Best Lay Flat Recliner for the Elderly

We’ve created the ultimate guide for finding the best lay flat recliner and sleeper recliner, with the academic research to back it up.

We’ll give you our health experience advice so you can make an excellent purchase, right on this short article below.

Our relevant lay flat recliner research provides certain guidelines to look out for when purchasing a sleeper recliner:

  • Comfort.
  • The ability to facilitate relaxation.

If you are interested, we wrote another article comparing findings on back massager products.

But here is our very own article on the best sleeper recliners catered toward the elderly, or families who want a great recliner.

The research we found on this topic (Wilk & Turkoski, 2001) states that comfortable armchairs or recliner chairs are recommended to facilitate relaxation in medical patients. The tests were a part of blood pressure and heart rate reading data, with scores from the Spielberger State‐Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI™). Anxiety and variable heart rate were a part of the tests where groups of patients were enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation centers.

Research data for find it health

Full Review: Sleeper Chairs for the Elderly and Families

Best Quality
Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliners for Elderly Infinite Position Lay Flat Recliner Up to 300 LBS Soft Faux Leather Electric Power Recliner Chair Sofa Heat Massage (Brown Faux Leather)


When we were going through our research (Hedlund et al., 2019) we were surprised by the findings that even psychiatric patient care centers have sensory rooms that always include recliner chairs for comfort. This means that whenever they have a psychiatric patient that they are doing wellness treatments with, they always provide a recliner chair that is comfortable.

Lay flat recliners are the choice of many psychiatric wellness centers because of the ability to relax and fall asleep in comfort easily. This is why this particular product is ranked highest in our lay flat recliner reviews.

The simple assembly we’ve found to be very simple, with the only real step being to put the backrest on the metal back. Easy assembly is something that saves you lots of time, as you can recline or sleep in your recliner as soon as possible. Whether you are just tired after a busy day or have long-standing back issues, reclining or sleeping in a lay flat recliner helps relax your muscles. This way, the zero gravity sleep chair delivers comfortable relief for the stress in your muscles and joints.

 The backrest can be changed to any degree, even without raising or lowering the footrest. This means that at any point in time or any position, you may manually lower yourself to a completely horizontal position, ready to sleep. In our comparisons with other lazy boy recliners, we found this to be easier to assemble and faster to recline in than the lazy boy recliners.

We can recommend this product as the best recliner chair to sleep in. The only possible downside is that the price is high compared to other sleeper recliners in local stores. If you are busy and do not have a cheap local recliner store, we fully recommend buying this, as it is the most comfortable recliner to sleep in according to reports.


  • Hours of sitting in comfort
  • Excellent ergonomics for sleeping
  • Zero gravity sleep chair technology
  • Completely horizontal position for sleeping


  • High price compared to local stores

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Most Popular
Irene House Power Lift Chair Modern Transitional Chair Lifts for Elderly Up to 300 LBS Soft Linen Breath Suede Fabric Sofa Chairs Recliners Power Recliner with Side Pocket, 9166 Single Motor(Brown)

(Wilk & Turkoski, 2001) mentions that recliner chairs are highly recommended to facilitate relaxation in medical patients. This research makes certain our tests of durability, price and comfort will be relevant here. Our tests in this lay flat recliner reviews section include the scientific relevance that academic articles provide. Medical patients using consumer goods is always a good sign, but here we will break down the benefits of the product, and how we tested the durability, price, and comfort of this sleeper recliner sofa.

De-stressing and reclining in a chair are calming and relaxing experiences. Our tests found that this fully reclining chair-bed is built well with a smooth operating motor. This means that you can relax and be calm knowing that this sleep recliner chair will run smoothly and not have to be serviced frequently. This will open a large chunk of time from your schedule, as this sleeper recliner will run for a long time without additional time tinkering with it. The price is not to be worried about because, through Amazon, there is a money-back guarantee if there are any issues with the sleeper recliner.

The comfort of this chair according to our data tests show that this recliner is even more comfortable than my bed! I love this chair, and it is one of the best recliners for sleeping according to our findings. A downside is the price is a little high. But, the comfort is worth it, so we would recommend this as the best recliner for sleeping, as this goes all the way to a resting position.


  • Moneyback guarantee
  • More comfortable than my bed
  • Resting position is great for sleeping


  • Price is a little high

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This product can easily be dubbed the best recliner for sleeping. The research (Hedlund et al., 2019) states that psychiatric patient care rooms always include recliner chairs for maximum comfort of the psychiatric patients. This is so they can feel emotionally comfortable, and even able to fall asleep in sleeper recliners. This product can easily be converted into a “sleep chair” with easy-to-use recline technology that will have you comfortable and asleep quickly and efficiently.

Our comparison between the personal experience between the products is interesting. Compared to the next product in this list, this sleeper recliner is much better for larger people. I say that because the lower section is much heavier and sturdier than the next product. The back cushions were easily installed with the side brackets, and the two main sections slid together quickly. This means that when you set up this lay flat manual recliner you will be impressed by the size and sturdiness. It is simple to put together but built with heavy and good quality materials.

This zero gravity sleep chair is built to last and can withstand much more wear and tear we assume than the lazy boy sleeper recliners. One downside is the reports of the power supply box getting hot. While this is an important report to relay to the consumers like you, it will most likely be safe and secure for your needs, as these reports are very rare.


  • Excellent material
  • Easy assembly
  • Heavy and sturdy for good built quality


  • Power supply box gets hot

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Signature Design by Ashley Ernestine Upholstered Power Lift Adjustable Oversized Recliner, Brown

According to our research (Wilk & Turkoski, 2001) the best way to reliably facilitate relaxation in a psychiatric setting is to use a comfortable armchair or recliner chair. That means if medical doctors are putting these recliners in their sensory rooms, so should you.

There are reports of a recliner that helps to ease indigestion, because when in a reclined position you can avoid acid reflux and other digestive issues. Your stomach is placed at a lower level which aids in better digestion while in a reclining position. This lay flat recliner is designed to let you recline to a sleeping position quickly while being at a third of the cost of a more feature-filled sleeper recliner.

On other websites or local dealers, this sleeper recliner will be almost 50% more! This means that you can spend your hard-earned money somewhere else, like on yourself! Take care of yourself and get yourself something you have earned this week with the money you saved.

Our findings show that this product is one of the best sleeping chairs for the elderly due to its infinity positions, making it easy to lay flat with ease. This means that you can save your back and neck, instead of whipping your body back and forth just to recline. Your back and neck will be supported and with minimal effort, you will be able to recline comfortably. The only downside is that you have to assemble the chair on a nonskid surface. This can be easily done, and then transferred to wherever you need the sleep chair. We still recommend this product as the most comfortable recliner to sleep in.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lays flat with ease
  • Easy to assemble


  • The bottom is slick

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CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly- Heavy Duty and Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism-Antiskid Fabric Sofa Living Room Chair with Overstuffed Design (Camel)

Our research (Hedlund et al., 2019) is explained easily as recliner chairs are always included in sensory rooms for the medical patient’s maximum comfort. This means that doctors refer their patients to comfortable recliners you can sleep in. According to our findings, this oversized lay flat recliner is the most comfortable recliner to sleep in. Our data shows that the benefits will prove you should get this lay flat recliner.

The chair arrives in 2 pieces with a bag containing all the parts for assembly. The assembly was easy and just involved piecing together a few connections. Easy assemblies are hard to come by nowadays in the era of IKEA, but this is a good trend I can report on. Our findings were that the chair operates without noise and really smooth operation. This is good because if you put larger people in the frame of the sleeper recliner, you don’t want the operation of the power lift to make noise or be clunky.

This is one of the best recliners for sleeping because of the silent and smooth operation of the power lift. You want a smooth sleeper recliner because having a loud one can be annoying. The one drawback of this CANMOV sleep recliner chair is that the cushioning was not soft. On the other hand, it is overstuffed and lifts you up when you lay back down, which is an excellent benefit to you.


  • Excellent for long hours of sitting
  • Good for improving your posture
  • Smooth operation


  • Cushioning can be hard on rare occasions

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Finding the Best Sleeping Chair – Our Buying Guide

Build Quality

Oversized lay flat recliner with the lazy boy sleeper recliners

How sturdy and durable is it? There needs to be a robust and durable frame and upholstery. The wood should be solid and reinforced by high-quality fabrics that make you comfortable. Non-toxic materials should be used if you can find that on the manufacturer’s page, or in reviews.

The different features don’t really matter as much as the overall sturdiness of the chair in our opinion. There are quite a few rankings of the best recliner for sleeping, but the best recliner chair is this one; by far the best build quality out of our comparisons.

Degree of Lying Flat

A sleeper recliner with elderly in the best recliner chair which is a sleeping chairs for the elderly

The elderly are always in our comparisons and research. We keep in mind that a 180-degree flat angle is the perfect sleeping position, especially for the elderly. A sleeping recliner chair unit has distinct properties that stand apart from the rest.

This recliner has the most ideal flat angle for people that are interested in sleeping in their recliner chair. Whether you just had replacement surgery or mobility issues, the linked recliner is easily slept in. We think that that recliner is the best recliner to sleep in.

Lazy Boy Recliners

The best lay flat recliner find it health with sleeper recliner sofas for sitting

This sleep recliner chair has the benefits of lazy boy recliners. This means that it is easily manageable from a sitting position and easily slept in. While this could be one of the best sleeper recliner units on our watchlist, we recommend this recliner for sleeping on cold nights because of its excellent comfort benefits. This unit is one of the best lazy boy recliner for sleeping we’ve ever reviewed.

An Excellent Sleeper Chair for Families

Best build quality most comfortable recliner to sleep in with a toddler child

Good sleeper recliners have many benefits, and according to our research should be relaxing and comfortable. It doesn’t matter which size, shape, or age you have you should be able to relax and destress in luxury. We recommend this recliner chair because of its perfect size, with its power recline and lift benefits being of good quality. It’s easy to assemble and one of the best sleeper recliner units you should purchase.

Find It Health – Frequently Asked Questions

A sleep recliner chair for the sleeping recliner chair which is the best sleeper recliner woman looking on a recliner

What is the best recliner for sleeping?

This recliner has the most benefits for people that are looking for a good night’s sleep out of their sleeper recliner. It has great value and allows you an easy path to get in or out of, even if you have a severe handicap. We highly recommend this chair, based on our test data and rigorous findings.

Is there a recliner that turns into a bed?

Yes, we have found this recliner that reclines fully into a bed angle. 180 degrees to exact, which is the angle of a bed that fully reclines from a recliner angle of around 60 degrees. This recliner linked does recline fully into a bed with the leg rest up for your legs or feet for excellent comfort.

Is it best to lay flat or recline in a recliner when your back is out?

It is best to use back support with a firm mattress if you are sleeping. It is also important that you sit as little as possible with acute back pain. In whatever position you recline, you must keep your spine as possible with your head and upper trunk NEVER elevated higher than your heart. This increases your stretch on neural structures which will increase pain.

What is the best lay flat recliner?

This recliner has the most ideal features for laying flat in a recliner. We recommend this recliner because of its excellent built quality and its easy assembly. This makes it easy for you to purchase it, and spend as little time assembling it as possible, so you can relax in comfort quickly upon buying it.

Conclusion: Finding You the Most Comfortable Recliner to Sleep In

Find It Health Large Logo transparent Trusted Research tagline Blue color

Finally, we want to be upfront with you in our desire to give you the most relevant health information. We know that recliners should be comfortable to sleep in and follow the medical guidelines that we bring forward to you. This includes sleeper recliners that have good benefits to you, the curious recliner researcher.

We know that we must give high-quality information that is easily shareable and relates to every person that comes to this website. We must have a stronger, healthier, and more comfortable society for our health community to thrive. If you want more health articles, we talk about back massagers here if you want more of our research. Question

What is your favorite recliner?

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Hedlund Lindberg, M., Samuelsson, M., Perseius, K., & Björkdahl, A. (2019). The experiences of patients in using sensory rooms in psychiatric inpatient care. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 28(4), 930–939.

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