Level 1
  3. Gua Sha Facial Gua Sha Massage program
  4. Gua Sha by DR. Arya Nielsen
  5. Gua Sha- Tool Assisted Massage training

Gua Sha certification offers a professional with direct hands-on knowledge required for the effective and safe practice of Gua Sha. The certification confirms that you have the required knowledge to practice Gua Sha. Several institutions and organizations offer Gua Sha certification programs.

Remember, a good online training Gua Sha certification program involves interactive exercises, videos, and hands-on practice. If you have a burning question, you can contact the program providers directly before deciding.


Benefits of a Gua Sha Certificate

  • Personal Satisfaction

Having hands-on experience with Gua Sha therapy is a rewarding experience since it helps in promoting your well-being and that of others.

  • Professional Credential

Gua Sha therapy Certification serves as a physical therapist credential. This shows your know-how and professionalism. Furthermore, certification will also improve your reputation and credibility as a therapy provider.

  • Improved Knowledge and Skills

Gua Sha therapy certification offers more knowledge and skills to carry out this therapy effectively and safely. As a trainee, you’ll get a comprehensive education and training in Gua Sha protocols, effective techniques, and safety. You’ll learn more about Gua Sha’s practice, theory, history, and skin anatomy.

  • Client Confidence and Trust

Having a certification in Gua Sha assures your customers that you’ve been through proper training hence being able to carry out Gua Sha therapy. Your massage clients will have confidence and trust in your services, contributing to satisfaction.

  • Career Advancement

If you are operating a spa, wellness, or any healthcare facility, getting a certification in Gua Sha leads to more opportunities for your career progress. Getting a Gua Sha certificate helps professional massage therapist practitioners promote their marketability. This will increase their probability of getting employed or customers after setting up a Gua Sha treatment technique center.

  • Networking

Moreover, you’ll get more links with other physical therapists in the Gua Sha field, which helps strengthen your professional network, resulting in new learning opportunities. This helps improve your amazing techniques, making you a more competent professional. A Gua Sha certification can link you with professionals in this field. Thus, you’ll be updated on the latest developments and attend conferences, workshops, etc.

  • Expand Services Offered

Gua Sha therapy certification adds you to a list of services to offer. You can offer just Gua Sha therapy or add to your existing services.



The exact pricing of Gua Sha certification varies depending on program duration, certification level, content covered, and the trainer’s reputation. Online training costs up to several thousand dollars, while others are just a few hundred dollars.

Gua Sha seminars or workshops will last a few days; hence they have the lowest price, ranging between $50 – $300.

However, seminars or workshop programs may only give you Gua Sha basic skills and introduction.

Moreover, the cost of normal online training for Gua Sha certification differs depending on content depth, the support provided, and the period of access to learning materials. The actual cost ranges from $200 – $1000 or even more.

A long in-person training program can last a few days, weeks, or even months. Due to the hands-on training, its pricing will be higher, up to a thousand dollars.

Remember, the pricing depends on the value and quality of the program. In addition, other costs are linked with the Gua Sha certification program. This includes purchasing supplies or expensive tools, study materials, travel, and sometimes accommodation when having in-person training.


Do You Need A License To Do Gua Sha?

Whether you need a license to do Gua Sha depends on your location. Gua Sha therapy is a controlled medical exercise in China; only licensed professionals can practice it. No guidelines govern this therapy in several other countries, including the US. Always check the country’s regulations before offering Gua Sha services.

Key notes about licensing Gua Sha

  • Licensed as a Massage Therapy

In several countries, Gua Sha falls within body workouts or massage therapy; hence one needs a massage therapy license to carry out the activity legally.

  • Skincare License

Gua Sha’s facial massage skills for facial skin rejuvenation fall in the skincare or esthetics scope. Some countries will need a skincare license if you intend to offer this service.

  • Chinese Medicine License

Some regions consider Gua Sha as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thus, you should obtain an Asian medicine certification or license to offer the service. Moreover, to get the certification or license, you will require training in Chinese medicine modalities, and Gua Sha therapy is among them.

  • Allied Health Professionals

In other countries, Gua Sha is considered one of the practices by a health care provider. Thus, to offer Gua Sha therapy, you need to be a licensed healthcare provider.

Find It Health- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gua Sha Certification, and why is it important?

Gua Sha certification confirms having attained knowledge of Gua Sha therapy. You’ll attain Gua Sha certification after completing a training program in this traditional Chinese healing technique.

Gua Sha certification is very important because of the following reasons.

  • Enhances client trust and safety
  • Improves qualified massage therapist skills and knowledge
  • Enhances specialist credibility
  • Offers public protection
  • Improves job prospects
  • Enhances collaboration and networking between professions

How can I obtain a Gua Sha Certification?

There are several ways in which you can achieve Gua Sha certification. Among the popular ways include online certification and in-person certification programs.

Moreover, to get a genuine and reliable Gua Sha certification, you need to:

  1. Do good research on certification programs
  2. Review the requirements needed
  3. Enroll in the program and start training
  4. Fulfill all the requirements, including practical
  5. Take assessments
  6. Complete all other requirements
  7. Get your certification

Are there any recognized organizations or institutions that offer Gua Sha Certification?

Yes, several recognized institutions and organizations offer Gua Sha certification. Among them includes:

  1. International Gua Sha Association
  2. Gua Sha Certification by Dr. Arya Nielsen
  3. American Massage Therapy Association
  4. Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

What are the benefits of obtaining a Gua Sha Certification?

Getting a Gua Sha certification offers a lot of benefits. Among the key advantages are the following:

  • Promotes professional credibility
  • Improves your skill set
  • Enhances client trust
  • Offers a competitive advantage
  • Promotes networking between professionals
  • Continuing growth in knowledge
  • Personal satisfaction

Are there any prerequisites or requirements for obtaining a Gua Sha Certification?

Yes, there are requirements needed for one to get a Gua Sha Certification, although they vary depending on the training provider and the program. Among the prerequisites required are experience with physiology and anatomy, knowledge of massage therapy, and course completion


Researchers at Find It Health remind everyone that Gua Sha Certification is attained after completing the training and fulfilling all the requirements. Certification is important to every professional since it promotes professional credibility, improves your skill set, enhances client trust, offers a competitive advantage, promotes networking, and offers personal satisfaction.

To get a reliable trainer, you need to do proper research on different online training programs. After that, check the curriculum and instructor credentials. Read some reviews and testimonials, verify their certification, and enroll in a training program to get your certification.

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Luz Chacon is a Health Educator, Wellness Coach, and EFT Tapping Practitioner with 30+ years in health advocacy. Specializing in stress management, wellbeing, and holistic health, she created a 40% stress reduction employee program. Luz is dedicated to helping busy individuals prioritize self-care, break patterns, and reach goals. She offers programs for organizations and individuals. Luz is passionate about sharing her health research and guiding informed choices!

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