Reiki Practitioners Salary — (and What Training and Experience Do You Need?)

reiki practitioners salary with find it health where the average training and experience is revealed

Reiki is a Japanese art of healing that allows the transfer of universal life force energy from the practitioner to the patient. Reiki practitioners are now in demand more than ever due to people’s increasing focus on good health and overall wellness.

Research by our team at FinditHealth found that Reiki is one of the thriving natural health fields and provides a decent salary. If you are already in the alternative medicine world, the practice of Reiki could be a great addition to your practice. If you are new and just interested in the healing art of Reiki, this could be a great career path and quality of life for you. Keep reading to determine if you want to consider Reiki as a new career path.

reiki practitioners salary with find it health where the average training and experience is revealed

Average Reiki Practitioner Salary

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that focuses on harnessing universal energy by using the healer’s hands to channel this energy. They take this energy and place it on areas of attention to promote healing. This form of holistic and energy healing has become very popular as it can be done anywhere, is a great form of self-care, and is very safe.

Average Salary 

The salaries of Reiki Practitioners in the US range from $32,360 to $93,100, with a median salary of $56,010. Now, a lot of Reiki practitioners will combine Reiki with other disciplines such as massage therapy and acupuncture.

They will work in offices that support all modalities or undergo the training themselves to be able to expand their business offerings.

So, the actual salary and amount you earn depends on what you offer in your practice and can be influenced by a few factors. Factors influencing a Reiki practitioner’s salary are your personal experience, training, the demand for Reiki in your area, and the competition.

What Training or Experience You Need

Reiki training programs last anywhere from two days to 15 months, depending on which level of certification you are seeking. Do note there is no governing body that determines the various levels.

We would highly recommend finding the best program for you and your lifestyle.

The majority of training programs have a beginning, intermediate and Reiki master level. Beginner-level training is typically done over a week and costs around $250. At the same time, a Reiki master’s program takes a year or more to complete and can cost around $1800.

Reiki is a form of holistic practice that attempts to align and stimulate universal life force energy flowing through the body. A Reiki practitioner will channel this energy with their hands to areas that need healing or lessen stress. Students undergoing Reiki training programs will study psychology, anatomy, kinesiology, and other energy-related subjects. Throughout the course, they will learn how to listen to their intuition and deep, insightful knowledge about the eight energy zones throughout the body known as your chakras. Reiki masters can also teach Reiki to other practitioners as experts in the field.

Many private Reiki education companies teach this healing art and offer a Reiki certification or license. This is typically taught at local pilates or yoga studios, and you can even find online training these days. In most states, however, no right or certification is required to practice Reiki.


While no license or certification is required to practice Reiki, some organizations provide licensing that makes you appear more credible and could help you land a job. The Reiki Licensing Commission for Reiki Masters and Healers (CRM) is one example of an organization calling for stricter standards of Reiki training. They are aware of the following license and certification programs:

Licensed Reiki Apprentice Healer

Licensed Reiki Healer

Licensed Reiki Healer Coach

Licensed Reiki Master

Licensed Reiki Master Coach

Licensed Reiki Coach Instructor

Licensed Reiki Master Instructor

You can also join a larger professional organization, such as the (IARP), to establish yourself in the Reiki community and get to know your peers. This can be helpful to have people around you in the industry to help you grow your business and also personal development in your own Reiki journey.

How Do I Start a Career in Reiki?

With the emerging field of energy medicine, Reiki is enjoying increasing popularity as a form of treatment and a lot of practice for practitioners and Masters.

The area is constantly expanding, and so are the opportunities.

Many practitioners start their Reiki career with their private practice, while others add it to their existing practice. These practices are typically massage therapy, Pilates, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Even some hospitals and physical therapy clinics are now starting to hire Reiki practitioners on their staff.


The qualifications needed to start a Reiki practitioner career include hands-on knowledge of the practice and related topics. Traditionally, it would help if you worked as an apprentice for a reiki master. At the same time, you learn the skills to offer hands-on treatment because you are learning directly from a Reiki Master. While this is not a requirement, this is still promoted throughout the industry because it is the best way to learn and experience Reiki. 

Being taught or doing an apprenticeship under a Reiki Master will provide the hands-on experience to immerse yourself in Reiki fully. They will teach you the attunement process, and help with any mantras you need to immerse yourself in the Reiki ritual. An internship will allow you to grow confident in your skills and have a mentor you can confide in and support you as you move through your Reiki journey.

Where to Find Reiki Practice Jobs

Reiki is truly becoming more accessible and easier to find throughout the world. We would encourage you to look for Reiki practitioners in a private practice or healthcare environment. You can reach out to them to see if they have any openings in their office or know of someone who is hiring. In recent years, hospitals and healthcare environments have been incorporating Reiki into their model of care, and it could be a great avenue for a place to work and start your Reiki career.

Local Community 

One good strategy for finding a practitioner or a job is word of mouth. Many alternative therapies offer FB groups or have monthly meet-ups in cities as a way to stay connected. Most of these practitioners know one another by reputation and sometimes share offices or cross-refer. Industries to look into are reflexology, massage therapy, Pilates and yoga studios, and acupuncture.

You can also try looking at community bulletin boards in yoga and pilates studios and health food stores. In addition, your local hospital may have a complementary or integrative medicine service, and this can be a great way to advertise your services. While Reiki has been commonly known as a way to balance chakras, more people are recognizing the great benefits it has in helping with chronic illnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I charge for Reiki?

You will need to check in your location and see what the competition is charging. Generally, the fee for Reiki sessions is usually between $50.00 to $150.00 for an hour session, depending on the location or the country in which you practice. As you give more sessions, you will gain more experience and feel more confident in charging more money.

What qualifications do you need to practice Reiki?

No particular background or credentials are needed to receive or undergo training. Anyone can practice or pursue a Reiki certification. Generally, Reiki is learned best in in-person training, but it is also available online as well.

How do I get Reiki clients?

Partner with your local communities and hospitals and network with other Reiki Practitioners to get your name out in the community. Give out your business cards to friends, families, and coffee shops. Anywhere that you think people will see and get interested in Reiki. You can also create a bonus program with existing clients where they get a free session or a discount if they bring in a new client.

How much does a Reiki healer make in the USA?

The salaries of Reiki Practitioners in the US range from $32,360 to $93,100, with a median salary of $56,010.

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