Tips for Waking Up Fresh in the Morning

tips for waking up fresh in the morning and avoiding long naps

Waking up in the morning fresh and energized requires a healthy sleep and wake-up pattern. For most people, it simply means sleeping early to wake up the next morning feeling satisfied. However, sleeping early has become a real issue considering the current pressure to meet up with so many demands in today’s world.

To overcome this issue, you have to take the bold step of choosing a specific time to wind down and adhere to it. Other ways to build a solid bedtime routine include eating healthy, avoiding caffeine before sleep, etc. Find It Health research stresses the importance of waking up fresh in the morning, thus, highlighting bedtime hacks to help you sleep better.

A good sleep pattern is necessary for anyone who wishes to wake up each morning full of energy. Even if you are a morning person who wakes up early without stress, you will still benefit from a powerful routine. This is because waking up fresh goes beyond just rising early. Learn more important self-care ideas to make you a better person.

tips for waking up fresh in the morning and avoiding long naps

How To Wake Up Refreshed And Energized

tips for waking up fresh in the morning and you must lower your temperature of your room

Waking up refreshed and energized starts by sleeping right. This means that you have to prepare for your night’s rest to help you wake up fresh. You can do so by choosing a time to sleep and setting up your sleeping space to allow for long and deep sleep.

Here is how to prepare yourself to get enough sleep and wake up feeling refreshed:

·      Avoid Doing Long Naps

Long naps will interfere with your natural sleep cycle, making it hard for you to sleep early or even sleep well at night. Try to keep your nap time during mid-afternoon and not more than 30 minutes. This will help you get a restful sleep once your sleep time comes.

·      Try to Exercise Your Body Each Day

Good exercise will help your body relax and rest at night. You can go to the gym, take a walk, jog, dance, or even swim. It is okay to exercise any time of the day. However, if you choose the evening, ensure that it is not within 2 hours of your sleep time. This is to avoid exciting your body and preventing it from resting. Keeping fit can help improve the quality of your sleep.

For a journaling approach to better night rest, adopt these writing prompts to help you sleep better.

·      Maintain a Healthy Eating Habit

Keep your last meal of the day to a few hours before bedtime. You will get a better sleep when you do not feel hungry during sleep hours. Also, drink enough water, but do not try to make up for a dry day by drinking so much. This is because drinking more water before sleep may lead to intermittent waking up to ease yourself, leading to poor sleep. Try going to sleep state if you normally experience stomach acid reflux. This is because eating enough before bed can reduce acid reflux and heartburn.

Note that caffeine can make it difficult for you to sleep and stays up to 12 hours in the body. 

Therefore, avoid taking stimulants such as a cup of coffee at least 6 hours before bedtime.

Dark Chocolate should also not be an after-dinner dessert. Better options include relaxing beverages such as herbal tea and warm milk.

Learn how the Kundalini meditation technique can help you achieve a more peaceful state.

·      Do Not Drink Alcohol Right Before Bed

Certain medications, including uppers, can make it difficult for you to sleep at night. Also, try to keep sleep medicines to a minimum because they disrupt the natural sleep cycle.

Alcohol is another thing to avoid before bed. Even as alcohol can make you feel sleepy, it reduces the depth of sleep, giving you a hangover the next day. When you take alcohol at night, it is advisable to flush it with enough water. You will likely wake up to use the restroom, however, you will get better sleep than waking up with a hangover.

Smoking before bedtime will also give you a hard time sleeping. So, avoid it whenever you want to sleep better and wake up refreshed.

You don’t need to do much to be happy. See how you can live a minimalist and happy life.

·      Lower the Temperature of Your Bedroom

You will sleep better in a cool environment compared to a warm or hot one. You can achieve a cooler body temperature by showering with cold water. Or, use a heat or air conditioning system to achieve the desired temperature depending on the season. 

Summer nights are naturally cool, however, you do not need to warm up as on winter nights. The core temperature of the body lowers during sleep. Therefore, maintain a cool and temperate body for deep sleep. Drinking water before bedtime can also help to lower body temperature.

·      Keep Your Room Dark and Quiet

Try to reduce the source of bright lights in your bedroom. Close your curtains if the neighborhood street lights shine into your room. Keep the television, smartphone, and computer system off, switch off your bulbs, face any LED clock away. Doing these will help you achieve a natural sleeping environment. If you find it difficult to maintain a dark room, you may wear a sleep mask to help or install black curtains.

Importantly, avoid exposure to bright light right before you sleep because it can delay sleep. It is better to use a dimming bulb if you must use light hours before your bedtime. Also, avoid watching television or using your phone, instead, read a book.

For a noisy environment, use earplugs or take care of the source of the noise. You can let your neighbors know your sleep time and help you keep the volume down.

·      Wear Something Free and Comfortable

If you can sleep without clothes, then do so. This is because the body will regulate its temperature naturally. Simply place blankets and sheets on your bed to help you adjust for warmth. Where you must wear something, go for free and comfortable clothing. Avoid tights and heavy night wears.

·      Get Deep, Long Hours of Sleep

Healthy sleep for adults should last 7 – 8 hours, while teenagers and children should sleep for 9 – 11 hours. Getting less or more sleep than you need can lead you to feel sleepy and tired after waking up. It is okay to get extra sleep hours if you are sleep deprived, however, try to maintain a regular sleep routine. Sleeping at the same time every day will help you get a steady good night’s sleep, waking up at a regular time. To help anxiety disorders, implement this meditation-based stress reduction program compiled by Find It Health.

How To Wake Up Right Away

tips for waking up fresh in the morning and try to exercise your body every day

Once you sleep right, you will likely wake up feeling energized and ready to get out of bed right away.

Waking up can be easier with these simple morning activities to boost mood and energy.

Here are also important morning routines you can adopt to help you achieve a better natural wake up:

·      Avoid the Alarm Clock

If you do not need to wake up at a specific time, then keep the alarm clock away. This is because once you set an alarm, the quality of sleep tends to worsen as the alarm increases stress. It does not matter whether you set it within the right number of sleep hours, you will still wake up stressed.

However, if you must use an alarm, get out of bed once it goes off and avoid the snooze button. The snooze button will make you feel tired instead of satisfied. This is because you can no longer go into a deep sleep after you hit the snooze button.

The good thing about not using an alarm clock is that you can easily find and key into your natural sleep pattern. Just keep a record of the times you wake up and adjust the schedule till it aligns with your expectations. You can now sleep and wake up at specific times without depending on any alarm.

·      Choose Activities that Can Make Waking up Easy

Develop a morning routine that increases your sense of wakefulness. Once you open your eyes, get yourself a glass of water, meditate, exercise your body, bathe and change your clothes. Brew yourself a cup of coffee and go for a healthy and tasty breakfast. Simply perform those activities that inspire your health and wellness immediately when you wake up.

Here are 7 attitudes to help frame your meditation practice. A research article by Find It Health.

Warm bright light and colorful flowers can boost your mood as you wake up. Make provisions of fresh colorful flowers in your room, put up beautiful paintings, etc. Some smart lights in the market can help usher you into the new day by mimicking the natural rising of the sun. These will make you wake up refreshed and energetic.

·      Avoid Using Your Smartphone After Wake up

Do not yield to the temptation of picking up your phone and scrolling through social media as you wake up. Doing so will make you more tired, distract you, even disrupt your morning routine.

Find It Health teaches how you can limit your social media usage for your peace and mental health.

How To Wake Yourself Up When Tired

Some days you may wake up feeling so tired to get out of bed. Here are activities that can energize and inspire your waking up:

·       Practice breathing exercises while in bed. Take a few deep breaths to help you become calm.

·       Try to open up your curtains and windows to let in light and fresh air.

·       You can go for soft gentle sounds suitable for mornings.

·       Grab a book that inspires you and read for a few minutes.

·       Try out some stretches such as leg raises, abdominal crunches, etc. to help you begin.

You can try out Epsom salt to recover and improve muscle performance after a rigorous exercise.

How To Feel More Energized And Focused

If you want to experience energy bursts and a focused mind throughout the day, add these activities to your sleep habits and morning routine.

·       Always maintain a regular sleep schedule to get enough sleep and improve blood flow.

·       Expose yourself to the natural morning sun that stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body. This helps your immune function, balances hormones, and improves mental health.

·       Start the day with a nutritious protein smoothie for an energy boost.·       Exercise your body to increase your energy for the day.

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Waking up feeling fresh is a habit that you develop by practicing a healthy bedtime routine and morning habits. The tips on this page by Find It Health guides you on how to sleep deeply at night and wake up with lots of energy. Start practicing today to achieve a natural sleep cycle.

Getting enough sleep can improve your heart’s health. Learn more in this research article on the importance of sleeping well for cardiovascular health.

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