Getting a Qigong Certification — (Health Coach’s Advice)


As the lead wellness coach at Find It Health, I’m here to provide research-based data on medical qigong certification for interested practitioners and instructors.

As you know, medical Qigong is a popular alternative mind-body practice that involves deep breathing techniques and a focused intention to improve the flow of qi through the body.

In this article, the research team at find it health has put together accurate information and guidelines for being a certified medical qigong instructor or practitioner.

Getting a Qigong Certification

The National Qigong Association (NQA) is a reputable organization that offers certification for anyone wishing to become qualified in medical Qigong. Individuals must demonstrate their mastery of particular medical qigong techniques after enrolling in wellness programs. The NQA offers extensive wellness programs that guarantee a thorough learning experience for interested individuals.

For individuals unable to attend in-person teacher training classes, qigong certification programs are available online. It is crucial to verify the credibility and scope of the online classes and wellness program before enrolling.

Best Qigong Certifications (Online)

Many online medical qigong certification programs are available, but it’s important to choose one that is reputable and provides comprehensive training.

Through teaching videos and months of qigong practice, these programs prepare their students to become amazing qigong instructors and healers. Programs can last for months ranging from 40- to 60-minute sessions or 60-minute sessions to 30- to 90-minute sessions, or 120-minute sessions per week.

Some of the best online Qigong certification programs include:

The Supreme Science Qigong Center

The Supreme Science Qigong Center’s goal is simple – they promote the study, practice, and positive effects of Qigong in order to improve overall health/wellness among practitioners. They are a medical Qigong nonprofit organization that accepts students from any level of experience.

Their virtual classroom provides relevant content showcasing insights from professional experts who guide students through a multitude of courses in health and healing qigong studies. Online sessions typically range from 60-minute classes to about 120-minute classes with an option to go at your own pace.

The comprehensive programs delve into essential topics, such as the historical significance behind Qigong, while highlighting the benefits that come with its practice. Such benefits from Qigong include advanced mental health, overall well-being, improved fitness, and chronic pain relief.

As experts in medical qigong studies, they have curated carefully structured courses and additional materials that empower students with the tools they need to incorporate this ancient Chinese medicine practice into their lives, promoting improved physical and mental health and enhanced well-being.

The National Qigong Association

The National Qigong Association (NQA) is a popular nonprofit organization that also provides online wellness programs and lectures for individuals at any level of experience interested in getting certified in healing qigong practice.

To enhance mental health and overall well-being, the National Qigong Association strives to advance the comprehension, application, and benefit of Qigong as a type of traditional Chinese medicine.

Their online program material covers the benefits of healing Qigong, Qi gong flow, therapeutic Qigong, nasal and abdominal breathing techniques, care strategies, and a host of other important topics in Qigong studies.

Students will not only learn to earn their practitioner or teaching certificates but will also improve their quality of life through the many qigong mind exercises, direct experience from a class, and release of positive energy during qigong practice.

Providing an all-encompassing online certification program, individuals can acquire the knowledge and expertise required for instructing others in Qi gong and other forms of traditional Chinese medicine.

The program components consist of qigong exercise programs, proper breathing techniques, principles, physical exercises in Qigong, and the history of traditional Chinese medicine. Completing the program with success ultimately leads to eligibility for qigong instructor certification.

Qigong Awareness

Qigong Awareness is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote better physical and mental health and general well-being through medical qigong practice. They offer an array of online courses taught by experienced masters, such as the likes of Mantak Chia, on topics such as Qigong for healing, meditation, and exercise.

These courses delve into the history and principles of qigong techniques and their numerous psychological health and physical well-being benefits, like positive effects on anxiety or stress, improved mobility, prenatal care, and musculoskeletal pain relief.

The curricula of their online classes are geared towards facilitating the promotion of studies on Qigong and students’ physical and mental wellness, as well as a general understanding of Qigong, by utilizing advanced healing qigong techniques and including additional materials on other forms of traditional Chinese medicine.

Their wellness programs are also designed to help interested students become certified instructors or practitioners. There are additional materials that cover business and finances that provide prospective practitioners or instructors with business experience.

Reviews from past students have described their programs as life-changing and effective in promoting the positive effects of Qi gong for people. Registering online is a crucial step in ensuring that you don’t miss out on any important information during your online classes.

Holden Qigong Center

Online programs at Holden Qigong Center are taught by Lee Holden, the popular Chinese medicine teacher who has been practicing qigong techniques and various types of Chinese medicine for over 30 years.

The sessions introduce students to the many benefits of Qigong on psychological health and well-being. They learn breath patterns and qigong helpful effects in treating health conditions and enhancing the quality of life in people.

Improving positive effects on anxiety in people, muscle pain relief, positive effects on depression, mind regulation, better care strategies, and improving heart function are examples of the applications of healing qigong studies covered in the training materials.

There is an option called the Holden Qigong Self-Paced Online Teacher Certification Program, where registered students can apply and learn at their own pace if they have conflicting schedules that won’t permit learning at the normal pace.

The wellness programs offer thorough training to aid in the development of spiritual growth, with a focus on emotional balance. The online classes offered are interactive and give students direct access to instructors, with opportunities for feedback on safe form, standard care, and technique.

Holden Qigong programs offer very helpful qigong techniques and physical exercises for those interested in developing their qigong skills and gaining certification to teach the practice and other types of Chinese medicine to others.

Other good online certification programs include White Tiger Qigong and Spring Forest Qigong, two programs popular and recognized by the Yoga Alliance Act. White Tiger Qigong focuses on movements that improve overall health, strengthen the body, and calm the mind and are based on the five elements of nature. Spring Forest Qigong is designed for those seeking healing benefits, including pain relief, stress reduction, and increasing positive energy flow.

How to Become a Qigong Instructor

To become a certified qigong instructor, it is important to take steps like attending a certification program and studying the principles of qigong techniques or other forms of Chinese medicine. Becoming a qigong instructor includes doing the following;

  1. Research healing qigong wellness programs or schools to find a certification program that best aligns with your goals and interests.
  2. Attend a qigong certification program and complete the required teacher training classes and practice hours.
  3. Study the principles of qigong techniques and deepen your understanding of the practice as an ancient form of Chinese medicine to enhance your teaching.
  4. Pass any written exams or practical tests required for the level of certification you are interested in.
  5. Consider apprenticing or interning under a Qigong master to gain practical experience in teaching and applying the principles and studies of Qigong.

Qigong can be especially helpful for individuals experiencing negative energy or difficulties with breathing. Additionally, it can be helpful for those undergoing drug therapy, as qigong practice has been shown to improve walking ability and six-minute walking distances.

A certified qigong instructor can help students understand the ancient practice and help them access their internal energy. So, it’s important to enroll in certification programs that will help you achieve that.

How Many Years Does it Take to Become a Qigong Healer?

The years it takes to become a qigong healer will vary, depending on the individual’s level of certification, but it should be around a minimum of two years for level one practitioners.

There are further levels of certification for qigong healers, and each level’s criteria increases the time it takes to become a healer.

To utilize Qigong clinically or become a clinical healer, one is expected to finish no less than 600 hours of documented proper training in medical Qigong over two years.


Instead of standards for qigong certification, there are four levels interested individuals go through to become a qigong instructor, according to the National Qigong Association (NQA), and each level has its personal set of necessities in terms of hours of documented formal Qigong education, years of personal qigong exercise, and years of experience teaching Qigong. The following are the four levels of certification in Qigong.

Qigong instructor level I

This is the first level of becoming a Qigong teacher. To apply for this level, one should have at least 200 hours of documented formal Qigong schooling and two years of private Qigong practice.

Qigong Instructor Level II

This is the second level, and to apply for this level, one must have at least 350 hours of documented formal qigong training, three years of personal Qigong exercise, and 2-3 years teaching Qigong.

Qigong Advanced Instructor Level III

To apply for this level, one ought to have a minimum of 500 hours of documented formal Qigong training, six years of personal Qigong practice, and five years of experience teaching Qigong.

Qigong Senior Instructor Level IV

This is the fourth and final degree of becoming a qigong instructor. For this level, one ought to have at least 1000 hours of documented formal qigong training and ten years of experience teaching students, interested medical practitioners, or both. An interview with members of the Application Review Committee may also be required.

Qigong Instructor Salary

The salary of a qigong instructor can vary depending on many elements, which include area, experience, and level of certification. According to, the common income for a qigong teacher in the US is around $48,000 annually and, on average, E25,000 for practitioners in the UK.

Income can also vary depending on the practitioner’s circumstances or forms of Qigong offered. For example, an instructor who has a private practice or teaches interested students will earn more than an instructor who provides community services for the elderly or provides other alternative Chinese medicine services along with Qigong practice.

Salaries also vary depending on the purpose of practice. Someone who practices as a qigong healer will earn more than someone who practices as a qigong instructor for fitness or meditation.

Cost of Certification

For the National Qigong Association, the application fee for certification is about $150. There might be a video class subscription students may be required to pay for when they enroll in the teacher training classes.

The courses offered by Holden Qigong Center are priced reasonably, with varying prices for each program. The 12-week program for Emotional Balance costs $347, while the 16-week program for Holden Qigong Teacher Training costs $797.

Before signing up for online classes offered by qigong organizations, schools, or private instructors, it’s best to do research on the amount of money for classes required before enrollment.

There is no set standard amount for interested individuals, but the money for classes will vary depending on the level of certification, additional materials or complementary therapy practices, or exercise sessions expected to be completed within a designated schedule and if you want to learn Qigong for physical or mental health benefits or to become a certified instructor.

For interested students who cannot afford some expensive online classes, qigong awareness offers workshops at the price of $50. The workshop may not cover the normal curricula for a teaching certificate, but there is advanced material that provides basic topics prospective instructors should cover. – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a tai chi practitioner?

Enrolling in programs that provide certification as well as training or learning from an instructor or practitioner are excellent ways to become a tai chi practitioner.

How do I become a qigong instructor in the US?

To become a qigong instructor within the US, you can attend a qigong certification program offered by qigong organizations like the Qigong Awareness or National Qigong Association. Recall that each organization provides different training options, and you must be present for weeks of qigong practice to advance your level.

How do I become a qigong instructor in the UK?

To come to be a qigong instructor in the UK, you may attend a qigong certification program offered through respectable institutions or organizations like the British School of Shiatsu-Do. Do research on an organization before enrolling in its programs.

What is qigong master?

A qigong master is someone who has extensive knowledge and training in various qigong techniques. They can provide or offer instruction and mentorship in the practice as they are licensed instructors who have mastered the qigong principles and methods.

Can you learn Qigong online?

Yes, you can learn Qigong online through the various Qigong organizations that provide online classes, training, and certification in practice. Recall that there are various levels to be certified. Pick the one that suits your preferences and needs before applying.


Qigong certification can provide valuable training and credentials for those interested in teaching or practicing the ancient Chinese medicine health and wellness discipline. It is important to enroll in a good certification program or organization and to put in the vital time and dedication to end up a proficient and knowledgeable qigong practitioner.

With embodied experience in the practice of Qigong, you will be able to treat minor issues like shortness of breath or pain in people and chronic diseases like pulmonary disease or abdominal issues. However, you should remember that Qigong isn’t an alternative to medical standard treatments and consultation with a medical professional is suggested before starting any new physical exercises or wellness treatments.

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