Quantum Reiki Explained — (Benefits on the Mind)

quantum reiki explained with the subconscious mind

Reiki has become a widespread practice in the last few years, but now the term Quantum Reiki is making the headlines. What exactly is Quantum Reiki?

Many Reiki modalities have branched out from the traditional Mikao Usui Reiki with the promise of performing better and stronger energy healing sessions. Quantum Reiki is one of those branches. Research by FinditHealth found that Quantum Reiki can be more effective than regular Reiki and promote higher flow of energy. Keep reading to learn more about Quantum Reiki.


quantum reiki explained with the subconscious mind

What Is Quantum Reiki?

quantum reiki explained with what is reiki

Before we dive into Quantum Reiki, we think it’s important to discuss what Reiki is. Reiki was developed in the late 1800s by former Buddhist Mikao Usui in Japan.

He created this energy healing therapy after fasting for 21 days on top of a mountain.

The term Reiki means universal life and energy and it’s an energy healing technique. Universal life is subtle energies that surround all living beings.

Reiki is performed by a certificated practitioner and is used to heal emotional trauma and chronic pain, reduce stress and help restore overall balance to the body. A practitioner works on allowing a steady flow of positive energy to circulate your body. This further stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself and perform to its highest efficiency. Quantum Reiki can be a great example of an activity to add to your self-care practice.

Subconscious Mind

Now Quantum Reiki is Reiki combined with quantum consciousness theory that provides more profound results into the subconscious mind. Master Antojai developed this particular form of advanced energy healing. Quantum Reiki focuses on diving into the subconscious mind to pull out any trauma buried deep down in ourselves. Once the trauma is located, it heals the trauma with universal life force energy.


Benefits of Quantum Reiki

There are many benefits of Quantum Reiki, especially since it is non-invasive and can be used and performed on anyone. Besides the ability to provide energy healing, we will explore additional benefits below that make this form of Reiki extremely powerful.

Highest Energy Healing Available

In a traditional Usui Reiki, the first level of Reiki training, you learn how to take different attunements on each level of Reiki. This allows you to channel a more substantial universal life force energy because you reach different fields of energy. You will also learn other Reiki symbols and how to direct a specific energy frequency. While this can be beneficial, it is vague and dramatically limits your connection with universal life force energy.

As a practitioner, you can perform Reiki after completing the training. Still, it will not be as deep of a practice as Quantum Reiki.

But with the advanced energy healing practice of Quantum Reiki, you can open all your chakras and meridians to the Reiki practice. This allows you to use the full potential of Reiki energy even as a complete beginner. Quantum Reiki is the strongest and most potent healing modality because it uses the core of all Reiki energies in one channel. Unlike Reiki, which uses different channels and attunements for each Reiki symbol.

Especially Beneficial for Healing Trauma

A lot of us experience life-changing events that traumatize us throughout life. Especially traumatic events that happened to us in childhood. Trauma can be such an extreme emotion and experience that we push it deep down inside us, so it seems like we have forgotten it. We might not even realize trauma exists in our body’s half the time.

But the reality is this trauma dictates how we deal with current relationships and our emotional state in the present. It can lead us to hurt the people we love and ultimately never find inner peace within ourselves. It’s vital to release trauma from your body, so you build positive, happy relationships and live to your fullest potential. Trauma can cause you to lose self-worth, engage in unhealthy habits, and prevent you from living life to the fullest.


Reiki Master Antojai created Quantum Reiki for the specific purpose of healing trauma since it is healing energy. This advanced, powerful energy healing practice brings your deepest traumas to the surface to help you accept them and release them.

The method is so powerful this can be done in just a few sessions. When you release trauma, you will feel a huge sense of relief and almost feel like you are being reborn. It brings you to your highest self and allows you to live life and not be weighed down. With trauma, it is also helpful to set intentions or have a mantra practice to help you heal.

It Truly Is for Anyone

Anyone can receive Reiki, and anyone can learn Reiki regardless of whether you are a complete beginner in energy healing or have studied it for years. Unlike the other Reiki problems, you do not have to progress and take the levels in order, as Quantum Reiki is one course. If you are already a Reiki practitioner, getting your Quantum Reiki certification will only strengthen your healing because you will combine all Reiki energy channels into one track and improve your Reiki techniques. If you are first getting started with Quantum Reiki it can be especially helpful to wear the color red.

More Focused on Your State of Mind

Quantum Reiki is different from traditional Reiki in that it focuses more on your state of mind. Traditional Reiki focuses on using an intention to channel universal life force energy. Your mind is a compelling force that can manifest thoughts into physical reactions. It is believed that you can produce and promote healing in the body by specifically thinking about healing each cell.

Quantum Reiki uses this mindset to raise your vibration and increase your healing abilities, making you utterly conscious of the energy flowing within you. Quantum Reiki is especially helpful for balancing your chakras, especially the heart and sacral chakra. When our chakras are blocked, or unbalanced, this can lead to negative energy being stored in the body. If you are unsure which chakra is blocked, a chakra quiz can be a wonderful way to find out.


What Does Master Antojai Have to Do with Reiki?

Master Antojai, also known as Shaman Axel Carrasquillo, grew up in a shamanic family tradition. He spent decades learning alternative medicine techniques such as herbalism and, of course, energy healing. Antojai has a Bachelor of Health and Wellness and a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences.

He experienced a traumatic, life-changing event and developed severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), also leading him to become emotionally paralyzed. This is a challenging condition to overcome as it can induce clinical depression and cause high anxiety levels.

He sought out western medicine but found that it was only masking the symptoms instead of healing the root cause of his PTSD. Antojai decided to take his decades of studying energy healing to treat his PTSD. He developed Antojai Quantum Reikibecause he found that traditional Reiki was not strong enough and reversed his PTSD in eight months. He is now one of the top holistic practitioners in North America and is an Ascended Master by the esoteric society.

His practice of Quantum Reiki is now being taught and practiced in 122 countries and works great alongside a meditation practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantum Reiki?

Quantum Reiki is the most potent and advanced style of Reiki to date. It is delivered through non-invasive light touch via a certified practitioner. They can identify energetic imbalances within your chakras and help clear out any negative or stagnant energy.

How much should quantum Reiki cost?

Quantum Reiki will vary in cost because of the practitioner and location. You should expect to pay $50-$100 per session. Generally, this treatment is not covered by health insurance. In some places, you might be able to find a community reiki center that offers low-fee sessions.

What is quantum Reiki and how does it work?

Quantum Reiki is the most advanced and powerful form of energy healing available today. It’s a high-frequency energy healing that dives deep into the subconscious mind. It is especially beneficial for those healing from trauma, anxiety, repressed emotions, and finding your intuition.

What does Level 1 Reiki teach you?

Level 1 Reiki is open to anyone and is the introductory course to Reiki. This first course focuses on opening the energy channels on a physical level. This allows the practitioner to connect to the life force energy, which flows from the sky through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands.

Conclusion – Research by Findithealth.com

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In closing, researchers at FinditHealth encourage you to pursue Quantum Reiki if it interests you.  Research shows it can profoundly impact your life and be a wonderful experience.

We encourage you to seek a certified practitioner or get certified yourself to enjoy the best experience. We hope you enjoyed learning about Quantum Reiki and can incorporate it into your daily life.


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