Does Gua Sha Cause Wrinkles?

Does Gua Sha Cause Wrinkles

As the director of the wellness team here at Find It Health, I’m often asked whether Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese healing technique, can cause wrinkles.

It is an understandable concern for many people who want to explore alternative healing methods while avoiding any negative side effects. Gua sha has proven in numerous studies that it is effective and relatively safe.

To answer this question, let’s take a closer look at the technique and learn how it impacts facial appearance and skin tone.

When Can Gua Sha Cause Wrinkles?

Gua Sha can cause wrinkles if not performed correctly or tailored to individual skin types. Incorrect application can stress facial muscles and the skin itself, leading to wrinkle formation.

Additionally, those with sensitive or thin skin may find the treatment too harsh, causing adverse reactions that could contribute to wrinkles.

Despite these risks, our research team here at Find It Health has found that when done properly, Gua Sha can stimulate collagen production and improve blood flow, both of which are beneficial for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the technique is correctly implemented to fully realize its benefits and mitigate any undesirable consequences.

The appearance of wrinkles is a natural part of the aging process, and many people wish to maintain their natural beauty without resorting to invasive procedures.

Gua Sha is a safe, non-invasive technique that can be used to slow the formation of wrinkles and reduce their visibility by increasing micro-circulation.

Furthermore, it helps to release muscle tension around the face, allowing for a more radiant glow and youthful appearance


Should You Use Gua Sha For Under Eye Wrinkles?

Yes, Gua Sha can be used to reduce the appearance of under-eye wrinkles. Using a Gua Sha tool under the eyes may help decrease puffiness and dark circles, which are often caused by poor lymphatic drainage.

The tool’s gentle pressure and massaging effect can stimulate blood flow, reducing fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Proper Techniques for Using Gua Sha Under the Eyes

Proper technique is crucial to reap the potential benefits of Gua Sha without causing harm to the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Here are some steps to follow:

Keep in mind the skin surrounding the eyes is incredibly delicate. Therefore, it’s crucial to prioritize gentleness.

Since outcomes may differ for each person, consult with a knowledgeable professional who can ensure the proper execution of the procedure. Their expertise will guarantee both safety and usefulness.


Should You Use Gua Sha For Puffy Eyes?

The answer is a resounding yes. Gua Sha is an effective way to reduce puffiness around the eyes and promote a more youthful appearance.

Factors such as stress, poor sleep patterns, and environmental pollution can wreak havoc on the skin, resulting in a buildup of stagnant lymphatic fluid and unflattering swelling and puffiness.

The natural aging process also leads to a buildup of lymphatic fluid and excess fluid in the under-eye region, causing puffiness.

Gua Sha can address this issue by helping to distribute and drain these fluids. By using the Gua Sha stone in gentle, upward strokes along the contours of the face, you can stimulate the movement of stagnant lymphatic fluid, promoting its drainage and reducing puffiness.

Using the appropriate tool for this specific area is crucial, as Gua Sha tools intended for other body parts might be overly aggressive and lead to irritation.

Just like any skincare treatment, seek guidance from a professional before initiating Gua Sha treatments, ensuring proper technique and minimizing the risk of potential skin damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does gua sha break down collagen?

No, gua sha does not break down collagen. When applied correctly, Gua Sha stimulates collagen production, which can help reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

It is also important to note that this technique should be avoided in areas with active acne. The pressure and friction caused by the tool could potentially exacerbate the condition or lead to further inflammation.

What are the long-term effects of gua sha?

The long-term effects of Gua Sha include the following:

Does gua sha age your skin?

Contrary to aging your skin, Gua Sha has been embraced by millions of women worldwide as a beauty treatment designed to enhance skin health and combat signs of the natural aging process.

While individual results may vary, Gua Sha is not known to age skin but rather support its overall health and vitality when performed correctly and consistently,

Is using gua sha too much bad?

Like any skincare treatment, using Gua Sha too much can have adverse effects. Gua Sha is known for its healing properties, such as improving circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage.

However, it is important to note that excessive use could lead to irritation, bleeding, or sensitivity, especially in individuals with delicate skin.


Find It Health researchers have provided information that shows that Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese healing technique, is not only effective but has also captivated many individuals seeking a natural method to enhance skin health. By rejuvenating firmness, restoring skin elasticity, and diminishing wrinkles, it provides a comprehensive and nurturing solution for your skin.

When performed correctly, Gua Sha can help stimulate collagen production and promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, all of which are beneficial for maintaining a radiant complexion.

Ensure that the technique is correctly applied, as incorrect use could cause irritation, bleeding, and other unwanted side effects.

Overall, Gua Sha is a beneficial technique that can help improve your skin health, allowing you to embrace the beauty of the natural aging process. With patient practice and guidance from a skincare professional, you can enjoy all the beauty benefits of this ancient healing technique for years to come.

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Luz Chacon

Luz Chacon is a Health Educator, Wellness Coach, and EFT Tapping Practitioner with 30+ years in health advocacy. Specializing in stress management, wellbeing, and holistic health, she created a 40% stress reduction employee program. Luz is dedicated to helping busy individuals prioritize self-care, break patterns, and reach goals. She offers programs for organizations and individuals. Luz is passionate about sharing her health research and guiding informed choices!

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