Tattoo Placement Energetic Effects

tattoo placement energetic effects for holistic effects

Tattoos have always been popular, but have you ever considered how the placement of tattoos affects you energetically? Research from FinditHealth found that many people don’t know how the placement of their tattoos affects their energetic and physical body.

When tattoos are not in a placement that aligns with your body, you can block your chakras. It’s important to set intentions with tattoos, consider your lifestyle and this intention with the placement, and make sure it fits into the framework of your beliefs. In this article, we will explore how the placement of a tattoo can affect you energetically and give you tools to help you decide on your next tattoo.


tattoo placement energetic effects for holistic effects

Effects of Choosing Holistic Tattoo Placement

tattoo placement energetic effects including effects of choosing holistic tattoo placement

When you physically get a tattoo, it also becomes a part of your energetic body. This is the notion of body, mind, and spirit not being separate but instead one system in the human body. It’s using the perspective of body, mind, and spirit and making sure the tattoo follows this holistic path. Tattoos can be done on any part of the body, and different body parts signify particular ideologies and deeper meaning.

For example, the back is where we carry the burdens of life, so you want to have a tattoo that symbolizes things you have overcome in life.

Conscious Decision

You may have a particular location in mind, but you should take a step back and closely listen to your instincts when it comes to the meaning of tattoos. Your consciousness directs where the tattoo will find its best resonance on the body and if it will be distressing or emotional energy. Mindfully tattooing can enhance your energy field by decreasing your body’s vibration instead of wearing it down. We also encourage you to seek out tattoo artists that you relate to and feel comfortable with so the entire experience is meaningful.


Do Tattoos Affect Your Chakras?

Tattooing is a process that involves injecting ink into your skin to leave a long lasting design. Ink has its energy, and by putting it in your body, you are also adding to your vibrational frequency. A tattoo will change how you resonate with other people or even yourself.

The tattoo experience itself can be a profound event that could even change your life path.

Getting a tattoo will change the direction of energy (or chi), so this definitely will influence the chakras and influence spiritual meaning in the energetic field. It is recommended to do a meditation with your tattoo to make sure you maintain the balance of your chakras. You could try the practice of Kundalini yoga. Kundalini Yoga is more of a spiritual practice versus other types of yoga.

It is meant to silence the mind while opening your chakras, so stagnant energy can move more freely throughout your body. Kundalini Yoga combines movement, breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation to strengthen your body and deepen your self-awareness and consciousness. 

Meaningful Tattoo Placement

Sometimes a tattoo represents a particular event in your life, as a reminder of something you have accomplished, or could just be something you really enjoy. Whatever it is, it’s important to think about the location and size of the tattoo before you decide to get one and have this personal experience.

Deciding to get a tattoo can be a great way to also include more self-care activities in your life. Ultimately your tattoo is a reflection of your personality so by getting inked you are giving yourself the love of self-care as you adorn your body with art that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Intention Setting

We think it’s very important to set an intention with your new tattoo because this is how we experience reality. Intentions are a very powerful tool that gives us direction and guidance in life. These beliefs are what give us purpose and direction, and we want our tattoos to embody these beliefs. Tattoos can shift your energy field into a higher vibration and cause you to have more self-love for yourself. People with tattoos say their tattoos have a deep message and direct impact on their energy and spirituality.

Meditation & Journaling for Tattoos

Meditation is an excellent way to clarify what exactly you want to get as a tattoo and also help you set the intention for it. We encourage you to find a quiet space, burn incense and grab a journal. You can use the below prompts to help you set your intentions and thoughts surrounding your tattoo.

What does this tattoo represent to me?

Am I getting this for myself or to show other people that I am cool?

How will my tattoo empower me?

Your body is your sacred space, and where you put your tattoo is where you put your desires and hold energy points that give off a unique frequency. This is why your intention must be clear and personalized for you, or you will direct negative energy into your body, mind, and spirit.

Tattoo Placement Meaning for Women

With women, it’s essential to consider your lifestyle and your pain tolerance regarding tattoos. For example, if you work in a conservative environment, it’s probably best to get a tattoo covered by clothing. Also, if you have a low threshold for pain, there are areas of the body that will be better for you to get tattooed.

Last, it’s important to think about the placement because you want to be self-confident with your new tattoo.

Below we’ve listed the most popular tattoo placements for women:

Wrist Tattoo

A tattoo on the wrist can be a great option for women. It’s not very painful, and it’s very easy to cover up. It can be covered up with bracelets and even long sleeves. The majority of women will ink symbols, dates, and other small tattoos. The wrist is one of the best locations for a small tattoo.

Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are another great option for those in corporate environments because they can be hidden with clothes. But back tattoos can also be some of the most painful tattoos because of the spine and nerves. So we would only advise back tattoos if you have a strong tolerance for pain.

The back is a great placement for both small and large tattoos and also tattoos with lots of design elements. This is because the skin on the back is thicker, so a tattoo will last longer.

Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is another great option for small or large tattoos. It is not very painful and can still be covered up if you are in a corporate environment. A lot of women will do a half or full sleeve, and this can make for beautiful body artwork.

Ankle Tattoo

An ankle tattoo is an excellent pick if you want a tattoo that isn’t super noticeable but isn’t hidden either. One caveat is the ankle can be very painful because the skin is very thin, which exposes your bones to the tattoo needle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finger Tattoo Placement Meaning

These are crucial points because your hands and feet are the endpoint of your energy channels and directly connect with your chakras. When you get a tattoo on your finger, this can block your chakras.

Tattoo On Left Side Meaning

Tattoos on the left side of your body represent something that is really important to you. This is thought to be because the heart is more positioned on the left side of the body.

Tattoo on Left or Right Arm Meaning

Energy is very low flowing around the arms, so these are the least impactful areas to get a tattoo.

Conclusion – Research by

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In conclusion, our team at FinditHealth found that tattoos can alter the energy flow in your body and that placement is very important. The impact is entirely determined by yourself because the tattoo’s placement on your body will dictate how big or low you are energetically affected.

It’s important to always think about the intention of a tattoo and how it affects the flow of energy in your subtle body field. We encourage you to take the advice in this article and honestly think about the intention and message you want your tattoo to embody.


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