The Best Universal Remote for Elderly: Our Research found Extra Large Buttons!

Looking for the best universal remote for elderly seniors?

Today we’re going to give you the information to make an educated purchase, with in-depth research to assist you or your relative.

Our experience as a health product review website and working with an in-house product review team guarantees a systematic method of finding you the product that suits your needs the best.

Research and analytics for the best universal remote for seniors and a team of comparison experts

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Best Universal Remote Control for Seniors Reviews

Best Quality
Flipper Big Button Remote for Seniors, Elderly - Universal TV - Set Favorite Channels - Learning - Supports IR Devices

This newer version of the Flipper Remote, according to our review team here at, is excellent for elderly people. The remote can easily be programmed to turn only the TV on and off, which is an improvement over the earlier versions of this remote that was not as easy to program-specific actions. In addition, the remote can be modified to turn the TV and cable box on and off with a couple of presses of a button. This is excellent for seniors because having a reliable and customizable remote with big buttons will make entertainment easier for them.

 Taking care of our seniors is a vital part of our health community, and when the elderly have mobility issues, having an easy-to-use home entertainment system is important. The only thing we found out about this universal remote was that having a guide button would make it much more of a function universal remove for seniors. But, this remote has lots of space for the big buttons that are there, so we recommend this flipper remote highly. Since 1985 when Philips introduced the first universal remote we believe this has the best technology on a small remote ever made.


  • Better than the “Hy-Tek” and “Sony” remotes our team tested
  • Easily programmable
  • Large buttons
  • Less buttons


  • No guide button
Universal Big Button TV Remote - EasyMote | Backlit, Easy Use, Smart, Learning Television & Cable Box Controller, Perfect for Assisted Living Elderly Care. White TV Remote Control

This is one second to the best universal remote for elderly people because of its ease of use. Right out of the box; this TV remote quickly is able to program the individual buttons from the old control that you want to use.

Our review team found that this EasyMote senior citizen remote control could quickly and easily have a bunch of your favorite channels directly from the press of a button. This is important for elderly people, as having a large button tv remote means that they don’t have to worry about the complexities of a smaller remote with many tiny buttons everywhere. Seniors should be able to just pick up the remote and press down their fingers in order to enjoy their entertainment. Time and frustration can be saved according to our review team.

Our review team compared this EasyMote device with a comparable Sony remote control not on this list and found that this EasyMote old people remote did a better job at programming individual buttons for your favorite channels. The only downside the review team could find was that if you have multiple TVs in separate rooms, the programming gets more complicated for the person that must set it up. However, if there is only one TV in a house, then this universal remote for seniors will do an excellent job for you. They function best when used at a short distance from your electronics or clicker, which should benefit you or your relative.


  • Compared better than the “Sony” universal remote
  • Easy TV remote to use
  • Made for seniors to quickly program


  • Issues with programming for multiple rooms
GE Big Button Universal Remote Control for Samsung, Vizio, Lg, Sony, Sharp, Roku, Apple TV, TCL, Panasonic, Smart TVs, Streaming Players, Blu-Ray, DVD, 2-Device, Silver, 33701

Our review team reported that the buttons were larger than expected, with Samsung and Roku devices immediately (right out of the box) being able to pair with this large TV remote control for seniors.

While testing customer service, our team reached out to the toll-free number provided on the self-help booklet and an agent picked up the phone ready to walk our team through the install. This is a significant benefit for elderly people due to the electronics that are required for setup. The customer service we received from GE concerning this universal remote was the best we’ve gotten over the years our team has been reviewing health products.

If there is an issue with the universal remote, just call up the phone number provided on the booklet and an agent will make your setup or troubleshooting process much easier. Instead of having to crawl around the back of the TV and mess with cables and power, GE provides customer service agents that are friendly and helpful according to our review team. Selection arrows are one of the only issues that our review and comparison team found. But older people should be able to select their favorite shows via the custom programmable buttons for use.


  • Fantastic customer support – toll-free help line
  • Very large
  • Easy to read instructions


  • No selection arrows
Magnavox MC348 8 in 1 Universal Remote Control | Control Up to 8 Devices with 1 Remote | Works with Most Major Brands | Works with TV, DVD, VCR Satellite, and More |

The benefits of the Magnavox large button universal remote for seniors include brand recognition and decreasing the remote clutter. Our review team reported that this universal remote is easy to set up and has big buttons for the elderly to use. The Magnavox company is well known in the TV remote industry for having above-average production quality. In addition, this universal remote truly puts all your remotes into one.

Multiple products are easily set up with this universal remote making it one of the best senior remote controls our review team has tested. On top of that, on our notes, it says that this remote is quite cheap, and at the time of this article publication, it most certainly is. One downside is that this is difficult to set up with a DVD player. But if you follow the instructions, you or your senior relative will be able to pair virtually any television and cable system with this universal remote.


  • Trusted brand in TV remote manufacturing
  • Big buttons
  • Easy to set up for the elderly


  • Difficult to set up with a DVD player
GE Universal Remote Control, 2 Pack, Works for Samsung, Vizio, LG, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Streaming Players, Blu-Ray, DVD, 4-Device, Black, 56161

This is compact, with easy to reach buttons for a universal remote control. This means that your fingers do not have to travel far in order to reach the button of your choice on the TV remote. Relaxing your fingers will help strain in your wrist and hand which will be a large benefit for elderly people.

This 2 pack is extremely cheap and costs quite a bit more than other similarly branded universal remotes. Our review team reported that the shape is very ergonomic and quite comfortable to rest your hand with. Our review team leader noted that the bevel contour and cutouts on the underside of this easy remote control for TV watching made it even easier to use.

The conclusion for this universal large button remote was that it is simple, efficient, cheap, and ergonomic. For Samsung, there is the issue of not having a back button, which means you must exit after each session. However, if you do not have Samsung, we fully recommend this large tv remote control for seniors.


  • Compact and very ergonomic when held
  • Inexpensive for the high-quality product
  • Easy to use TV remote for seniors


  • Does not work well with Samsung technologies

Universal Remote for Seniors Buying Guide

Best Universal Remote for Elderly Seniors

The best universal remote for elderly seniors with flipper console in hand

Our experienced product review team here at reported this universal remote as the best universal remote for elderly people. The linked Flipper remote tested better than any Hy-Tek or Sony remotes that were not on our list, was easily programmable during unboxing, and had big buttons. The parameters give it a 10/10 score and the #1 spot on our list of the best universal remotes. If you need additional support with learning about your universal remote we have a whole article dedicated to describing how to reset a universal remote.

Extra Large TV Remote Control: Tested and Compared

Extra large TV remote control tested and compared by our review team of professionals at findithealth

Our methodology for testing universal remotes was design, customer service, and durability. We compared each of the separate universal remotes first individually and then together for the design; so, the ergonomics and how it felt to hold in the hand for long periods of time.

Next, we checked the instruction manual (if one is provided) to see if there is a customer service number able to be called from the company. We attempt to contact the customer service help team for the manufacturer and wait multiple days for a response and score the remote based on their response.

Durability was tested by drop-testing and various handling tests. All five universal remotes that made our list was cleared first by the review team as something we would recommend to any senior citizen looking for the best universal remote for seniors.

Large Button Remote Control for Elderly

what is the best TV remote for seniors with dementia answered for you

When looking for the perfect remote controller, an aged adult needs to look for things that will make their limited mobility less of an issue. Complex remote controls can be aggravating or frustrating, with tiny buttons covering an even smaller universal controller.

Jumbo TV remote control devices with big buttons are always better than old television remotes according to our research. Our review team insists that having a big button universal remote control makes it much simpler for seniors to have long viewing sessions of the television when they are not able to move around as much. Having a large universal remote for seniors with you is a good purchase because the elderly in your life or community need assistance.

A large button remote control for partially sighted people is noted in our guide.

What is the best TV remote for seniors with dementia?

This Flipper Remote is our review team’s #1 recommended universal remote. Our guidelines for ranking it so high were the comparisons with other models, the ease of programming, and the few but massive buttons that are easy to see, even with dim light.

The compatibility is vital because we considered the number of devices that the remote can manage, with simplification, we ranked the flipper remote the highest of our guide. The design was also something we thought was important because we chose contrasting colors between the base and the buttons for our tested TV remotes for elderly people.

What universal remote works with Firestick?

This GE universal remote can be paired with the Firestick.

Which universal remote app is best?

This All Screen Receiver app made by “Toxic” came highly recommended by one of our phone savvy crew members here at

Where to buy universal remote?

Large remote control devices can be found on this external website. Senior remote-control units can also be found on this linked website.

Conclusion: The Best Universal Remote for Elderly Seniors: Tests and Research by

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After verifying one of the large button universal remotes as your purchase: backlighting and simplicity of design are other benefits of choosing one of the remote controls for senior citizens that we compare and review. Specifically, we talk about senior health in this cushion guide.

You want a remote that will assist elderly people with either low vision or mobility issues, and we lay out the guidelines for you in an easy-to-understand article. If you are interested in reading more about health products, we talk about cupping sets here.


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