The Best Office Chair for Core Strength: We Cover Active Seating and Other Findings

Are you looking for the perfect chair for strengthening your core?

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In this article, you will find our in-house review team’s best research and information to make the best purchase for yourself.

Below is a short list of our Review Team’s top scored active sitting chairs:

Research team with data analytics with the best office chair for core strength

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Best Seat for Abdominals Reviews

Best Quality
Vari Active Seat - Adjustable Standing Desk Chair - Ergonomic Wobble Office Desk Stool w/Dynamic Range of Motion - Encourage Good Posture - Portable Stools & Fully Assembled - Active Chairs for Adults

Compared to the top chair recommended by business insider, our in-house review team scored this Vari Active Seat much higher. This is clearly a higher-end product, with the quality being shown in a couple of benefits.

This active seat is easier to raise and lower than the top-recommended chair from business insider. The action of moving the gear in order to lower and raise the active seat feels more mechanical and smoother. If you are looking to move around more on your seat and engage your core more while you work at your desk, our FindItHealth review team ranks this Vari seat as the best office chair for core strength.

It also comes fully assembled, so our review crew rated it high because of the ease of use and setup. The only note from my review team was that it does move around quite a bit, so if you are not looking to really use your core for a large portion of the sitting period, you may need another chair to supplement this with.


  • Comes fully assembled in the deliver box
  • Raising and lowering gear is very smooth and mechanical
  • Equal to an exercise office chair
  • Great feeling quality of materials


  • Really forces good posture, so you may need a 2nd chair to use with this
Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair Designed by Peter Opsvik (Dark Grey Revive Fabric with Natural Ash Base)

Our researchers have reported the benefits of active sitting chairs; strengthening your core and straightening your posture which means that your risk for common health issues like hernia, colon cancer, and heart disease will decrease.

If you need help with increasing your core strength, we have a core stability measuring summary that we know you’ll learn from.

The Benefits:

The springiness is a big plus, meaning that the padding and fabric held together by brass screws feel like a large improvement on build quality from the other seats our review team tested. This means that while you are sitting in one of your healthy office chairs, you will be able to sit longer on this specific Varier branded active chair. Sitting longer means that you can be more productive for a greater period of time, making more money or keeping yourself happy and entertained.

Our FindItHealth review team also noted that this active office chair is the best looking of all the active sitting chair products they’re compared in the last few weeks. One thing we found is that it takes some getting used to the drastic swaying of this seat if you are not used to a chair that forces good posture. We highly recommend this chair if you are new to these types of chairs however because of the excellent quality of material used to build this office chair.


  • Very springy, with good quality materials
  • Can sit for longer periods of time
  • Compared better than some other seats at the same price


  • Takes some getting used to
Swingsit Active Sitting Chair, Ergonomic Home & Office, Get Fit and Stay Active While Sitting, Burn Calories, Memory Foam Seating, Stationary Lock When Sitting [A Series]

For #3 on our list of the best active chairs, we have the SWINGSIT Active Sitting Chair. The reports given to me from our FindItHealth review team described that this chair allows you to move around and be active while you are sitting at your desk. The chair’s manufacturing process is meant to improve your blood flow and basically work out while you are sitting at your office.

The SWINGSIT Active Sitting Chair is actually a Kickstarter project started in 2019 that was highly talked about and received lots of praise a few years ago.

Working out while sitting is great because it will strengthen your core, taking the stress off your back and neck. When your back and neck is stress-free, then you will have less pain in your back and neck, keeping you happy while at the office. Coming back from your work happy is important to you, and this chair can help get you feeling your best. A downside our review team found was the price, as it is still expensive for the high-quality core strength office chair you receive. But we highly recommend getting this core strengthening chair if your budget allows due to the excellent quality according to our in-house review team.


  • Dynamic-Seat-Stability levels the chair at any position
  • Swing-technique movement engaging your abs
  • Takes the stress off your neck and back


  • Expensive
SONGMICS Office Stool Chair, Adjustable Height Sit Stand Stool, 360° Swivel Wobble Stool, for Office Home, Black UOSC01BK

Our in-house FindItHealth review team noted that posture is quickly helped due to the abdominal engagement for this active stool. The swivel mechanism is quick and easy, as you just turn your hips, and you can quickly swivel much like other active stools.

A unique benefit for this SONGMICS core strengthening chair is that you can shift your weight from foot to foot; moving your body around, which tightens your core during use. This active stool is also very easily assembled, just attach the base to the pole and you have a sturdy chair for a posture within 2 minutes. One downside we found was that the seat cushion could be softer. However, having firm padding has shown to be a better choice for short sitting periods.


  • Incorporates active sitting into your office desk
  • Will get you “moving”
  • Very simple to assemble


  • The seat cushion is less soft than others on the list
Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair High Back Desk Chair Recliner Chair with Lumbar Support Height Adjustable Seat, Headrest- Breathable Mesh Back Soft Foam Seat Cushion with Footrest, White

Ideal for a job environment, our review team described the HBADA chair as easy to assemble (around 20 minutes) and subtle looking. The benefits include a very soft cushion, one that you can sleep on even, and comes with a leg rest that folds to the front like a good recliner chair.

In terms of cores strength, when sitting upright, forces good posture. Having a healthy desk to sit in for a period of time at work is a great decision because it forces you to have a stable abdominal trunk. Having a stable core allows you to take the stress off your neck and back, getting you pain-free and feeling able to work or watch entertainment longer. Our review team disliked that the leg rests cushion, while soft, is too thin. But most people we know who are using this chair for being active do not care about leg rest.


  • Forces good posture
  • Can be slept in
  • Comfortable seat cushion


  • Leg rest pillow is thin

Core Workout Seat for Abdominals Buying Guide

Buying a Core Workout Seat

Core workout office chair with a kneeling chair for findithealth professionals

The idea is to not buy any standard office building chair. The benefits of a core workout office chair include an improved posture, a sturdier abdominal trunk, and new age active sitting technologies. Ergonomic active sitting stool products have a positive effect on a sedentary lifestyle. Moving around instead of sitting in one place will activate different muscles, making it easier to sit up straight with healthy sitting habits.

The best office chair for core strength is this Vari active seat. The benefits of this ergonomic active sitting stool are having a smooth gear for lowering and raising the stool, and high-quality build materials. Our review team also tested out the benefit of improving the posture of the person sitting down. Our crew found out that it was better or equal to a regular exercise office chair. An active sitting ball is also a product scored by our team underneath the Vari active seat.

Best Active Seating Chairs

Best office chair for core strength comparison and professional experts article for a in-depth review of the research and feature image

This active seating chair is our highest scoring recommendation. It is such a good chair due to its likelihood of increasing core strength. The linked chair does an excellent job of engaging your buttocks and legs as well as your abs, keeping you moving slightly in order to maintain a good enough balance.

Less back pain is also a large benefit, due to the abs being tightened during your seating period, which takes the strain off of your latissimus muscles (back).

Best Chair for Posture

FAQ for the best office chair for core strength article for healthy experts

While a desk chair is designed for use at a desk in an office, these swivel chairs with load-bearing leg devices that improve posture can be great for your posture. Specifically, this chair would be our recommendation for the best ergonomic office chair.

Posture is improved when the seated occupant is active even whilst seated. Flexibility and movement are great for office workers while sitting down, as their posture can be improved by the added stretching and moving of the abdominal and leg muscles.

If you are looking for a back massage for a chair, check out our article on back massagers for chairs here. Choosing the best office stability chair is important, as it will let you have a straight back and engaged ab muscles even at the office.

What is the Best Seat for Abdominals?

This chair according to our team of review and comparison professionals had the best characteristics of a core strengthening office chair.

What is an active stool?

An active stool that mixes sitting with swaying or moving your legs promotes movement and good posture. Your core will be more engaged while you are sitting. Our findings and research showed that active stools use more of your body and legs than simply sitting in a normal ergonomic chair.

What is the best active stool?

This is the best active stool our review team found. The linked stool promotes core strengthening on the stool and is made with high-quality materials. Our review team scored this linked stool the highest because of the favorable comparisons they had with it in contrast with other sites’ top-rated active stool.

Conclusion: Active Seating for Core Strength – Research by

Find It Health Large Logo transparent Trusted Research tagline Blue color

If you like to exercise, a core workout office chair is a recommended purchase from us. You will be utilizing your core more than you would in a regular ergonomic seat and be healthier as a result. We covered the style, so the cosmetics and setup-specific type of chair for you.

This article also went through height adjustability, which means how smooth the operation of the mechanics of the chair is when adjusting the height. And also, we went through the ease of assembly and the amount and quality of cushioning that you will be engaging your body in respect to the active seating chair.

Our main priority is to keep our community healthy. Taking care of one’s health is very important, and we want to give you the relevant research and findings in order to make your life easier. Your questions need to be answered, and we are here to give in-depth data when we can in order to give you the tools to make more informed health decisions for yourself and your community of people.


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